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Shoe shopping outfit of the day

Faux Fur Jacket- Missguided // Dress - RI @ ASOS // Ankle Boots - New Look // Bowler Hat - Boohoo // Necklace - Megan Jane Jewellery // Bag - Tesco

Yesterday I spent most of the day in Chesterfield looking for a pair of shoes and this is what I wore! Unfortunately I had one of those rubbish shopping days where I just couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. All of the shoes in New Look (where I usually buy my shoes) were too high or wide fit (don't  you think there's far too many wide fit shoes these days?) Eventually I found a gorgeous pair of bright red heels from Next, which you'll see in my next outfit post.

After deliberating over whether or not I could pull off wearing a bowler hat, I've decided that I kinda like it. Looking at these photos I definitely think I need to invest in a new faux fur jacket though - this ones getting a little tatty now because I wear it so much. It's the first faux fur jacket that I've ever bought and the best jacket I've ever owned!

Last night I had a much needed girly night with a few of my best friends, Hannah, Laura, Emily and Charlotte. Unfortunately after too much wine I've spent the day nursing a little hangover. Hope everyone has had a fabulous Easter Sunday and enjoyed indulging in one too many chocolate eggs xo

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A delightful evening at Lush Nottingham

On Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the Lush bloggers evening hosted at the Nottingham store. Being a fan of Lush's wonderful products and their ethical values I couldn't wait to learn more about their various collections. Before the event started I met the lovely Sophia, Emma, Meg and Harriet for a cheeky Nandos where we talked non-stop and giggled aplenty! Honestly it felt like I'd known them all ages!

For those who don't know (where have you been hiding) Lush create all of their products by hand using only vegetarian (and often vegan) ingredients. They are completely against testing on animals and always have been and are dedicated to sourcing organic and fair trade ingredients for use. Basically they are a happy, friendly, wonderful company that you just can't help but feel some love for!

Although 'bath bombs' are what springs to most people's minds when they think of Lush, they actually sell a wide range of products including skin care, bath and body, hair care, makeup and even perfume! What I loved most about the event is how relaxed the atmosphere it was. The lovely staff let us roam free, giving us the option of choosing what stations we wanted to visit and what products we wanted to learn more about. Having already learnt quite a lot about the Emotional Brilliance range (Lush's own makeup - see this post) I decided to concentrate on finding out about their fabulous skin care and body range. 

The skincare section featured a table full of shower gels, shower jellies, body lotions, massage bars and shower scrubs. After having my hand and arm gently washed, ex foliated and 'lotioned'  I can honestly say my skin had never felt so soft! I came away with a few sample goodies including the Buffy shower scrub, Therapy massage bar, Olive Branch shower gel and Vanilla De-Lite body lotion so I will be reviewing those for you after trying them out again at home! As well as learning a lot about the products and how to get the most benefits out of using them, I also discovered that I am a little obsessed with vanilla scented products. I think I could literally have everything vannila'd (I'm making some words up today) and I would live in happily ever after.

Lovely display of Lush's massage bars. They look just like white chocolate! Yum!

Selection of lip scrubs and tints at the make up station - have you tried Lush's makeup?

Lush's Gorilla Perfume range  comes in quirky apothecary-style bottles

The lovely Harriet learning more about Lush's body lotions and potions

If you love Lush's body lotions I suggest you try out Charity Pot! It is a lovely gentle body lotion which combines Fairtrade Organic cocoa butter with almond oil and essential oils. Whilst it feels divine on the skin and has a lovely light scent to it, the product is also fabulous because Lush gives all proceeds to a local charity! The lovely lady I was speaking to even said that they let their customers recommend charities to donate to, so if you have a local charity in mind, get yourself down to Lush and buy a pot!

All in all I had such a wonderful evening - the staff at the Nottingham store are a credit to Lush. They were so attentive and helpful, ready to answer all of our questions and made sure we all felt at home in the store. A BIG thank you to everyone at Lush Nottingham.

