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The Skin Care Tag

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words
Simple, quick, refreshing, protective, moisturising
What's your skin type?
Normal - occasionally I get the odd dry patch though.
What's your favourite skin care product?
Oh it's hard to pick one but I think I'm going to go with the No 7 Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser. It is the best product for taking my makeup off and giving me a fresh clean face!
Top blemish zapper
To be honest I don't really use 'zapping' products. I prefer to just stick to my skin care routine and use a concealer to cover up any blemishes. At the moment I'm using the Soap and Glory concealer. It isn't the best, but I'm determined to use it up!
Face wipes yay or nay?
I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I've never used a face wipe, nor am I horrified if people use face wipes. Let's face it, they're quick and easy to use, especially when you're super tired or have come home after a night out. Having said that I haven't bought any recently, purely because I have got myself into a good routine with my skin care. I cleanse, I exfoliate (every other day), I tone, moisturise and apply an SPF of some sort before putting on my makeup. I use masks every now and then. I like masks that aim to hydrate the skin.
  Anyway back on to face wipes... For those that don't know, face wipes contain a  lot of preservatives to keep them moist and usable. Unfortunately these preservatives are not so good for the skin. Some people find they irritate the skin or leave it feeling tight and dry. I personally find face wipes to be quite drying and have suffered allergic reactions in the past to some particular brands. I also think its easy to be a little rough when taking off makeup with face wipes, which is not so good, especially around the delicate eye area.
High-end skin care or high-end make-up?
I'd rather use high-end skin care. There are a lot of fantastic high-street makeup brands out there, so I rarely use high-end makeup. Having said that, I don't use high-end skin care really, the brands I'm using at the moment are No 7, The Sanctuary and the Body Shop.
What's the most unusual skin care product you've tried?
I can't remember what it was called but it was a mask that when you put it on your face it went really hot. I didn't like it at all!
You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick up one item - what is it?
I have absolutely no idea. I know a lot of beauty bloggers write about French pharmacy skin care products, but I really don't know a lot about them and therefore cannot answer this question!
Tell us your top skin care tip
I guess this isn't a tip, more like advice but it is to be consistent with your skin care routine. Skin care products take time to work, so it is unlikely you are going to notice a difference to your skin straight away. The only way you will see if the products really work is to use them for a few weeks. Consistency is key in my opinion!

Thank you to Natasha from the Shot of Beauty blog for tagging me! I would like to tag the following bloggers...

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(If any of you have already written a skin care tag post link me to it in the comments!)

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  1. I love The Body Shop toners.
    I'm using the Seaweed one at the minute, it's my favourite of them all.
    You have a lovely blog Mrs and a brand new follower :)
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx


    1. I used to have a cucumber toner but I'm not sure they do it any more. I haven't tried the Seaweed one, but I bet it's very good for the skin! I love the aloe one because it feels gently and isn't overly scented. Thank you for the lovely comment Laura, I'm off to check out your blog now :) xo

  2. I've never tried any of The Body Shop toners, I definitely need to look into them. I've used a whole tube of the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, I think it is lovely so I purchased another as a back up with the £5 vouchers :D

    Thank you for the tag!! :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I will definitely be repurchasing the hot cloth cleanser when this one's finished! As you can see from the bottle I'm well on my way to my next one haha! You're very welcome for the tag - look forward to seeing your post if you decide to do it xo

  3. I'd be interesting in trying The Body Shop's toner. I haven't yet incorporated toner into my routine, even though I know I should!


    P.S. Giveaway for a Shabby Apple vintage dress on my blog!

    1. I've only just got back into using toner again so you're not the only one lovely :) xo

  4. Thank you for the tag lovely :) I enjoyed reading this - it was enlightening, I didn't know that about face wipes. I think I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to my skincare, I'm stuck in a rut! I think I'm going to purchase the No 7 hot cloth cleanser, as I have one of the £5 No 7 vouchers and would love to try it! I haven't toned in forever... I should really add toner back into my routine! xx

  5. Aww you're welcome Hannah! Glad you enjoyed the read. I've got one of the vouchers too so I think I'm going to pick up another bottle before this one runs out :) xo

  6. great blog. Please stop by my shop about one shoulder dresses when you have time. Thank you!

  7. I'm guilty of using face wipes, I find the Simple ones take off my makeup nice and quickly. Then afterwards I cleanse and moisturise as usual. So hopefully not too bad a routine haha xx

    1. Oh I wouldn't worry lovely! I think we are all guilty of using them sometimes! xo