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Christmas Tag

Rather than post the second half of my Clothes Show review today I thought I would break it up a little by doing the Christmas tag! I don't think I have ever done a blogger 'tag' before but I thought it would be fun so here goes...
1. What is your favourite thing about christmas ?

Oh I don't think I have just one favourite thing. (Off to a good start Megan) As cliché as it sounds I love buying other people presents and seeing their faces when they open them on Christmas day. I also love seeing all of the pretty lights. My mum has put a little Christmas tree outside our house and it has the most gorgeous colourful lights on it.

2. What is your favourite make up look for festive the season?

I am one of those people who doesn't really change my makeup look that often. I tend to stick to the usual flicked eye liner. I may be tempted to put a dust of sparkly eye shadow on, but nothing too crazy!

3. Real tree or fake tree?

As much as I love the idea of having a real tree, it simply wouldn't be practical to have one in my house! Can you imagine how many pine needles would be on the floor with the cat constantly flicking baubles off the tree and the dog brushing past it?! We do have a real tree outside though, so both!

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

I honestly do love seeing people open the gifts I've bought them, especially when I have put a lot of thought into a surprise. No one can say they do not like receiving presents though. I love opening presents! 

5. Do you open presents christmas morning or eve / evening

Christmas morning! As we have got older the time we get up as got later and later though. I can remember when my brother and I were little we would get so excited and not be able to sleep, waking our parents up at like 5 in the morning and making them get up. Mum would get up straight away and dad would groan but eventually get up and make us all a cup of tea before we opened the presents. I definitely haven't got up that for the past few years especially with the hangover I've usually got from drinks at the pub on Christmas eve!

6. Handmade christmas cards or bought?

I don't really bother with Christmas cards any more. When I was in Junior school there was always a sort of competition to be the kid with the most Christmas cards haha! We had this little postbox which you could put your cards into with people's names and classes on the envelopes. Going back to the question though, if I did still give out Christmas cards I would probably by handmade ones (that other people have made haha) or animal charity cards.

7. What is your favourite christmas film?

Oh that's easy, Love Actually! It always gets me in the Christmas mood. In fact I think I might have to watch it tonight :)

8. What's your favourite christmas food?

Mmm I don't know! I love it all! As a vegetarian I tend to eat quorn covered in stuffing, which is very yummy, with the usual veg, yorkshire puddings and potatoes etc.

9. What's your favourite christmas song?

I have two! Last Christmas and Fairytale of New York. I always giggle when I hear Fairytale of New York because James hates it so much! I love Christmassy albums and I'm not ashamed to say the Glee ones are always awesome.

10. What's your favourite christmas memory?
I don't have a stand-out memory from my childhood, purely because every Christmas felt magical, thanks to my lovely family. My first Christmas with James will also be something I'll never forget. xo

Hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the Christmas Tag. Feel free to leave your links if you have also posted it on your blog and I will pop over for a read xo


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