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Festival Fashion: Dos and Don'ts

Festival season is in full swing and lucky for us in the UK, the weather is glorious! I wonder if it’ll last all summer? Unfortunately I very much doubt it will! Whether you are attending a mainstream festival or an indie shindig this summer, it is essential that you’re clued up on the clothing you’ll need to take with you.

Tropical Dress - Vintage Style Me
Image credit: http://www.runwayrepublic.com/Women/dresses/vintage-dresses/tropical-dress

Dresses vs. Playsuits
I know playsuits are cute, quirky and darn right gorgeous on the right figure, but for me they are a big ‘no no’ when it comes to festival fashion. My reason you ask? Portaloos. Need I say more?  Definitely stick to cute dresses and high waisted skirts. If it’s chilly pair them with long socks and wellies.

Your gorgeous beaded sandals may look utterly fabulous with your Aztec print dress and fringed saddle bag, but if you are attending a festival in the UK, then my advice would be to leave them at home! There is a reason you see so many people wearing wellies at festivals. You don’t want the heavens to open and for you to be stuck in the mud with impractical footwear.

Rosey Shades - BimboFlamingo
Image credit: http://www.runwayrepublic.com/women/glasses-sunglasses/sunglasses/rosey-shades

Essential accessories
Before you head to a festival be sure that you have packed a pair of sunglasses and an across-the-body bag. Even if it’s not sunny, you’ll be glad of the sunglasses for hiding your tired eyes on the way home! An across-the-body bag is a must-have for festivals. It means you can safely carry around all of your essential items, without having to physically hold the bag. These ‘hands-free’ bags are much safer to wear than rucksacks, as they are much harder for other people to access and take things from if you’re in a large crowd.  (Sorry for putting a downer on things but I’m a ‘better safe than sorry’ sort of girl!)

Festival fashion shopping
If you are looking to pick up a few festival fashion bargains, then why not head to a virtual market place where other people are selling clothes online? Runway Republic is a fantastic website to use, whether you are looking for high street, designer or vintage clothing. Their sellers ship from all over the world, enabling you to get your hands on the best bargains no matter where you live.

We all have those clothes in our wardrobes that we have bought but never had chance to wear. Rather than leaving them hanging there, you could pop them on the Runway Republic website and make a little extra cash to spend at the festivals you're attending this summer.

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  1. AMEN on the playsuits at festivals. When will girls realise they are a big mistake?! I found this out years ago when my friend had a door opened on her whilst using the facilities....tits out. No recovering from that one.

    1. Hahahha! Oh I know - they're just the most impractical thing ever. xo

  2. love those sunglasses! Lol I like playsuits, but my boyfriend thinks they make girls look like giant over-sized children. Definitely not practical at festivals haha

    1. Cute aren't they? I like playsuits too, but they're just so impractical! xo

  3. Hahaha when you said playsuits were a "no no" I was surprised, but when I kept reading I completely agree! I didn't even think of that! lovely post! xx