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Miss Selfridge Wishlist

Miss Selfridge Wishlist S/S 13

I have been quite good recently in terms of shopping. I wouldn't say I've been on a spending ban, but I just haven't had the time to go out and spend the pennies! After finishing work this evening I randomly decided to browse the Miss Selfridge website and it's fair to say I fell in love with so many of their beautiful spring / summer dresses and skirts. The five featured above are my absolute favourites and I'm hoping when pay day comes I'll be able to treat myself to a couple of them!

I absolutely adore the mix of pastel colours and floral prints (my two favourites). The pink dress actually has a 3D-like print on the top half which is ever so pretty. You'll have to click through so you can have a better look as you can't really see it on the picture above! I think the two skirts would look really lovely teamed with a crop top or sheer blouse when the weather gets a little warmer.

Have you got your eye on anything from Miss Selfridge at the moment? I always find they're a little hit and miss in terms of the kind of clothes I like wearing, but at the moment they are spot on! xo

Earring displays - the perfect way to keep your favourite earrings safe!

Large clear earring holder
All earrings available from http://www.meganjanejewellery.com

Small earring holder
Flower & heart earrings - Megan Jane Jewellery // Cat earrings - OASAP // Silver ball earrings - Accessorize

I don't know about you, but I am always misplacing my earrings! I have a lovely vintage style jewellery box where I keep all of my jewellery, but I still seem to lose random studs every now and then. Whilst searching for earring holders on ebay I came across this little plastic one and thought how useful it would be. I know you can get much prettier ones, but I decided something cheap and basic like this would be ideal! I also thought what a good idea it would be to purchase a larger one to use as a display piece on my craft fair table. Although I've not been able to fit a pair of earrings in each hole (as my earrings are bigger) I still think it looks ever so pretty with all of the different coloured flowers! I'm hoping it will attract lots of lovely customers over to my stall tomorrow at the indoor market I'm attending. I'm planning on taking a few pictures of my stall tomorrow so I can show you some of the other jewellery display pieces I own.

The smaller earring holder was only a couple of pounds but I haven't linked to the seller as I don't really recommend them. They took AGES to send the display! However there are plenty of other alternatives on eBay. The larger display was just over five pounds and came every so quickly (I've linked the seller above).

What do you think of these earring display holders? I think it's nice that they're quite basic as it makes the earrings stand out better! xo

PS I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far - I'm sorry for the lack of posting over the past week, sometimes work and real life get in the way of blogging!

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Lush Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion review

The other day I was watching Whitney (the TV programme on Comedy Central) and had to chuckle when she was going on about how many lotions and potions us women seem to store in our bathrooms and bedrooms. And well it got me thinking, why on earth do I have so many? My conclusion - I've never found one that I've liked enough to use everyday...well that was the case until very recently.

Vanilla Dee-Lite body lotion* - Lush

After the Lush blogger evening in March I came away with a sample of their body lotion called 'Vanilla Dee-Lite.' As a huge fan of vanilla, I knew I was going to instantly love the scent, but with body lotions, it's usually the formula that I find lets them down. This certainly wasn't the case with Vanilla Dee-Lite. It has to be the lightest body lotion I have ever used. It is so easy to apply to the skin and melts into the skin ever so quickly! I'm not going to lie, before using this product there were days when I definitely did not bother using a body lotion (don't pretend you haven't had those days too). I hate having to stand there and wait for it to sink into the skin until you can put your clothes on, it just adds on unnecessary minutes to the getting ready process. Now that I have this I am more than happy to keep my skin moisturised on a daily basis!

Whilst the product is great for melting into the skin quickly, it also leaves it feeling very smooth and what I would call 'happy.' Some moisturises can be a little too greasy, but Lush really have got the formula for Vanilla Dee-Lite just right! I also like that the heavenly vanilla and cocoa butter scent isn't too heavy, but is strong enough that you can smell it on the skin for a fair while after applying it. If you are one of those people who don't like wearing perfume, a scented body lotion like this would be a great alternative.

Vanilla Dee-Lite usually comes in a squeezy bottle (mine's in a pot as it was a sample) and is priced at £11.95 for 250ml. It is worth noting that as with all Lush products, Vanilla Dee-Lite is made from purely natural ingredients and is also a vegan friendly product. For more information on the ingredients I suggest popping over to the Lush website.

If you are looking for a body lotion that ticks all of the boxes, then look no further. I know I'll definitely be adding it to  my next Lush order.

What do you think of Vanilla Dee-Lite? Is it a product you'd like to try out? xo

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I'm currently running a giveaway on my Twitter (@meganjane03) to win one of my handmade necklaces - go check it out!

