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Stunning Statement Necklaces by Clare Hynes Jewellery

Statement Necklaces by Clare Hynes Jewellery
Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference and I definitely think that is true when it comes to putting an outfit together. Jewellery and accessories have the ability to transform a whole outfit, giving it a fresh new look. Jewellery is something I am so passionate about (which I'm sure you all know by now) so when I was introduced to the work of Clare Hynes, I was so eager to share her wonderful designs here on Seek my Scribbles.

Jewellery designer Clare Hynes was born and raised in the UK but now spends most of her time creating beautiful jewellery in Northern China. She actually studied graphic design at Nottingham Trent University (the uni I studied Broadcast Journalism at) and then went onto work in magazine design, before finding her true calling in jewellery design.

I think you will agree with me when I say Clare's pieces are absolutely stunning. The statement necklaces featured above are so vibrant and full of colour that they will brighten up any outfit in your wardrobe. I absolutely love all of the different types of materials and beads that have been used. I think my favourite out of the three has to be the necklace on the right which features swarovski crystal pendants and beautiful fresh water pearls. I think this necklace would look really classy layered over a high neck black dress, with
your hair scraped up into a top knot, so all of the attention is on the piece itself.

The statement necklaces are priced at around £158 each, which is very reasonable considering the design and work which is put into making each necklace, a long with the wonderful materials that are used. If you have fallen in love with the necklaces, but can't afford to splash the cash, you could always pop one onto your Christmas list - perfect timing I know! Clare also has a beautiful collection of earrings on her website. I particularly love the Daisy Daisy earrings.

Pop over to the Clare Hynes Jewellery website to see more of her stunning pieces.


  1. These necklaces are FAB! Definitely can't afford one of these eye-catching pieces :( xx