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Orly Digital Glitter nail polish review

If you are looking for the perfect nail polish for the festive season, then look no further than Orly’s Digital Glitter*. This stunning top coat is all you will need to give your nails sparkly goodness!

Looking closely at the hexagonal, square and micro-glitter pieces in Digital Glitter you can see a number of beautiful colours including bronze, silver, teal, fuchsia and red. I decided to apply it over a purple base, but I can imagine it looking even better over black (my black nail polish has mysteriously vanished).  

Application and removal
Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m not usually the biggest fan of glitter nail polishes. Although they look extremely beautiful in the bottle, I often find that they are gloopy, thick and a pain in the bum to remove. Clearly I was over-generalising the glitter nail polish category, as Digital Glitter is nothing like this! It is easy to apply, letting you spread the glitter evenly over your nail and also dries extremely quickly. I also found that when it came to removing the polish, it came off much easier than other glitter polishes I have used in the past.

Grip top
Another thing I really like about Digital Glitter is the grip top, which most Orly polishes seem to have. I am quite clumsy so I need all the help I can get when it comes to applying nail polish. Orly’s grip top helps to improve the accuracy of application to the nail.

Whilst this polish isn’t the cheapest, priced around the £10.00 mark, you can tell it is from a more luxury nail polish brand as the quality exceeds that of cheaper high street brands. You also get a nice big bottle (18 ml) and as you only need to apply one coat, that should last you a long while!

Surreal collection 
Digital Glitter comes from Orly's Autumn 2013 collection 'Surreal' which features other stunning polishes including Pixie Powder which is a shimmery lilac polish and Pink Waterfall which I would describe as a blue toned, bubble gum pink. If you want to treat yourself to Digital Glitter or one of Orly’s other nail polishes, head over to the HQhair website.

*This nail polish was kindly sent to me by HQHair to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love nail polishes, and this one looks like I need to purchase it. It will be going on my christmas list

    1. It's a lovely polish for the festive season! xo

  2. Oh wow that is soooo pretty :) Never tried Orly but I would like to, especially after reading this review :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I hadn't tried Orly either until I received this polish. I'll definitely be picking up more polishes from them in the future though. :) xo

  3. Love the layout of your blog, it's so fresh and pretty.
    I haven't ever tried Orly, but loveee glitter nails, particularly over Christmas!

    Love Em x


    1. Aww thank you Em, it is by Abby at Baggle Web and Design.

      I think glitter nails are a fab choice for Christmas! xo