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Vivo Dreamy eye shadow palette review with swatches

Starry, Clay, Neutral, Eternity, Night, Dreamy, Luxe, Dove, Stone, Tease, Sand, Twinkle

The Vivo 'Dreamy' eye shadow palette is what I would describe as the perfect neutrals palette for summer. As you can see from the image, the palette mostly contains shimmery shades, but they have thrown a couple of matte shades in too. I much prefer shimmery eye shadows, especially in gold, bronze and copper, so this palette really is perfect for me.

From the swatches you will be able to tell that most of the eye shadows are very pigmented, apart from sand, which is a dusty cream colour and my least favourite out of the twelve. 'Neutral' is a gorgeous shimmery white colour which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes. I also like using 'Night' as an alternative to liquid eye liner.

All of the eye shadows are really wearable colours and ideal for those who share my love for neutrals. Vivo are currently selling this palette on their website for just £1.99, though it's usual price is just £3.99, definitely a bargain for such a fantastic quality palette! They also have another neutrals palette called 'Unprotected' which I have reviewed here.

Have you tried any products from Vivo? Do you like the look of this neutrals palette?

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  1. I love those sort of more natural shades too, really good value too! xx

    1. They are so wearable! I couldn't believe it was so cheap and such good quality xo

  2. Hey I wonder are these only available in the UK, cause I haven't seen them anywhere? Thanks!

    1. Hi Hristina,

      They are exclusive to Tesco in the UK as far as I know, but you can purchase them from the website as they do offer European and international delivery. There's more info on this page http://www.vivocosmetics.co.uk/index.php/shipping/ xo

  3. This is such a fantastic looking palette, for such a wonderful price too!
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-