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Ted Baker Lip Crayons Review

 I was lucky enough to receive Ted Baker's 'The name on everyone's lips' tin for Christmas which contained four lip crayons. I don't know what it is about crayon shaped products, but I just find them so appealing! They are basically Ted Baker's version of Clinique's Chubby Sticks / Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms. However Ted Baker's tin is much more affordable than the other two alternatives, priced at £15 for the tin of four, whereas Chubby Sticks are £16 each (waaah!!!) and Revlon's are £5 each.

I think Ted Baker's makeup range for Boots was spot on with the packaging. The ballet theme and deep purple colour is just divine. I'm keeping the crayons in the tin for now, but when I pop them in my makeup bag I'll be re-using the tin for hair accessories, or perhaps even beads. The crayons are a good size containing 1.5g of product, with a twisty end that enables you to show more of the crayon. 

The shade on the far right is currently my favourite!

 As you can see above I have swatched each of the shades on my wrist. It is slightly frustrating that they do not have individual names, but they really are lovely colours. I have never had a lip palette / set where all of the colours suit me, so Ted Baker's lip crayon tin really is perfect for me. I was actually expecting the shades to just come out as a tinted sheer balm, but as you can see they are more like lipsticks in terms of coverage. True to the nature of lip balms, they are very moisturising and hydrating, which I also adore. The lip crayons also unscented and have no taste, which will appeal to those who prefer unscented products - I can't say I'm fussy to be honest! I haven't found they have the longest lasting power, especially if you eat / drink whilst wearing them, but because the products are so lovely and easy to apply, I have no problem re-applying every hour or so.

Having looked on the Boots website for the link today, it appears that they have disappeared, so I am guessing they are currently sold out! I am sure they will be back though so I definitely recommend treating yourself to them in the future. The set is a more affordable alternative to Clinique and Revlon and although I cannot compare them having not tried the others, I can say that Ted Baker's lip crayons are fantastic and are definitely the best affordable lip products I have come across in a long while.

Have you tried any of the Ted Baker range at Boots? I also received the eye palette, make up brush set and vanity case (featuring bath and body products) let me know if you would like any more reviews!

The stars are brightly shining

Christmas Dinner Table // Soap and Glory Goodies // Ted Baker Goodies //
Accessorize Phone Case // Next Bath Bombs & Vintage Style Case // Tatty Devine Necklace
Thorntons Selection Box // Presents Galore // Models Own Juicy Jules Nails
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing Boxing Day! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself over the past couple of days. On Christmas Eve I spent the evening at the pub catching up with my best friends and a few friendly faces I had not seen for a while, which was oh-so-lovely. Christmas Day was amazing, I cannot actually believe how many presents we had all bought! My mum did a wonderful job with dinner and we had so much fun playing the Cranium board game that me and James had treated the family to.

I was extremely spoilt with all the lovely presents I received, some of which are photographed above. I will feature a few of my gifts in posts over the next couple of weeks, but I don't want to bombard you with present posts, as I know there is already going to be a million other 'this is what I got for Christmas' posts out there :)

Just got to make a plan for New Years Eve now - we are always so last minute with these things! xo

Clothes Show Live 2012 Part 2

In my last Clothes Show Live post I reviewed the show, which I actually really enjoyed. The show itself was definitely my favourite part of the day, whereas I found that the shopping really wasn't for me. I am quite picky when it comes to shopping at the best of times. I hate it when shops are extremely busy and you feel you cannot really look at things properly or feel under pressure to make quick decisions! This is just the way I am though and I know that this won’t bother some people at all, so I don’t want you to be put off!

On the more positive side of shopping at Clothes Show Live is that there are a lot of fantastic offers and discounts to take advantage of. I think there may have been more discounts on the day I went (Tuesday) with it being the last day of the show. I know Models Own were doing 4 (maybe it was 5) nail polishes for just £10 which was such an amazing offer on nail polishes which are usually £5 each.

Two of my favourite stalls were Beau xoxo and Maggie Angus, both of which I’ve featured here on Seek My Scribbles in the past. It was so lovely to meet Georgie (Beau xoxo) in person and funnily enough the only purchase I made was from her store! I’ve actually bought it for one of my best friends for Christmas so I can’t really say what it was. Georgie’s hair accessories are even more beautiful when you see them in ‘real life’ and you can tell just how well made everything is! I was going to make a purchase from Maggie Angus but unfortunately it was before I drew cash out and I couldn’t use my card. Again, it was great to see the products up close - I simply love the quirky, cute and colourful designs. I will definitely be making a purchase from their online store in the New Year!

