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Megan Jane makes: Glitter bottle necklace tutorial

You will need:
1 x glitter pot (whatever colour you like)
1 x glass bead (or more if you want more sparkle)
Approx. 22 inches of gold plated jewellery chain
4 x gold plated jump rings (4mm / 5mm size will do just fine)
1 x gold plated lobster clasp (choose your size)
Jewellery pliers and cutters (preferably one pair with round prongs)
Glue (I forgot to photograph it) I use a jewellery glue called E6000
(Most items can be purchased from craft stores and ebay - I have linked to a few options above)

Step 1: Fill your glass bottle up with glitter (I made a little funnel out of paper to make pouring it easier - I did still spill a little though so make sure you do this on a covered surface!)

Step 2: GLUE around the cork lid before putting it on top. I know I didn't take a photo of this but please please please remember to glue the lid or the top will come off and you'll end up with glitter down your front.

Step 3: Take the mini screw between your fingers and twist it into the cork top - this will be secure, don't you worry :)

Step 4: Holding pliers in each hand, pick up one of your jump rings and seperate it by moving one hand towards your body and the other away.

Step 5: Loop the jump ring through your bottle's screw top and close it with your pliers. Pop your bottle aside for now.

Step 6: Pick up a glass bead and thread it over your gold plated head pin.

Step 7: Cut your head pin down to size, leaving enough of the pin left to create a loop. (I would say leave about a third of the pin after you have popped the bead over it)

Step 8: To create the loop you will need to pinch the headpin with your rounded pliers and move your hand so it wraps the metal around the shape of the plier prong (I don't think it's called a prong... but you know what I mean). Finish the loop off by making sure it touches the starting point.

Step 9: Open up another jump ring with your pliers, thread it through the loop of your glass bead and close it. Leave this bead aside for a moment.

Step 10: Open up the remaining two of your jump rings and thread one of them through the loop of your lobster clasp.

Step 11: Thread the jump rings onto each end of your jewellery chain and close. One end should have the clasp on and the other should just be a loop. Close your necklace chain.

Step 12: Take your bottle and re-open the jump ring. Find the middle of your jewellery chain (other end to your clasp) and thread it through one of the links, before closing the jump ring.

Step 13:  Re-open your glass beads jump ring and thread it through one of the links slightly above wear you have attached the bottle. Close the jump ring.

Step 14: Sit back and admire your beautiful new glitter bottle necklace!

So there we have it - my first ever jewellery tutorial! I hope if you do decide to give it ago that you find my instructions easy to follow. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll reply to them, or you can email me: meganjanejewellery@hotmail.co.uk 

If jewellery making is not really for you and you would just prefer to purchase the final product, you can head over to the Megan Jane Jewellery website where you will find the glitter bottle necklaces for sale.

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  1. Amazing I love jewellery tutorials!


  2. Aw this is such a cute tutorial
    Daniella x


  3. Awww, I love this tutorial! I'd be tempted to try it with black sand :)


    1. That would look really cool too! Sand would definitely work for those that don't really want a sparkly finish xo

  4. LOVE this! You are so creative and this looks absolutely amazing! <33

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel, Maybelline and other! :))


  5. AWW i love this idea! Looks so cute. Really like your blog, you've gained a follower here :)


    ellie xx