One fine crafternoon

All pieces available from http://www.meganjanejewellery.com
I've been busy crafting away making jewellery for my first indoor market of the year which will be taking place at the Pleasley Landmark Centre on the 28th of April. I like to display a variety of pieces at craft fairs and markets so there is something for everyone. It's funny because when I'm designing my handmade jewellery I tend to think of people my own age wearing it, but at craft fairs I find that both young girls and older women love it too! A lot of people buy my jewellery as gifts, which I think is lovely, as handmade items are so much more personal and unique than high street jewellery.

One of my favourite things about craft fairs (aside from meeting lovely customers) is setting up my table. I always make sure I have a cream lace table cloth with me to cover my craft table and a variety of vintage style jewellery boxes. I don't like things to be too organised as I think it can sometimes put people off picking pieces up and looking at them up close. I sort of think of my jewellery table as a little like a dressing table. I'm tempted to actually do a post after my next craft fair so I can show you how I set it up. I have some lovely display pieces including a miniature jewellery wardrobe and a vintage style box that is disguised as a book!

Do you like going to craft fairs and vintage markets? What sort of things would attract you to someone's stall? xo

PS, I'm currently offering free delivery on all jewellery orders on my website when you use the code 'MONDAYFREE' The code will expire at midnight tonight.
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Pastel floral dress outfit of the day

Bowler hat - Boohoo // Floral dress - T K Maxx // Cardigan - Next // Boots - New Look

This is one of the most beautiful dresses I have in my wardrobe. I know I've already featured this pastel pretty in a previous outfit post, but I wanted to show you how I style it casually. It is such a cute shape and I love the faux triangular collar. This is actually what I wore to my brother's birthday lunch today. I can't believe he's twenty! I'm only twenty two, but it just feels strange my little brother being twenty you know? I did miss out on the Nottingham bloggers meet up today, but family will always come first! I hope all the girls that went had a fabulous time & hopefully I'll get to catch up with a few of them soon!

My other half is working this weekend so I'll be getting my craft on tomorrow! I've got lots of lovely pieces to make for a craft fair that's taking place in two weeks time. Making jewellery is one of my favourite things to do. I usually stick a film on, some music or one of my favourite box sets and just get lost in mountains of glittery crystals, glossy pearls and dreamy vintage style pendants.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! xo

Ps, I don't like doing indoor outfit posts but it was a little rainy today! The quality wasn't brilliant so I thought I'd make them a little dreamy and pink.

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Lush Fluffy Egg bath bomb review

After seeing Emma's review of Lush's Fluffy Egg bath bomb, I couldn't help picking one up for myself (and one for my mum) at the Lush blogger's evening which took place a couple of weeks ago. I have always been a fan of bath bombs and couldn't wait to use this one, but I thought I'd save it for a time when I could really relax and spend a while soaking myself in its lovelyness.

After managing to wait a week and a bit I got far too excited and decided to use my bath bomb for my pre-evening out pampering session last Friday. I was not disappointed at all. It was divine - just see for yourself below...

Despite knowing that it was going to turn my bath water pink (this is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place) I still got overly excited when I witnessed it! And the scent OH THE SCENT, it was heavenly. So sweet that you felt like you were in an old fashioned sweet shop. I truly truly loved it. The lovely natural ingredients left my skin feeling silky and soft, just what you want before an evening out in your favourite new dress.

Being an Easter themed bath bomb I don't know how long Fluffy Egg is going to be around, but they're still available on the website (£2.95) so go go go! If you're a fan of all things sweet, then you'll be a huge fan of Fluffy Egg.

PS, I know most of you already know, but Google reader will soon be disappearing so please follow me over on Blog Lovin by clicking the button below. Seek My Scribbles also has a facebook page so please give it a like :)

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Etsy Spotlight #2

Bambi necklace // Clover ring // Owl necklace // Skull necklace
For my second Etsy Spotlight post I wanted to introduce you all to an online store called 'Jane's Shop in Etsy.' As the name suggests, the jewellery is made by a lady called Jane who lives in South Korea. I am in awe of her dainty, delicate designs which I think you'll agree are truly lovely. Jane's minimalist fashion jewellery is chic, sophisticated and versatile enough to wear with both everyday and evening outfits. I found it so hard to just choose four pieces to feature here on Seek My Scribbles! I think my favourite has to be the four leaf clover ring as I've never seen one like this before.

All of Jane's jewellery is very reasonably priced and comes packed in a lovely gift box. She offers international delivery for $3.90 which currently works out about £2.60-£2.61. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or someone special, you are sure to find something super lovely from this etsy store.

