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September Favourites

I feel like September went by in the blink of an eye, how about you? Anyway, it's time for my monthly favourites! Unlike last month, where I didn't really have any favourites (and therefore didn't do a post) in September I had quite a few! 

First up we have the Go Smile Teeth Whitening System. I actually first came across this after watching one of Tanya Burr's videos. I have wanted to have my teeth whitened for a while now, but just couldn't justify the three hundred or so pounds it costs at the dentist! Instead I picked up this kit from Cosmetics Now. After being so sceptical about the results it'd produce, I have to say I am so, so impressed! My teeth are significantly whiter after completing the seven day course (two capsules a day). Along with the fourteen capsules they also supply with you with six extra (three days worth) so you can top it up when you feel like it! If you want me to do a full review let me know and I'll tell you all about my experience using it. :)

Next up we have the Rich & Foamess body wash from Soap and Glory. This smells absolutely delicious! It contains Almond and honey milks, along with oat extracts and just has the most lovely scent. It is also really creamy and 'foamy' as the name suggests. I love the pump bottle which is so very useful in the shower. It is probably my favourite ever S&G product...and that's a big statement to make!

It's unlike me two be liking two shower products, but I simply had to include the Nivea in-shower body moisturiser in my favourites. If like me you do not have time to apply body lotion every day, then this is perfect. It works as a skin conditioner. Basically after you have used your shower gel and rinsed, you apply this to your skin and then rinse it off. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised. I love it! The only thing I'm not keen on is the scent...but I can get over that if it means have soft skin in a matter of seconds haha.

The stippling brush was the first ever makeup brush I bought from the Real Techniques collection. Whilst I loved it at first, as soon as I bought the core collection, I started using the buffing brush to apply my foundation instead. After months of using the buffing brush I've had a change of heart yet again and have decided I like the stippling brush much better! I hate caking my face in foundation and love that this just gives a light coverage. I would use the word flawless, but my skin is rarely worthy of that word haha! I find that certain brushes work better with certain foundations and the stippling brush seems to be working really well with the No 7 Essentially Natural foundation that I'm currently using.

Finally we have the L'Oreal Super Liner Blockbuster. In all honesty it took a long while for me to fall in love with this product. When I first bought it, for some stupid reason I didn't realise how chunky it was. I thought I was picking up the thinner version, but I decided to persevere with it anyway. Whilst you can get a really chunky line with it (not a look I've gone for since I was like 16 / 17), you can also get a much thinner line (using the tip) and the perfect cat eye flick. I've been doing cat eyeliner and flicks for years so I don't *usually* find it too difficult, but using a 'marker pen' style eyeliner  like this makes it even easier to draw on. I find that the L'Oreal Super Liner Blockbuster has great lasting power, however it will smudge if you accidentally rub your eye...hello panda.

What products have you been loving recently? Do we share any of the same favourites? xo

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  1. Ooh I would love a full rview on the teeth whitening kit! I've been looking for something for ages.

    Would also love a winged eyeliner tutorial I'm crap!



    1. Thanks lovely! I'll definitely do a review of Go Smile in the near future and will attempt a winged eyeliner tutorial haha! xo

  2. I would definitely love to read your review on the Go Smile whitening kit, I'm so intrigued now :) Nivea in-shower has fast become one of my daily essentials, I couldn't go without it now! xx

    1. Thanks Hannah! I'll definitely do a review of Go Smile! xo