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Dash for the sun

It makes me smile that the ladies of Britain are so full of hope. As soon as the sun comes out we whip off our opaque black tights, wiggle out of our skinny jeans and pop on our favourite summer dresses. We then head out with a huge smile on our faces with the hope of getting sun kissed skin, only to find it is actually still a little too cold to be baring our legs!

This is something that Warehouse have captured ever so beautifully and comically in their latest campaign video titled 'Dash for the sun.' The video follows a girl about town, dressed in her winter wear. Like most of us ladies, she gets a little excited when the sun appears. After energetically jumping into the air her look suddenly changes. Just see for yourself - it's pretty awesome!

Warehouse will be running #dashforthesun events at some of their stores on 25th May. They have also teamed up with a couple of other companies including Dermalogica and label.m to offer goody bags to those who spend over £50.00 in store. Click here for more information on participating stores.

I'm absolutely loving Warehouse's current range of summer dresses and can't wait for the weather to brighten up so I can dare to bare my legs and get a beautiful bronzed glow (one can hope!)


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  1. Haha! That bit at the end is so funny! I love those dresses, especially the first one - lovely pattern/colours xx

    1. It's good isn't it? Haha! The first dress is my favourite too! xo

  2. such lovely dresses and funny video! :D

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm glad people are watching the video :) xo