If you are thinking of going to Clothes Show Live next year here are a few of my little tips…

1.       Wear comfortable shoes. You may think you look fabulous in your gorgeous new heels, but if you are planning on surviving the day shopping at Clothes Show Live you will want to wear something comfortable (and equally as fashionable) like flats / boots. I opted for a pair of shoe boots which had a little wedge. They were super comfortable to walk around the arena in and I even managed to run for my trains with ease!

2.       Have a BIG breakfast. My friend Lorna told me to do this and being a non-breakfast eater I only managed to force down a slice of toast. I did regret this later when I was MEGA hungry walking round Clothes Show Live. There are of course many places you can grab some food in the NEC, but my oh my the queues are astonishingly huge! If you are like me and don’t like queuing you will simply spend the day hungry.

3.       Get cash out before you arrive at the NEC. For some reason the thought of drawing cash out didn’t even cross my mind the morning of Clothes Show Live. It was probably because I was far too stressed about missing my trains and not really knowing where I was going. There is a cash machine at the NEC but it charges something like £1.99 per transaction and you will find yourself waiting in a queue for AGES. After realising that many of the stalls were not able to take card payments (the NEC reception for their machines was absolutely shocking) I gave in and stood in the massive queue for the cash machine and thought about how much money they were making off each transaction.

4.       Prepare for the craziness. You will find yourself battling your way through lots of people to get to the most popular stalls, especially if you are trying to get a goody bag / freebie. I chose not to visit some of the larger stores, since my main aim was to have a look at the independent stalls and meet those I had featured on my blog before.

5.       Don’t use the flat escalators in the NEC if you are in a rush. Seriously I don’t understand the point of these escalators? Some people were standing still on them, as you would on a normal escalator, but they were taking about ten minutes to get from one end to another, others were storming past people on them, walking at a pace where they might as well have just been walking normally, next to the flat escalator. There were so many angry people hahaha.


Christmas Tag

Rather than post the second half of my Clothes Show review today I thought I would break it up a little by doing the Christmas tag! I don't think I have ever done a blogger 'tag' before but I thought it would be fun so here goes...
1. What is your favourite thing about christmas ?

Oh I don't think I have just one favourite thing. (Off to a good start Megan) As cliché as it sounds I love buying other people presents and seeing their faces when they open them on Christmas day. I also love seeing all of the pretty lights. My mum has put a little Christmas tree outside our house and it has the most gorgeous colourful lights on it.

2. What is your favourite make up look for festive the season?

I am one of those people who doesn't really change my makeup look that often. I tend to stick to the usual flicked eye liner. I may be tempted to put a dust of sparkly eye shadow on, but nothing too crazy!

3. Real tree or fake tree?

As much as I love the idea of having a real tree, it simply wouldn't be practical to have one in my house! Can you imagine how many pine needles would be on the floor with the cat constantly flicking baubles off the tree and the dog brushing past it?! We do have a real tree outside though, so both!

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

I honestly do love seeing people open the gifts I've bought them, especially when I have put a lot of thought into a surprise. No one can say they do not like receiving presents though. I love opening presents! 

5. Do you open presents christmas morning or eve / evening

Christmas morning! As we have got older the time we get up as got later and later though. I can remember when my brother and I were little we would get so excited and not be able to sleep, waking our parents up at like 5 in the morning and making them get up. Mum would get up straight away and dad would groan but eventually get up and make us all a cup of tea before we opened the presents. I definitely haven't got up that for the past few years especially with the hangover I've usually got from drinks at the pub on Christmas eve!

6. Handmade christmas cards or bought?

I don't really bother with Christmas cards any more. When I was in Junior school there was always a sort of competition to be the kid with the most Christmas cards haha! We had this little postbox which you could put your cards into with people's names and classes on the envelopes. Going back to the question though, if I did still give out Christmas cards I would probably by handmade ones (that other people have made haha) or animal charity cards.

7. What is your favourite christmas film?

Oh that's easy, Love Actually! It always gets me in the Christmas mood. In fact I think I might have to watch it tonight :)

8. What's your favourite christmas food?

Mmm I don't know! I love it all! As a vegetarian I tend to eat quorn covered in stuffing, which is very yummy, with the usual veg, yorkshire puddings and potatoes etc.

9. What's your favourite christmas song?

I have two! Last Christmas and Fairytale of New York. I always giggle when I hear Fairytale of New York because James hates it so much! I love Christmassy albums and I'm not ashamed to say the Glee ones are always awesome.

