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July Favourites

As we are now a week into August, I thought it was about time I put up my July favourites post!

The first product I would like to talk about is the L'Oeal Paris 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. If you read a lot of beauty blogs then I'm sure you'll have noticed that everyone has been going a little wild for micellar waters as of lately. The thing that put me off trying the original 'high end' micellar waters from the likes of Bioderma and La Roche Posay was the price tags, but as soon as I saw L'Oreal had bought out their own version for a purse-friendly £4.99 (currently on offer at £3.33 at Boots) I knew I had to give it a go.

I am SO impressed with this product. It dissolves my makeup within seconds and makes it easy to wipe away. You can use it on the eyes, lips and the rest of your face by simply pouring it onto cotton pads. Suitable for all skin-types (including sensitive skin) this is a cleansing product that I definitely recommend trying. It has become an important part of my skincare regime and is perfect for removing makeup quickly and easily.

 If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have seen that I published a post a few months ago asking for recommendations for my FIRST EVER Mac lipstick. I got so many fantastic recommendations, but the one I ended up going for was 'See Sheer' which is a lustre. The reason I went for this one is that I saw it in Essie Button's top five Mac lipsticks video and knew I'd like it from the way she described it's qualities.

See Sheer is a muted coral colour that is perfect for every day wear. Mac describe it as a grapefruit pink, but on me it is definitely more of a muted corally red. I find that it almost brightens up my makeup look and makes my lips look lovely and full. It applies really smoothly and the colour is easy to build up if desired. The only negative I've found is that it doesn't last as long on the lips as I thought it would, but I don't mind so much because I just re-apply it and get to smell the gorgeous vanilla scent all over again! It has become my go-to lipstick and has made me want to buy more Mac lipsticks.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect moisturiser for a while now and dare I say I have found it? Well I wouldn't go as far as saying perfect, but this month I have been loving the No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream. First of all I just have to give a quick nod to the packaging. I love that it comes it a glass-like tub, rather than the cheap plastic or tube like forms. The scent of the product is really pleasant and once applied to the skin the cream sinks in really quickly. Another thing I love about this product is that it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I often find that moisturisers feel like they're clogging your skin up rather than moisturising it, but this isn't the case with the No 7 cream. It also has the added benefits of SPF 15 and five start UVA protection. I am about half way through this product and can definitely see myself re-purchasing it when its finished.

Favourite place: At the end of July I went on holiday to a place called Woolacombe in North Devon. It is one of my favourite places to visit and holds a special meaning to me as it was the first place my boyfriend and I went on holiday together. Like me, he also holidayed their as a child with his family, so it was something I remember us talking about when we first met. It has the most beautiful scenery and is a great place for surfing (not that I can surf). The nearby harbour town, Ilfracombe, is also worth a visit if you're in the area.

Favourite TV programme: I know I'm late to the party but I have been absolutely loving Game of Thrones. I am just approaching the end of season two and doing everything I can to avoid spoilers on the internet! In all honesty I didn't think it would be my cup of tea, but it is so brilliant that you can't help but love it. I'm well and truly addicted.

WOW long post sorry guys! Hope you enjoyed it though. Let me know if you share any of my current favourites in the comments below :) xo

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Megan Jane


  1. I'm so intrigued by the micellar water now, I'd seen them about on other blogs but I didn't really understand what people were using it for as nobody made it clear. Do you use it instead of your usual cleanser? So say you would cleanse with the micellar water, then you might tone and moisturise as in a usual routine? I was trying a new skincare routine but the cleanser and the moisturiser were just too rich for my skin, so something like this sounds ideal! No7 Day cream is lovely isn't it, especially the packaging. I always tend to buy either the moisturiser or the face wipes when I get one of the £5 off skincare vouchers. xx

    1. Some days I will just use it to take my makeup off before using my hot cloth cleanser, but when I'm feeling a little lazy I just use the micellar water on it's own to remove the makeup and cleanse. I use a separate toner, but this also has toning as one of it's 3-in-1 qualities so I don't think using a separate toner is necessary. Hope that helps a little :)


    2. Thank you so much lovely, this has helped no end :) I think I'll have to give it a go! xx

  2. I use that moisturiser too :) I really like it.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It's lovely isn't it! Definitely the best I've tried so far xo

  3. I have used the No7 Day Cream before too and I really liked it, the same goes for the night cream from the same range :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. I was really tempted to get the N07 night cream but ended up going for a miniature one from The Sanctuary instead. Kind of wish I didn't now though as it smells so clinical and horrible! xo

  4. Hey hun,
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  5. Both the day cream and the micellar solution look really nice. I'm curious now that I see Loreal offers a micellar product..they seem so popular now!

    xo Rowan