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Most wanted monochrome

1 - Zara Ruffle Hem Dress // 2 - F&F Panelled Dress // 3 - F&F Floral Dress // 4 - Zara Combined Dress
5 - Topshop Grid Print Dress // 6 - Topshop Floral Shorts // 7 - H&M Batik Dress // 8 - Topshop Colour Block Sandals
I think it would be fair to say I love love LOVE monochrome and I so so SO pleased that it is one of the biggest trends for spring / summer this year. It is just one of those trends that is accessible to everyone, no matter what shape or size you are, any one can pull off black and white. Even for those that like colour, you can still inject monochrome outfits with a pop of cobalt blue, a flash of red or even neon yellow.

Out of all of the items above I think I am most in love with the two Zara dresses. Zara always gets it right. Which items do you like? Are you loving monochrome as much as I am? xo

Image credits: Topshop // H&M // Zara // Clothing at Tesco

Insta Gal #2

Snowboarding goggles (James' not mine) // Sugar pot rings // Barry M Prickley Pear // Valentine's day face
Heart button earrings // New cute diary // Tesco cupcakes // Doll House Jewellery // Strawberry daiquiri // Galaxy and Nova Rimmel Apocalips // Pretty handmade bracelets // My favourite thing about Easter

So here's a little instagram post because I've not done one in a while :) I don't really have many 'life updates' to tell you about as I have just been pretty busy with my freelance writing work since the Christmas holidays. I am pleased to be able to tell you that my jewellery is now stocked at a lovely fashion boutique in Matlock called 'Spark.' I am hoping to find other little boutiques around the country to stock my pieces too, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I will be making some brand new pieces very soon, so keep a look out for them!


Vintage style bags from Visconti

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love vintage style leather handbags and think every girl should have one as their go-to bag. They are just so versatile and can be styled with so many different outfits from the casual t-shirt and jeans ensemble, to a vintage tea dress and boots combination. The lovely leather handbags featured above are all from Visconti. I chose to feature these organiser bags as I think they are a great alternative to some of the more modern style leather satchels that are currently oh-so-fashionable.

Visconti have over fifteen years' experience designing and manufacturing leather handbags. Over the years they have built up an excellent reputation, providing both men and women with stylish, affordable and practical bags which will stand the test of time. The prices of their leather bags vary depending on the style you go for, however I believe the organiser style bags range between £30 - £70, again depending on the bags size, style and detail (such as extra compartments).

I love that each of these Visconti bags have their own name and particularly like the 'Claudia' bag. The organiser bags I have chosen to feature also come in a variety of other colours including black and navy. They are the perfect size for every day use, holding all of your essential items in their neat compartments. I really don't think you can go wrong with classic bags like these as they will never really go out of fashion.

Which is your favourite out of the Visconti bags featured above? Do you have a trusty handbag that you use time and time again?


My latest purchases from Boots

No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser // Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash // Dove Leave-in Conditioning Spray // John Frieda  Intensive Hair Masque // Rimmel Apocalips (Galaxy and Nova) // Barry M Gelly Polish (Prickly Pear) // Boots Moisturising Cream // Boots Slanted Tweezers
Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a few things from Boots. It's one of those stores where I can get quickly get carried away, so I had to be quite strict with myself! Anyway I thought I'd share my initial thoughts on the products I bought. I am not going to review the products in this post as I haven't really had time to try them out properly but if you do want to see any full reviews let me know in the comments below!

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser
Now I know a lot of people have really elaborate skin care routines, but I don't! I tend to stick to what works for me and rarely try anything new, however after reading other blog reviews I was drawn to trying the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. My skin goes through stages of being quite sensitive so I am always a little worried about trying new facial products, however the hot cloth cleanser claims to be hypo-allergenic so I am hoping it will suit my skin just fine. I have used it a couple of times already and I have to say so far so good! I don't think £9.95 is bad for 200ml of product - you can't put a price on good skin care right?

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
Did anyone else use Glitter Babes products from Boots when they were younger? Well this zingalicious (made up word) product reminds me of a lime scented spray they used to make. If you like super sweet, almost to the point of being sickly, scented products, then this is certainly for you! I am a little bit in love with it already. It's very zesty and perfect for waking me up in the morning.