10. What's your favourite christmas memory?
I don't have a stand-out memory from my childhood, purely because every Christmas felt magical, thanks to my lovely family. My first Christmas with James will also be something I'll never forget. xo

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the Christmas Tag. Feel free to leave your links if you have also posted it on your blog and I will pop over for a read xo

Clothes Show Live 2012 Part 1

As many of you will already know I headed to Birmingham on Tuesday for the final day of Clothes Show Live. I want to post about both the shopping and the show itself so I have decided to split my 'review' of the event into two parts and today I will be discussing the show itself...

Having never been to Clothes Show Live before I didn't really know what to expect. I had asked a few friends who had been before and got mixed reactions from them, some saying they loved it and others finding it a little crazy and over hyped. Despite a stressful start to the day (train drama) I managed to go in with an open mind and was actually very excited, if not a little overwhelmed at the scary number of people in one building that I had to battle my way through. I was lucky enough to have been given a press pass which meant I got a front row seat in the Fashion Theatre which was pretty awesome! After seating myself next two lovely girls from a university newspaper (I think it was Southampton - apologies if I have got this wrong) I was the most comfortable and at ease I had felt all day, ready to see what the show had to offer...

What I loved about Clothes Show Live
The show was hosted by the gorgeous Henry Holland and beautiful stylist to the stars Grace Woodward, which set it off to a great start. Their introduction to the show was swiftly followed by a quick performance from Times Red, who you may remember from the X Factor this year. Although I can't say I remember much of them from the X Factor myself, I thought the song they performed was catchy, and they certainly put their all into the performance. Oh and the guy in the middle was very easy on the eyes (always helps!)

The structure of  the fashion show itself was based loosely around a typical day at a fashion magazine, with segments such as 'model casting,' 'photo shoot in Rio ' and 'fashion week.' I thought the show was put together very well - it certainly captured my attention and was both fun and enjoyable to watch.  The female models were absolutely stunning and the outfits were beautiful, as you can see from the (amateur) photos I took! There were also a number of dance performances which livened up the show and broke the catwalk segments up nicely.

Colourful bold prints and bobbled hats

One of my favourite dresses from the show...

Another of my favourite outfits from the show - loved the floral crowns

My not-so-favourite parts of Clothes Show Live...
Ok so that is my polite way of saying the parts I didn't enjoy..
I had been pre-warned by one of my dear friends about the number of shirtless male models that would be parading down the catwalk and for some reason I didn't think anything of it until I actually 'experienced' them myself. Shirtless men with beautiful rippling muscles sounds like most women's dream come true, however for some reason, I found myself thinking that I would prefer to see more fashion and less men in little pants? Don't get me wrong, I'm no high-end fashion prude, the thought of fashion week and all it's pretentiousness terrifies me and I think Clothes Show seems much more accessible to women interested in fashion. I just felt like the shirtless men or to quote Henry Holland ' the fifty sets of nipples' really lowered the standards of what could be such an excellent fashion show. Oh and then there was the strange Nicki Minaj impersonator which left me thinking 'WAAAAAH?!?!'

My final thoughts...
All in all I really enjoyed the show at the fashion theatre which lasted around 40-45 minutes. The time went really quickly for me which proves that I was entertained and captivated for the most part. It made the stress of missing trains and hanging around in the freezing cold station worth it and left me thinking that I definitely want to attend more catwalk shows as I love to see what designers have to offer!

Did you attend Clothes Show Live this year? What did you think of the show itself? Part 2 (the shopping) will be posted over the next couple of days so make sure you check back.


***All images are my own, please ask permission before using***

A trip to York

Mango Dress // F&F Satchel // F&F Ankle Boots 
Floral Satchel Bag image from my instagram
Yesterday I went on a shopping trip to York with a few of my besties (Hannah, Laura and Sarah). We spent a couple of hours looking round the designer outlet and picked up a few bits and bobs, none of which I can talk about in case I ruin Christmas present surprises!There were some amazing discounts available and I would have picked up so many more things if I was buying for myself and not other people! We then took a trip into York which was oh-so-pretty with all of the Christmas lights. After a delicious late lunch in Ask, we browsed a number of shops, my favourite being the Yorkshire Soap Company. The cake soaps were absolutely gorgeous and the staff were so lovely. I will definitely be going back there next time I visit York.