Take a look at Jane's etsy store and let me know which of her designs are your favourite in the comments below :) xo

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My everyday lip favourites

Ted Baker Lip Crayons / Carmex Strawberry flavour
I thought I'd do a little post on my everyday lip favourites and as you can see, the selection is pretty simple! Not that there is anything wrong with keeping it simple. I have to say when it comes to lip products I am ever so picky. I don't like anything that snags on the lips as you put it on and I can't stand matte lipsticks that show up every little imperfection on the lips. At the moment I don't have a huge selection of lip products because I know what I like and what works for me. I am also VERY good at clear outs. I'll get rid of anything that looks awful (like my melted lip butters) or things I don't use. Aside from the lip crayons and balm above I own two Rimmel Apocalips (still deciding whether I actually like them), two Colour Glide lipsticks from The Body Shop, another Carmex lip balm, a Calvin Klein lipstick and a Rockalily lipstick (Pompadour Pink). Try not to gasp in horror at the fact I don't own a Mac lipstick. I'm sure I will one day, but I've just not been in a mad rush to get one.

Anyway...on to why these are my super awesome favourites.

Carmex Lip Balm - Strawberry Flavour
When it comes to lip balm you can't beat a good old tube of Carmex. I've been using it for years and years. I used to buy the pots but I much prefer the tubes because you don't have to get the product all over your finger. This is my go-to lip balm that I use everyday. It makes my lips feel soft and nourished. I'm pretty sure it somehow magically heals them too when they're looking a little chapped. If you haven't tried the strawberry flavour GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW. Seriously. The original flavour is lovely, but this is just divine! James actually randomly picked it up at the counter in Primark for me and I'm so glad he did. It tastes like strawberry sweets which are my all time favourites. You can also buy Carmex in Mint and Cherry, but I haven't tried either of those yet. I think you can buy Carmex at pretty much every Boots, Superdrug, pharmacy, supermarket as well as online at places like Amazon.

Ted Baker Lip Crayons
Now I have already done a review of the Ted Baker Lip Crayons after I received them as a Christmas gift so I won't go into too much detail, as you can just read the post! Basically you got four in a tin and these two have ended up being my everyday lip favourites. They're really wearable colours, one shade is slightly darker and reder (not a word) and the other is more of a purpley (not a word) pink. I couldn't choose a favourite between these two because they go with different makeup looks and outfits. I would say I tend to reach for the darker one slightly more often, which is funny because when I first opened the tin it was the crayon I least liked the look of.

The lip crayons glide on so smoothly and offer good coverage. Like most lip crayons they are somewhere between a tinted balm and a lipstick. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do when I finally finish these (got a long way to go yet as they twist up) as I can't seem to find them anywhere online. I guess I'll have to move onto another lip crayon. It's just a shame the other brands are so much more expensive!

What are your everyday lip products? Are you a Carmex lover too?

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Vivo Cosmetics Unprotected Eye Palette Review

I picked this eye palette up by Vivo Cosmetics when I was at Tesco a week or so ago. I actually bought it on a whim as I needed an eyeliner and it just caught my eye. To be honest I had never even heard of Vivo Cosmetics before so I wasn't sure what I was picking it up but at £3.99 I decided if it was rubbish it wouldn't be the end of the world. I couldn't have been more wrong. 'Unprotected' by Vivo Cosmetics has quickly become my go-to eye palette, with a shade to suit every occasion.

Sorry for the creepy eye pictures but I thought you'd wanna see a few swatches?!
As you can see from the images the Unprotected palette features 12 shades all of which have really lovely names: 'Escape' 'Forever' 'Flutter' 'Today' 'Wisp' 'Flow' 'Adore' 'Relax' 'Engage' 'Devine' 'Free' and 'Awaken.' All of the shades are fairly neutral with a couple of smoky grey / blue shades perfect for nights out.  Neutral eye shadows are always my colours of choice as they are so wearable. The colour block palette includes three matte shades (Escape, Flutter and Wisp) and nine shimmery (but not glittery) shades.

I apologise for the slightly poor swatches, it was my first time doing them and I didn't realise what a pickle I'd end up getting myself into haha! I hope they give you a general sort of idea of what some of the colours look like. I have been wearing the first six eye shadows a lot and particularly love wearing Escape and Forever together / Flutter and Today.

I'd definitely say the eye shadows wear well, even without a primer (photos taken without primer). They are nicely pigmented and I've found them fairly easy to blend together. The packaging is really simple and just the right size to slip into your handbag. If you are into your neutral shades and desire a little shimmer for the summer, then this is the perfect palette for you!

