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The Best Suit For Your Body Shape

A smart, crisp and elegant suit looks great on a woman and never fails to evoke an air of confidence and self-assurance. The good news is that unlike many items of clothing, suits can look good whatever a woman’s shape; the trick is matching the suit to your body.
Whilst some women can literally fit into any style of suit, others are more limited. Individual tailoring might  give you a suit which is perfectly moulded to your body but this will usually come with a considerable price tag. Those shopping with a more modest budget will need to make the most of different ranges on offer from reputable high street retailers – and thankfully the choice is extensive.

For the tall and slender, the traditional jacket and trouser suit looks great. Those of a larger build can also find the style perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, including large stomachs, big bottoms and chunky arms.
Ultimately, the cut of the suit is what will determine whether it looks good. For the larger woman, tailoring which accentuates assets and covers problem areas is best. Those on the shorter side looking for ways to appear taller should opt for a boot-cut trousers and match with a pair of heels. Opt for a small kitten heel which is easily covered by the trouser leg to give the illusion of height without revealing the secret to your lofty visage.

Ladies suits come in many different styles so women with a curvy physique can look great in a multitude of different styles. To really accentuate those curves, opt for a straight skirt and jacket that fit flatteringly around your best assets.
If you have large breasts, wearing a well-cut jacket that is fitted but not too tight will prove to be much more complimentary than a boxier style that is wide in the shoulders. Bigger women should also avoid suits with a pleated skirt as these only add unwanted bulk to your look.
For women who have boyish and petite figures trouser suits may drown you in excess material. For women who are not naturally endowed with curves, a tailored jacket which cinches at the waist is a great way to create a feminine silhouette.
Wearing a tight pencil skirt that is tapered snugly around the bottom and falls just above the knee will accentuate a slimmer frame. Pairing with a tightly fitted, cropped jacket will emphasise the waistline and create the allusion of curves.


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