Some of the goodies I came home with...reviews coming soon xo

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Topshop pinafore outfit post

Topshop pinafore // New Look stripy top // New Look studded boots // Megan Jane Jewellery jug necklace // OASAP cat earrings*

So if you read my last post you will know that I was umming and arring over which pinafore to buy. I ended up choosing this gorgeous light denim pinafore from Topshop and I'm so so pleased that I did! The quality of the pinny is really good and I really like the fit. I did 'size up' because a lot of the reviews on the website said the fit was quite tight on the bottom - so bare that in mind if you are buying one too! I'm definitely going to get so much wear out of this pinafore dress, its my new favourite.

Oh and how can I not mention the cute and quirky cat stud earrings I got from OASAP?! I'm actually a little bit in love with them and I've already had a dozen compliments on them. They also have them in yellow, black and white. I feel like I NEED THEM ALL.

So this is a short and sweet post as I have a trillion articles to write (ok not that many...but enough) but tomorrow I'll be back tomorrow with a post about the Lush Nottingham Blogger event I attended last night with some rather fabulous beauty bloggers (Sophia, Meg, Harriet and Emma - I'm looking at you!) xo

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Wardrobe Wants #2 - Pretty Pinafores

Printed pinafore - Daisy Street // Light denim pinafore - Topshop // Black Pinafore - New Look // Denim Pinafore - Asos
I'm desperate to get my hands on a pretty pinafore to wear this spring. I actually bought one from New Look but unfortunately it was much too short and  looked a little too school girl for my liking. I think it was the pleats. With this in mind I have decided I am going to pick a pinafore that has a more fitted / straight skirt.

I really love the four pinafore dresses above, but I think I am leaning towards the middle two. What do you think?


Image credits: Daisy Street / Topshop / New Look / ASOS
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Megan Jane makes: Glitter bottle necklace tutorial

You will need:
1 x glitter pot (whatever colour you like)
1 x glass bead (or more if you want more sparkle)
Approx. 22 inches of gold plated jewellery chain
4 x gold plated jump rings (4mm / 5mm size will do just fine)
1 x gold plated lobster clasp (choose your size)
Jewellery pliers and cutters (preferably one pair with round prongs)
Glue (I forgot to photograph it) I use a jewellery glue called E6000
(Most items can be purchased from craft stores and ebay - I have linked to a few options above)

Step 1: Fill your glass bottle up with glitter (I made a little funnel out of paper to make pouring it easier - I did still spill a little though so make sure you do this on a covered surface!)

Step 2: GLUE around the cork lid before putting it on top. I know I didn't take a photo of this but please please please remember to glue the lid or the top will come off and you'll end up with glitter down your front.

Step 3: Take the mini screw between your fingers and twist it into the cork top - this will be secure, don't you worry :)

Step 4: Holding pliers in each hand, pick up one of your jump rings and seperate it by moving one hand towards your body and the other away.

Step 5: Loop the jump ring through your bottle's screw top and close it with your pliers. Pop your bottle aside for now.

Step 6: Pick up a glass bead and thread it over your gold plated head pin.

Step 7: Cut your head pin down to size, leaving enough of the pin left to create a loop. (I would say leave about a third of the pin after you have popped the bead over it)

Step 8: To create the loop you will need to pinch the headpin with your rounded pliers and move your hand so it wraps the metal around the shape of the plier prong (I don't think it's called a prong... but you know what I mean). Finish the loop off by making sure it touches the starting point.

Step 9: Open up another jump ring with your pliers, thread it through the loop of your glass bead and close it. Leave this bead aside for a moment.

Step 10: Open up the remaining two of your jump rings and thread one of them through the loop of your lobster clasp.

Step 11: Thread the jump rings onto each end of your jewellery chain and close. One end should have the clasp on and the other should just be a loop. Close your necklace chain.

Step 12: Take your bottle and re-open the jump ring. Find the middle of your jewellery chain (other end to your clasp) and thread it through one of the links, before closing the jump ring.

