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Clothes Show Live 2012 Part 1

As many of you will already know I headed to Birmingham on Tuesday for the final day of Clothes Show Live. I want to post about both the shopping and the show itself so I have decided to split my 'review' of the event into two parts and today I will be discussing the show itself...

Having never been to Clothes Show Live before I didn't really know what to expect. I had asked a few friends who had been before and got mixed reactions from them, some saying they loved it and others finding it a little crazy and over hyped. Despite a stressful start to the day (train drama) I managed to go in with an open mind and was actually very excited, if not a little overwhelmed at the scary number of people in one building that I had to battle my way through. I was lucky enough to have been given a press pass which meant I got a front row seat in the Fashion Theatre which was pretty awesome! After seating myself next two lovely girls from a university newspaper (I think it was Southampton - apologies if I have got this wrong) I was the most comfortable and at ease I had felt all day, ready to see what the show had to offer...

What I loved about Clothes Show Live
The show was hosted by the gorgeous Henry Holland and beautiful stylist to the stars Grace Woodward, which set it off to a great start. Their introduction to the show was swiftly followed by a quick performance from Times Red, who you may remember from the X Factor this year. Although I can't say I remember much of them from the X Factor myself, I thought the song they performed was catchy, and they certainly put their all into the performance. Oh and the guy in the middle was very easy on the eyes (always helps!)

The structure of  the fashion show itself was based loosely around a typical day at a fashion magazine, with segments such as 'model casting,' 'photo shoot in Rio ' and 'fashion week.' I thought the show was put together very well - it certainly captured my attention and was both fun and enjoyable to watch.  The female models were absolutely stunning and the outfits were beautiful, as you can see from the (amateur) photos I took! There were also a number of dance performances which livened up the show and broke the catwalk segments up nicely.

Colourful bold prints and bobbled hats

One of my favourite dresses from the show...

Another of my favourite outfits from the show - loved the floral crowns

My not-so-favourite parts of Clothes Show Live...
Ok so that is my polite way of saying the parts I didn't enjoy..
I had been pre-warned by one of my dear friends about the number of shirtless male models that would be parading down the catwalk and for some reason I didn't think anything of it until I actually 'experienced' them myself. Shirtless men with beautiful rippling muscles sounds like most women's dream come true, however for some reason, I found myself thinking that I would prefer to see more fashion and less men in little pants? Don't get me wrong, I'm no high-end fashion prude, the thought of fashion week and all it's pretentiousness terrifies me and I think Clothes Show seems much more accessible to women interested in fashion. I just felt like the shirtless men or to quote Henry Holland ' the fifty sets of nipples' really lowered the standards of what could be such an excellent fashion show. Oh and then there was the strange Nicki Minaj impersonator which left me thinking 'WAAAAAH?!?!'

My final thoughts...
All in all I really enjoyed the show at the fashion theatre which lasted around 40-45 minutes. The time went really quickly for me which proves that I was entertained and captivated for the most part. It made the stress of missing trains and hanging around in the freezing cold station worth it and left me thinking that I definitely want to attend more catwalk shows as I love to see what designers have to offer!

Did you attend Clothes Show Live this year? What did you think of the show itself? Part 2 (the shopping) will be posted over the next couple of days so make sure you check back.


***All images are my own, please ask permission before using***


  1. I really wanted to go to this but booked my tickets home on the same day! Looks like it was a great event!

    - Keyta

    1. The show itself was so much fun! It was just the shopping that was way too crazy for me! xo

  2. Great photos, I didn't get to see the fashions shows as I was working there :( still had fun though!



    1. Aww it's a shame you didn't get to see the show! It was my favourite part of the day. Thanks for your comment Fran xo

  3. Great photos! This year was my first at Clothes Show. I see you went to Trent too! I'm in my final year doing Print Journalism :)



    1. Thanks Natalie! Yes I studied Broadcast Journalism at Trent and graduated this year! I hope you are enjoying the Print Journalism course. Good luck for your final year, it's tough but it is so worth it in the end xo

  4. Some great photos! It does make you wonder why they parade pretty much nearly naked men down the catwalk without an ounce of fashion draping over them....great post. :) x

  5. I'm glad it's not just me that found it a slightly strange thing to do! Thanks lovely xo