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Making spare cash blogging

For some reason making a little money from blogging seems to be one of those taboo subjects that people feel really awkward talking about. I'm not one of those people! Since finishing my degree last year I have been working as a freelance writer, getting paid to write blog posts and articles, as well as running Seek My Scribbles, my little corner of the internet.
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Like the majority of bloggers, I write posts for fun! It is great to be able to write about what I want to write about and share a little about the things going on in my life on my own blog. There are occasions where I will write sponsored posts or review products, but only when the content fits in with what I believe my readers will like. There is nothing wrong with earning a little money or reviewing a product for free providing that you are honest with your readers. Making a little money from a hobby isn't a new thing, nor should it be taboo or awkward to talk about! Just think, many people start making web designs, creating illustrations or making jewellery as a hobby and a lot of them end up setting up ecommerce stores to sell the products of their hobby.

I recently signed up to a new website that aims to connect brands and bloggers, called Hire Bloggers. Over the last few years brands have recognised the importance of bloggers and their social influence and have therefore wanted to cooperate with them and build relationships. Hire Bloggers aims to find the right bloggers for brands to work with. The brand gets the exposure they need and the blogger is privy to fresh and often exclusive content ideas, as well as payment for the time and effort they put into creating a post for their readers.

Benefits for businesses

The service offered by Hire Bloggers is great for businesses as it enables them to approach and connect with bloggers that have a readers who may be interested in a business, their service or products. Bloggers are usually naturally talented writers and able to product the high quality content the brands require.

Benefits for bloggers

Aside from the money (who doesn't need a little extra cash now and then), bloggers can benefit from being able to introduce something new to their blog for their readers to enjoy. This may be exclusive information about a new product range or you may even be able to introduce your readers to a new brand that they have not come across before.

Whether blogging is part of your job or you just do it in your spare time, there is nothing wrong with making a little extra money from something you are passionate about. If you are interested in finding out more about Hire Bloggers or want to sign up, hop over to their website.


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  1. Great article, especially from the point of view of a new blogger!

    1. Thank you! I think people assume brands only want to work with bloggers that have loads of followers, but it's not always the case :) xo