A quick photo I took whilst at the Yorkshire Soap Company
I'm off to Clothes Show tomorrow as I have been lucky enough to nab a press pass! A little nervous to be going on my own but so excited at the same time as I have never been before. Follow me on instagram (megan_jane03) for photo updates throughout the day and check back here for a full blog post later in the week xo

The Second Floor Collective - promoting British manufacturing

As many of you will know I am all for promoting handmade items and products made right here in the United Kingdom, so as soon as I found out about 'The Second Floor Collective' project I knew I simply had to share it with you here on Seek My Scribbles.

There was a time when the manufacturing industry here in Britain was one of the very best in the world. We are certainly not short of talent or afraid of putting in hard work! Unfortunately over the last few decades the industry has experienced a decline as more and more companies outsource their manufacturing work to places like China, where the cost of labour is much cheaper. 

The Second Floor Collective is made up of a group of businesses who manufacture high quality, luxury products and accessories here in the United Kingdom. The like-minded, yet diverse group of people met at the Best of British exhibition, held earlier this year and decided it was about time something was done to promote the wonderful talent we have here in Britain and show that our manufacturing industry is still alive and kicking. The Second Floor Collective is made up of Dribble Buster, Helen Gordon, Hype, Magties, Sara C, The Cambridge Raincoat Company, Lilifi, White Dove & Wonder and Yull. They manufacture a wide range of products from childrenswear to home accessories, luxury luggage and fashionable clothing.

As well as creating a website and Facebook page to showcase their products and promote 'Made in Britain' The Second Floor Collective have also produced a gift guide full of their wonderful products. The images are above are some of my favourite products featured in the gift guide. I particularly love the green raincoat from The Cambridge Raincoat Company - I don't think I've ever seen one so beautiful!

There are so many reasons why we consumers here in the UK should support our country's manufacturing industry. Not only will it boost the economy and create jobs, but it will also keep true skill and talent alive in the UK.

If you are looking for the perfect gifts to give this Christmas, take a look at the Made in Britain gift guide from The Second Floor Collective, I am certain you will fall in love with the lovely products you find.

Perfume Recommendations for Christmas

I love getting perfume for Christmas and I know a lot of other ladies do too, but it can be hard knowing what to choose unless you have your own signature scent that you buy every time you run out! The perfumes listed below are not necessarily the most fashionable at the moment but they are scents which I have tested and loved. If you are thinking of asking for perfume for Christmas I hope this gives you a little inspiration...
After trying a little tester bottle of Flower Bomb I knew I had to put it straight on my Christmas list. It is possibly the most beautiful perfume I have ever smelt! I also recommend both Lola and Coco Mademoiselle as they are both gorgeous perfumes with beautiful bottles. I have also popped 'Naughty Alice' by Vivienne Westwood on my list, which is a little risky as I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it'll be divine! Has anyone else tried Naughty Alice?
Unfortunately many designer perfumes are tested on animals so I thought I would include some cruelty-free perfumes from the Body Shop. As much as my mum loves designer perfume she has swapped to these beautiful fragrances from the Body Shop because they are not tested on animals. Both the Japanese Cherry Blossom and Indian Night Jasmine are light, floral and feminine, perfect for daytime wear.

Ok so these are not new perfumes, in fact they are ones that I wore when I was a little younger, but they are still scents that I love and would be perfect for younger girls. I think Baby Rose Jeans by Versace was perhaps my first ever proper perfume. It comes in a gorgeous frosted bottle and the scent (as far as I can remember) is very sweet! I think many places have stopped stocking it but I know you can still buy it online from websites like Amazon. I used to wear Sui Dreams by Anna Sui a few years back (I think I was probably 16 / 17) and it is a scent I still love today. My friend actually had a bottle in her room the other day and I got a little too excited, spraying it all over myself! Sui dreams is another sweet fragrance, but it has these dreamy, almost sensual notes to it, which make it uniquely gorgeous.

I hope you have enjoyed my perfume post! Let me know what perfumes you are putting on your Christmas list.


Christmas decorations for the home

This week has not gone well at all! I was looking forward to getting back to blogging properly but unfortunately I came down with a flu bug - so as you can image I haven't felt like doing much! I woke up looking like a vampire today (not the sexy kind) with a nasty eye infection, so it's fair to say I am les miserable.

I was a little cheered up when I was presented with my advent calendar this morning though (big kid at heart)! I have the Cadbury's Wishes one - which do you have? We're putting our Christmas decorations up tomorrow so look out for instagram pictures! (megan_jane03) My mum has bought some lovely snowflake lights for the kitchen windows, which inspired me to do a little Christmas decoration 'wish list' post. Enjoy!

Gold Glitter Lights // Reindeer Tree Decoration // Christmas Robin //
Maneki Neko Decoration // Mitten card clips // Christmas candles