Step 13:  Re-open your glass beads jump ring and thread it through one of the links slightly above wear you have attached the bottle. Close the jump ring.

Step 14: Sit back and admire your beautiful new glitter bottle necklace!

So there we have it - my first ever jewellery tutorial! I hope if you do decide to give it ago that you find my instructions easy to follow. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll reply to them, or you can email me: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk 

If jewellery making is not really for you and you would just prefer to purchase the final product, you can head over to the Megan Jane Jewellery website where you will find the glitter bottle necklaces for sale.

Oh and I'm also currently offering FREE 1st class delivery on all UK orders. Simply enter the code 'UKFREE' at checkout.


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Olivia Accessories SS13 and a discount code!

Olivia Accessories are an online boutique specialising in women's jewellery and accessories. Some of you may remember a review post I did on their jewellery back in July. Recently they launched their spring / summer jewellery collection on their website which features a variety of pieces including stylish necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The great thing about Olivia Accessories is that they offer an eclectic range of jewellery, ensuring there is something to suit everyone.

Olivia Accessories have been kind enough to offer Seek My Scribbles followers 30% off orders over £10.00 using the code 'SCRIBBLES1' The code lasts for a whole month (until 18th April 2013) giving you plenty of time to get your shop on! Olivia Accessories also offer free 1st class delivery for UK residents and international postage for £3.00 (Europe) and £6.00 (everywhere else).

See anything you like? Let me know in the comments below! xo

We're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time

Pearl embellished jumper - ASOS (old) // Skinny Jamie jeans - Topshop // Lime green champions - Keds*
 My usual Sunday mornings consist of coffee and my cosy bed, but yesterday I ventured out (with James and Jazz in tow) on a little dog walk along the trail. Unfortunately the heavens opened cutting our walk short however I did  still manage to snap a couple of pictures of my oh-so-casual outfit of the day featuring my lovely new lime green shoes courtesy of Keds! Lime green isn't a colour I would normally wear, but when these popped through my door I was more than happy to give them a go, especially knowing the colour is on-trend for Spring. I actually surprised myself how much I ended up liking them. I love how they brighten up an average day time outfit, injecting it with a little colour. For now I'm wearing my Keds with jeans but come summer time I'll be styling them with flowery dresses and hopefully after a little toning up, bare legs!

Keds new spring / summer champion collection features a gorgeous range of pastel shades including peppermint, cornflower blue, lavender and baby pink. The shoes will soon be available from Schuh and are priced at just £30.00

The animals came in two by two

Elephant print dress - Mina // Ankle boots - F&F
Today I was one of those silly people that thought it would be 'ok' to do an outfit post in the snowy / blizzard weather. Let me tell you, it was not ok and I won't be doing it again haha! Anyway I apologise for the blowy hair and the 'I'm freezing it's minus 2 out here' hunch, but I wanted to show you this lovely dress from Mina. I won it in a giveaway a while back over on Sarah's blog and I absolutely adore it. It has a gorgeous animal print featuring elephants, birds and camels. I've never seen anything quite like it before, it's so unique! I also love that the dress has nice long sleeves, for those days when I just don't feel like getting my arms out. I chose to pair it with my black Tesco ankle boots, but I think I should have also paired it with a coat, scarf, hat and mittens, don't you?



Oh Taylor Swift what a babe! Yes, I'm unashamedly a huge fan of Taylor so when I found out she was collaborating with Keds (the awesome shoe brand - as if you don't already know...) it is fair to say I was a little bit excited! The latest campaign is called 'Bravehearts' and is an ode to brave girls around the world.

The Keds® girl is described as limitless. She is a socially connected female, focused on being a catalyst in her community, who values her own opinion and wants to be heard. She is optimistic, kind, bold and has a brave outlook on life. I'd like to think I'm a Keds girl, because I don't know about you, but I think that sounds like a pretty awesome girl to be!