After joining in the #bbloggers general beauty chat last night a lot of people were saying they wanted to try this out, so I hope you find this review useful! The baked blush was also recommended to me so I am definitely going to be trying that out. 'Peaches and Cream' looks absolutely divine.

Vivo Cosmetics is exclusive to Tesco and you can find it in a store close to you by checking the store finder on their website. If you prefer doing your beauty shopping online you can purchase directly from the Vivo Cosmetics online store.

Feel free to let me know if you have tried any Vivo Cosmetics and what you think of them. I will definitely be adding more of their products to my makeup bag in the near future. I love it when you find a low-price makeup brand that still offers excellent quality products.


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InstaGal #3 - Little life updates

1. Jazz chasing a stick in the snow // 2. Everything looks better in black & white // 3. Kinder chocolate // 4. New Keds (see review post here) // 5. Barry M textured nail polish // 6. Coke in a glass bottle // 7. New ILWF dress (see outfit post here) // 8. Thomas's favourite sleeping position // 9. New Megan Jane Jewellery business cards (from Moo) // 10. Lush 'Fluffy Egg' bath bomb // 11. Jazz and is new favourite ball //12. New bowler hat // 13. Megan Jane Makes tutorial #1 (see post here) // 14. Where's Wally iphone game // 15. Party Time Disney punch // 16.  New earrings on Megan Jane Jewellery website
So I thought it was about time I did another Instagram post - I know a few of you follow me on Instagram, but for those that don't - these are the sort of pictures I post on a regular basis. I have been off (for the first time in ages) this weekend which has been super lovely. For those who don't know, I work for myself from home and find it really hard to separate work from weekend sometimes. Organisation is something I am getting better at though.

On Friday I headed to Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham for my friend Hannah's 22nd birthday. I hadn't been to the new restaurant in the corner house before so I was a little overwhelmed / excited when I saw how amazing it was inside. If you have been to Red Hot World Buffet before you will know that it is an all you can eat buffet with all sorts of foods: Indian, Chinese, America, Italian, Carvery food, Sushi...the list goes on. Basically the restaurant is designed like an airport - which is a pretty cool idea don't you think? I wish I had snapped some pictures but I was too busy eating the delicious food. I managed three plates of food (two Indian and a Chinese). I definitely recommend you visiting whether you are in Nottingham, or close to one of the other restaurants in the UK.

Since I was having the weekend off my parents thought it would be nice to take me out for lunch yesterday. We went to a local Mansfield restaurant called Il Rosso. We've been there before for dinner and the food is delicious. I enjoyed a creamy mushroom crostini for starters, followed by a vegetarian lasagne which was heavenly. Today I've sorted through my box of jewellery findings, beads and pendants. It's all organised now, which means it'll be so much easier to find everything I need when I'm in the mood for crafting! Tonight will be spent chilling out with my other half and watching The Walking Dead. We're a little late jumping on the bandwagon with this series, but we both absolutely LOVE it. We're only on Season 2 episode 5 so no spoilers please ;)

Next week I plan on doing a couple of outfit posts, a little pet post featuring Jazz and I thought I'd show you some of the latest things I've been spending my pennies on. I am also planning my next jewellery tutorial for those of you who enjoyed the last one!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Let me know what you've been up to and feel free to give me a tweet (@meganjane03)! I love hearing from you whether you are readers of Seek My Scribbles, fans of Megan Jane Jewellery or like-minded crafters :) xo

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Party in a polka dot dress

Polka dot cut out dress - In love with Fashion // Bird Necklace - Tatty Devine // Orangey red heels - Next

This is what I wore when I went on an night with a few of my best friends for the first time in what feels like ages! The first photo has come out a little blurred, probably because I was laughing at my mum who kept telling me to 'smile more' in outfit photos. I'm absolutely in love with this gorgeous polka dot dress from In Love with Fashion. I love that it has three quarter sleeves and just fits like a dream. After spending what felt like forever trekking round shops on Saturday looking for a perfect pair of shoes to go with the dress, I finally decided on this orangey red pair of heels from Next. They were only £20.00 which I think is really reasonable for heels!

For once I decided that I would take off my black tights, although I did replace them with a pair of semi-gloss ten denier nude tights. The thing is that I actually have a real 'thing' about my legs and always have for as long as I can remember. I know everyone has something they do not like about their body and this is one of my things. Its not so bad that it stops me from wearing pretty dresses and skirts but I always feel more comfortable in a pair of black tights, as if they are kind of thinning or hiding my legs away haha. Anyway my point is after Saturday night I  just decided that I need to just get over myself and stop worrying so much.  Today nude tights, tomorrow maybe bare legs (though probably not since its currently very cold) but my aim is to be confident enough to bare my legs this summer :) xo

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