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Clothes Show Live 2012 Part 2

In my last Clothes Show Live post I reviewed the show, which I actually really enjoyed. The show itself was definitely my favourite part of the day, whereas I found that the shopping really wasn't for me. I am quite picky when it comes to shopping at the best of times. I hate it when shops are extremely busy and you feel you cannot really look at things properly or feel under pressure to make quick decisions! This is just the way I am though and I know that this won’t bother some people at all, so I don’t want you to be put off!

On the more positive side of shopping at Clothes Show Live is that there are a lot of fantastic offers and discounts to take advantage of. I think there may have been more discounts on the day I went (Tuesday) with it being the last day of the show. I know Models Own were doing 4 (maybe it was 5) nail polishes for just £10 which was such an amazing offer on nail polishes which are usually £5 each.

Two of my favourite stalls were Beau xoxo and Maggie Angus, both of which I’ve featured here on Seek My Scribbles in the past. It was so lovely to meet Georgie (Beau xoxo) in person and funnily enough the only purchase I made was from her store! I’ve actually bought it for one of my best friends for Christmas so I can’t really say what it was. Georgie’s hair accessories are even more beautiful when you see them in ‘real life’ and you can tell just how well made everything is! I was going to make a purchase from Maggie Angus but unfortunately it was before I drew cash out and I couldn’t use my card. Again, it was great to see the products up close - I simply love the quirky, cute and colourful designs. I will definitely be making a purchase from their online store in the New Year!

If you are thinking of going to Clothes Show Live next year here are a few of my little tips…

1.       Wear comfortable shoes. You may think you look fabulous in your gorgeous new heels, but if you are planning on surviving the day shopping at Clothes Show Live you will want to wear something comfortable (and equally as fashionable) like flats / boots. I opted for a pair of shoe boots which had a little wedge. They were super comfortable to walk around the arena in and I even managed to run for my trains with ease!

2.       Have a BIG breakfast. My friend Lorna told me to do this and being a non-breakfast eater I only managed to force down a slice of toast. I did regret this later when I was MEGA hungry walking round Clothes Show Live. There are of course many places you can grab some food in the NEC, but my oh my the queues are astonishingly huge! If you are like me and don’t like queuing you will simply spend the day hungry.

3.       Get cash out before you arrive at the NEC. For some reason the thought of drawing cash out didn’t even cross my mind the morning of Clothes Show Live. It was probably because I was far too stressed about missing my trains and not really knowing where I was going. There is a cash machine at the NEC but it charges something like £1.99 per transaction and you will find yourself waiting in a queue for AGES. After realising that many of the stalls were not able to take card payments (the NEC reception for their machines was absolutely shocking) I gave in and stood in the massive queue for the cash machine and thought about how much money they were making off each transaction.

4.       Prepare for the craziness. You will find yourself battling your way through lots of people to get to the most popular stalls, especially if you are trying to get a goody bag / freebie. I chose not to visit some of the larger stores, since my main aim was to have a look at the independent stalls and meet those I had featured on my blog before.

5.       Don’t use the flat escalators in the NEC if you are in a rush. Seriously I don’t understand the point of these escalators? Some people were standing still on them, as you would on a normal escalator, but they were taking about ten minutes to get from one end to another, others were storming past people on them, walking at a pace where they might as well have just been walking normally, next to the flat escalator. There were so many angry people hahaha.



  1. It sounds manic!!! My sister has been for the last 2 years, and she's always come back with a good bargain :) but I am very impatient when it comes to waiting to look at things, and also feel very pressured when in these situations! I'm glad you managed to get something though :) going to check out Maggie Angus now, already a fan of Beau xoxo! x

  2. I'm glad it's not just me haha! Sometimes I simply prefer online shopping as I don't have to deal with other people. Maggie Angus are definitely worth checking out, hope you like what you find xo

  3. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  4. wow sounds crazy!! Great advice haha those things are always hectic but usually worth it in the end ;)


  5. Must have been an awesome experience for you! Anyway, great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  6. I totally loved the Maggie Angus stall too! What a lovely bunch of people there :) Glad you had a good time and YESSSS to the comfy shoes!!

    Miss drifted Snow White

  7. I want to go next year, thank you for the tips! xx


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