Dove Leave-in Conditioning Spray
I don't really know why I picked this up, other than being completely overwhelmed at the choice of conditioning sprays. It has a nice scent and it promises a lot of good things for my hair so I'll let you know if it works once I have tried it out properly.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Intensive Masque
I love intensive hair masks and although I cannot remember if I have used this one before, I am sure it'll do the job! I haven't had my hair cut for a while (whoops) so I could definitely do with a little hair care repair! I am loving my longer locks at the moment though, so I need to pay a bit more attention on keeping it in a good condition.

Barry M Gelly Polish
I've seen these polishes on a number of blogs now and being drawn to shiny things, I couldn't resist picking one up to try myself. I decided on the lilac shade called 'prickly pear' but I kind of wish I had picked up the pink shade too. I am also desperate to get my hands on the pastel textured polishes but they are not in Boots until the 20th and the colours I like were sold out on Superdrug's website  :(

Rimmel Apocalips
Again, I fell for the blogger hype and had to get myself a couple of the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. I chose the shades 'galaxy' and 'nova' after seeing swatches on another blog and deciding they would suit me the most. I haven't had chance to try out 'nova' yet but I have been wearing 'galaxy' all day today and love, love, love it. As I said at the beginning of the post, I don't like reviewing products until I've properly tried them, but I'll definitely do a little post on these in the near future.

Boots moisturising cream
The reason I picked this up... erm...well James liked the smelt of it. He picked it up and told me I needed to buy it and because I love refreshing cucumber smells, I thought why not! It was only £1.50 and its just your average moisturiser, but I was in need of one and to be honest I think this will do the job just fine :)

Boots slanted tweezers
Tweezers are one of those things that I always lose, so I thought I would purchase these as a spare. James was actually horrified that there were tweezers priced over £10, so he was relieved to see me reach for a £1 pair!

Have you picked up anything from Boots lately or tried any of the products I've bought? Let me know what you thought of them! xo

John Greed Jewellery's Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge

The lovely people at John Greed are offering one lucky blogger the chance to win all of the jewellery pieces they desire from their website this Valentine's Day. Me and my boyfriend tend to just buy each other little token presents on Valentine's Day, rather than presents, but that does not stop me wanting to win all of the beautiful jewellery featured above. Read on to find out why I have chosen these particular pieces...

I absolutely adore the dreamy mint coloured crystal featured in this necklace. Pastel shades will be back on-trend this spring so this necklace will be perfect for styling up all of the candy coloured dresses I plan on wearing!

This is my favourite piece of jewellery on the John Greed website. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to find the perfect pearl ring! It just has such a classy, romantic feel to it and I love the scroll detail on the rings base. Although this would look lovely stacked with other rings, it is definitely beautiful enough to be worn on its own.

I chose this piece to feature and then realised it was from the bridal range. Whoops! Although I am not a bride, I don't think this matters at all. This necklace would be perfect for adding a touch of glamour to a chic shift dress, or a stylish cocktail dress. I would probably wear it for a special evening out or even a wedding reception!

This is such a sweet and simple necklace which would go with oh-so-many of my outfits. It is one of those pieces of jewellery that just completes an outfit, injecting it with a little more style and edge. At just £10 this dainty little pyramid necklace is a bargain and would be the perfect addition to my trinket box.

If you would like to enter the competition yourself then put together your own mood board blog post featuring a minimum of four pieces, up to the value of £250. You only have until Valentine's Day so get your entries in quick! Head over to the John Greed website for more information on how to submit your entry.

Cat ears - like or loathe?

Rose cat ears // Lace cat ears // Facet cat ears
Every so often I come across a trend that really puzzles me. I realise that this may make me unpopular (sorry lovelies) but I simply do not understand the fascination with these cat ears headbands that I've seen so many people wearing. If I said I had never worn them before, that would be a lie, I've worn them at a HALLOWEEN party, when I dressed up as cat woman. The emphasis being on 'Halloween.'

Whilst browsing my favourite online stores today I've seen them stocked on every single one! I guess as a twenty two year old girl / lady / woman (whatevs.) these are just something I wouldn't personally wear. I guess I can see the fun and quirky side to wearing cat ears, but it is just a trend that doesn't do it for me. How about you? Do you like or loathe  cat ear headbands? If you  have included them in an outfit  post feel free to link me - you never know you may change my mind! :)


Image credits: Miss Selfridge // ASOS // Topshop

Etsy Spotlight #1

I'm forever browsing all of the amazing creations for sale on Etsy so I thought it would be nice to share a few with you every so often in a little series of posts...

