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Thoughtful gifts for her: Bunny ring holder

Bunny ring holder - Find Me A Gift
(The diamond ring was my late grandma's - I'm not engaged!)

As a lover of jewellery, I am always on the lookout for ways to display my pieces, so when this lovely little bunny ring holder arrived, I was left smiling from ear to ear! I love animal-themed items and think this design is simple and sweet, yet elegant at the same time. It makes the perfect addition to my dressing table! What's great about this cute bunny ornament is that you can loop your rings over the ears so you can have them on display on your dressing table. Sometimes I find it such a faff having to go through all of my boxes to find my rings, especially if I'm in a rush to get ready, so I'm definitely going to find this rabbit ring holder very useful.

The thing that surprised me the most about the ring holder is how weighty and well-made it is. I love the mirrored design, which fits in really well with the other items on my dressing table. At just £7.99 I think you will agree that it is very reasonably priced. It would make the perfect birthday gift for a female family member, or a best friend - my mum absolutely loved it when I showed it to her!

Whilst I intend to keep this on my dressing table for the time being, I will also be using it as a display piece at the craft fairs I do every now and then. When setting up my jewellery stall I always like to spend time getting it looking perfect and this bunny ring holder is sure to show off my rings in the best light possible.

The rabbit ring holder can be purchased directly from the Find Me A Gift website. They have so many  other lovely gifts on their website and do a very good job at catering for all tastes! Go have a peek and see for yourself.


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*Gifted item


  1. Super cute!
    I've been looking for pieces to hold my jewellery.


    1. It's so useful! Much better than hiding everything away in a box :) xo

  2. Oh my days! I've been looking for a ring holder for ages (without it being an armless hand that stands on your dresser!)
    This is beautiful and definitely going onto my wish list for payday. Not seen this website before and it's fabulous!
    Thanks for this.

    Yorkshire Pud xx


    1. Haha! I know which ones you mean! My boyfriend bought me one of those hand things and it freaks me out so I don't really use it!

      This one is much prettier and I think £7.99 is such a good price! Glad you like it lovely xo

  3. This is fantastic!! I really want something like this as my rings tend to get a little lost in my jewellery box.
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. It's lovely isn't it? I love how simple it is :) xo

  4. That's such a lovely wee gift! So cute! Xo

    1. It would definitely make the perfect gift :) xo