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Rimmel ScandalEyes Flex mascara review

Before I applied the mascara...

After I applied two coats of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex mascara

Let me first just apologise for not blogging yesterday - sorry, sorry! In my last post I said 'I'll definitely pop a blog up on Sunday.' Whoops! I was just mega tired after getting back from London and ended up climbing straight into bed to catch up on The Voice. Chime for Change was absolutely amazing and I had the best time. I decided to hold off blogging about it until I have a decent set of pictures to show you. My lovely friend Kate is going to send some over as my iphone pictures were too rubbish.

Anyway...the whole trip went really quickly but I managed to nip into Superdrug to pick up a few beauty bits, one of which was the Rimmel ScandalEyes Flex mascara. I had planned to just pick up an eyeliner and a Sleek blush, however after realising that the 'three for two' offer was on, I quickly picked up this mascara at the counter. I was in need of a new mascara, but was planning on purchasing the YSL faux cils mascara again, but thought that since this would be a 'freebie' it was worth a try.

I have to say, I am so impressed with the latest Scandaleyes mascara from Rimmel. They already have a couple out (one comes in purple packaging, the other in orange) but this is the first one that I've tried. If you like long, voluminous lashes, then this is definitely worth getting your hands on! I love the lime green packaging and the the big chunky bristle brush. I know some people may think the applicator is too big, but I have quite big eyes (and already fairly long lashes) so I find it really easy to work with. 

It apparently has 'Lycra technology' whatever that is...I know a lot of beauty products state that at the moment haha. Rimmel also make a point that the mascara leaves your lashes flexible (guessing this is down to the 'Lyrca technology') and voluptuous. I have to agree, my lashes do not feel stiff or heavy in the slightest. I've found that the mascara lasts all day, there is no crumbling, but it is also really easy to take off with makeup remover at the end of the day. Which is always a bonus.

All in all I think this is a fantastic mascara from Rimmel and I like it so much that I'm going to put off buying my usual YSL mascara for a little while. It is currently priced at £4.99 in Superdrug (£2.00 off the usual price) and you can also get it as part of there three for two offer.

  •  Long, thick lashes
  •  Intense black colour
  •  No clumps
  •  Easy application (with large brush)
  •  Purse-friendly price
  •  Lasts all day
  •  Easy to remove

Have you tried this mascara? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. xo


  1. Looks great :) I've never been a fan of Rimmel as I find the tubes dry so quickly, so let us know how it holds up :) Rosie x


    1. Thanks for letting me know Rosie! I'll keep an eye out for that happening! xo

  2. seems like a great mascara! :D

    1. I really like it! Especially since it ended up being the product I got for free in the 3-for-2 offer! xo

  3. Ooh that looks great for the price! Especially on 3 for 2 too :)

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

    1. I really like it and think it's definitely worth the price! Was a nice surprise getting it on the 3 for 2 offer - god knows how I missed all the signs in-store haha xo

  4. This mascara looks fab on you! I've never actually tried a Rimmel mascara but I'm tempted to give this a go now after reading your review.


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    1. Thank you Hannah! I'm really, really happy with it and it has put me off buying my usual YSL mascara for a while (saved me a lot of money haha) xo

  5. Wow, your lashes look great! Xo