Anchor Necklace // Green Chalcedony Stone Necklace // My Gold Heart Necklace // Wishbone Necklace
Image credits: JENNYandJUDE

For my first Etsy Spotlight post I wanted to share the gorgeous handmade jewellery by JENNY and JUDE. I can't quite remember if I found this store on Etsy myself or whether I spotted it on another blog, either way I am so pleased that I came across it. Jenny makes absolutely gorgeous gold and silver jewellery in her studio in Los Angeles. I adore these dainty necklaces which would look perfect with pretty much every dress in my wardrobe. I particularly love the delicately crafted wish bone necklace, which is also available in sterling silver. Jenny posts internationally for just £6.50 which I think you'll agree is very reasonable!

Take a look at the JENNY and JUDE etsy store and let me know your favourite pieces in the comments below! xo

Loving: Primark's S/S '13 collection

Image credits: Primark

In the past I have found Primark to be a little hit and miss, but just recently I've been finding so many things that I like. I am dying to get my hands on the two dresses featured above which are from their spring / summer '13 collection. I can see the blue and white china print dress being one of those dresses that everyone has in their wardrobes! I'm already picturing how I'll style it up with one of the tea cup necklaces I've made and my Primark nude heels. I love how they have paired the mint coloured bag with the yellow dress, I don't know why but I've never tried the two colours together, so this is something I will definitely be doing this spring.
Image credits: Primark
I think Primark has to be one of the best places to pick up those last-minute accessories you need for going on a night out. I know that I've dashed their on numerous occasions to pick up a clutch bag or a pair of heels. I absolutely love the floral print sunnies which are just £1.00! I've also got my eye on the black studded bag, though I can't make up my mind whether it would be better to go for white?! Having said that at just £12 I don't think it would be too naughty to pick up both do you?

What do you think of Primark's s/s '13 collection?


iPhone button stickers

iPhone button stickers
I know some people think customising mobile phones is a little tacky, but I personally love to add crazy covers and cute stickers to my phone! If like me you like customising your phone you will love these little iPhone button stickers. I picked them up on eBay for just 99p (free postage). The seller offers a wide range of designs from Hello Kitty to Disney and cute skull designs. I chose these cute floral and polka dot designs as they reminded me of Cath Kidston. They are a great way of personalising your phone and for 99p you really cannot go wrong!

Twenty facts about me

I hope you are not all sick of seeing these posts! I personally love reading them so I thought I'd do one myself. I did have to opt for a written version though as I'm much too nervous to make a YouTube video!

1. I share my birthday with my mum, one of my best friends (Sarah) and Gwen Stefani ;)
2. I have a dragon tattoo on my right hipbone which was done by my boyfriend James
3. I'm obsessed with American television programmes like The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars, Suits and 90210.
4. When I was nine or ten (I can't remember which) my dad was on an episode of Better Homes where he fitted a kitchen and won the show!
5. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism when I was nine.
6. Although I love wearing nail varnish I absolutely hate painting my nails.
7. I'm terrified of butterflies and moths
8. Skinny vanilla lattes are my absolute favourite
9. I only usually like red or green sweets, with the exception being yellow sour skittles
10. I remember saying I would never ever have my hair in a centre parting...and look at me now. Whoops!
11. I have this habit of trying new foods saying I really like them and then changing my mind two seconds later
12. I was so bad at arts and crafts in infants school that I had to have 'special help' doing cross stitch - and now I somehow make jewellery! Not quite sure how that happened.
13. Woolacombe in Devon is one of my favourite places to be
14. Taylor Swift songs are one of my guilty pleasures
15. I don't like having to explain why I am a vegetarian. I just am!
16. I worry about the littlest things
17. I could listen to Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and Maroon 5 all day.
18. I write for a wedding website called Wedding Legend 
19. I feel better if I have plans set out in my head and James is the complete opposite but we work somehow!
20. I am scared of trying new things and feel like I should say 'yes' more often!

Ok so there was my twenty random facts! I hope you enjoyed reading them - please link me to any similar posts you have done so I can pop over to your blog and have a read xo