The global campaign coincides with the launch of the new Spring / Summer collection which I have a little preview of here...

Looks rather fabulous doesn't it? I'm loving all of the pretty pastel colours, especially the mint green, pink and lilac shades. I'm always banging on about how much I love pastels so this is an ideal Keds collection in my eyes.

To keep up with the latest news about Keds and their campaigns follow them on Twitter & Pinterest! Oh and look out for an outfit post / review I will be posting here on Seek My Scribbles. I'll be featuring one of the lovely pairs from the Spring / Summer collection!


Forgotten love

Spring time pastels

Dorothy Perkins dot dress

Sam Edelman metallic shoes
£66 - zappos.com

Poppie Jones satchel handbag
£20 - dsw.com

Pearl Cluster Bracelet

Until this morning I had forgotten just how much I love Polyvore. I could literally spend hours making mood boards and mock magazine pages - if only I had the time! Since I had a few hours to myself this morning I thought I would share this little Spring Time board I made featuring one of my handmade bracelets. I absolutely love mint green and peach together and cannot wait until the weather brightens up so I can start wearing these pretty shades.

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday. I am spending the day relaxing after feeling pretty under the weather all week. I may do a little bit of blog planning this afternoon, but first a cup of tea and a digestive is definitely on the menu.


Head over heels In Love With Fashion

As a huge fan of In Love With Fashion's darling designs I couldn't help but get a little excited with I saw etail PR were teaming up with them for a blogger competition where you could win £200 to spend on their website! All you have to do is create a wishlist style post displaying your favourite pieces from ILWF & here's mine...

Heart Patch Knit // Floral Skirt // Floral Crown // Polka Dot Dress // Blue Heels // Long Sleeve Playsuit // Studded Peep Toes // Black and Gold Handbag

Rather than going down the traditional route of wish list picks, I thought I would show you three outfits I would create with my lovely wish list items and when I'd wear them...

Outfit 1: The first outfit features lots of pretty pastel colours perfect for the season ahead. I would wear this outfit to an afternoon tea date with my bestest friends. We would sip on tea and stuff ourselves silly with cake and everyone would compliment my rather beautiful Crown & Glory headband. Best day ever.

Outfit 2: Outfit two would be my date night outfit. I would go for a sexy pin up look, with pin curls and a slick of deep red lipstick. The date would be at a swanky cocktail bar where I could sip on a sweet strawberry daiquiri and discuss my dreams. James lets do this! Best date ever.

Outfit 3: And finally...outfit three would be my girls night out outfit. I would have a glass (bottle) of wine and dance the night away to Rihanna and Beyonce with Emiline, Laura, Hannah, Liz, Sophie, Charlotte, Kate and Sarah. Best night ever.


If you would like to enter the competition yourself head over to Etail PR's blog post to find out the rules!

Megan Jane Jewellery S/S13 - Birdcages

Today I launched a few pieces from my Spring / Summer 13 jewellery collection over on www.meganjanejewellery.com
I thought I would share some of the pieces and my thoughts behind making them in a blog post, but I didn't want to bombard you with lots of images so I thought I would share the collection over a few posts. Today we have my latest vintage style birdcage pendant designs...

White vintage style birdcage necklace

Mint green vintage style birdcage necklace

If you have visited my jewellery website before you will know I'm a little obsessed with birdcages! I don't know what it is about them, they're just whimsical and kind of cool to look at. I decided to make some mint green designs as I haven't seen many around and thought it made a lovely change from the pink birdcages I've made in the past.  I absolutely love the colour mint and think it is perfect for the upcoming Spring season - it will look lovely styled with other pastel colours! My inspiration for these pieces was really Spring itself. You'll see I've used a lot of crystals as I love how they glisten when they catch the light. The pendants hang on long gold plated chains and are the perfect statement necklaces to pair with pretty tea dresses and blouses.

The rest of the S/S 13 Megan Jane Jewellery pieces can be found here.

I'd love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite pieces are! xo