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Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Bath Melts review

My idea of a relaxing bath time involves a scented candle, my favourite music and a luxury bath bomb, so when Find Me a Gift kindly sent me the Bomb Cosmetics chocolate bath melt set* to review, I was more than happy to put the products to the test!

The chocolate bath melt set contains six gorgeous little bath melts which are designed to look like chocolates and cakes. They are sweetly scented, each with a different flavour such as chocolate buttercup, mocha, chocolate orange and vanilla. I think presentation-wise you will have to agree that they are right on point. What woman wouldn’t want to receive this lovely selection of mini melts? The bath melts arrive packaged in a small recyclable white box, tied with a chocolate brown ribbon, making them ideal to give as a gift to someone special. 

Although the bath melts almost looked too good to use, I eventually caved! All you have to do is drop one into your bath and watch it fizz away into the water. As the bath melt dissolves you are left with a delicious chocolatey scented bathroom and a bath full of moisturising essential oils, perfect for pampering your skin.

The six bath melts are handmade and contain essential oils including shea butter and cocoa butter, which are both known for their moisturising qualities. The bath melts also contain aromatherapy oils which are ideal for relaxing your body and mind.

The essential oils definitely worked wonders on my skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. What I like about these bath bombs is that they don't leave a thick residue on your skin or contain anything that is going to stick to you, like glitter. They simply leave a light chocolatey scent on the skin, which is not overpowering in the slightest.

Bonus points
Before receiving the bath melts from Find Me a Gift, I had never actually heard of Bomb Cosmetics, however after testing out their products I can now say I am definitely a fan! Aside from producing beautiful-looking, high quality products, they are also against animal testing (giving them mega bonus points from me) stating on their website ‘we believe that neither animals, humans, nor the environment should suffer for our luxuries.’ All of their products are completely made by hand and they use natural ingredients wherever possible.

You can currently purchase the Bomb Cosmetics chocolate bath melt set from the Find Me a Gift website for just £7.99. I think £7.99 for six bath melts is such a good price, especially when you consider that many other companies charge around £3.00 per bath bomb!

My verdict
All in all I have to say I am completely taken by this bath set! I love the fact that the bath melts are handmade and natural, plus they look and smell like chocolates – how was I ever not going to like them?! Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special or simply fancy treating yourself to a little present, the Bomb Cosmetics chocolate bath melts set from Find Me a Gift will make the perfect choice!

Find Me a Gift are currently getting ready for Christmas by stocking up on a fabulous range of gifts and stocking fillers. They also kindly sent me a few other little products to share with you, but I have decided to save them for a stocking filler series I am planning for next month, so keep an eye out! 

What do you think of the Bomb Cosmetics chocolate bath melts set? Is it something you would buy for someone / like to receive as a gift?


*This item was sent to me for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Oh my goodness these are so cute, they would be a lovely present for someone. I've tried a few things from Bomb Cosmetics and really liked them x


    1. Thanks for your comment Jordan-Alice! :) I'm definitely going to try out some more products from the brand - Find Me a Gift seem to have quite a good selection and I know they have their own website too! :) xo

  2. I had these last christmas, just a different set and they were AMAZING!! They smelt SO good, i just found that they left a little grime around the bath when the water was drained out but most bath bombs do that anyway!


    1. They do smell amazing! I didn't find they left any grime, but I have had that before with lush bath bombs! xo

  3. Wow these look amazing definitely going to check them out! they look good enough to eat!


    1. Haha I know! They smell good enough to eat too! xo

  4. These are so adorable! Lovely post! xx


  5. these look so cute! love how they're like cakes xx