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Fabulous furniture by Fearne Cotton for Very.co.uk

All images belong to Very.co.uk

I don't know about you, but if I had my own house, I'd want each room to look as fabulous as those featured in the images above! This stunning homeware collection is by the wonderful Fearne Cotton and can be purchased from the Very website. I love how Fearne has designed vintage-style pieces with a bold colour palette that will easily add personality to your home. The bright pink and turquoise blue look so brilliant together, as they contrast so beautifully. I don't know why but I'd never have thought to put them together until now. Oh and who can resist a flamingo print cushion to top it all off? Not I!

Below I've picked out some of my favourite pieces from Fearne's homeware collection for Very. Now I just need to start saving my pennies so I can 1. Buy a house and 2. Fill it with utterly fabulous furniture like this!

Image credit: Very.co.uk
What do you think of Fearne's furniture collection? Is it your cup of tea? xo

ASOS wishlist

ASOS wishlist

After working all week, I've literally spent my Sunday morning in bed, watching old episodes of The Vampire Diaries (mainly for Klaus) and browsing ASOS, adding things to my saved items as I went along. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite items with you! I'm finding it so difficult not to put them into my buy basket, but seeing as I'm going on a couple of shopping trips in the next couple of weeks, I'm going to try my best to resist!

This week I received an email from ASOS saying my application to be an ASOS Insider had been accepted. I literally squealed with joy! Everyone has been receiving little parcels with hand written notes through the post and I can't wait to see what mine says. I'm really excited to be part of #accessallasos and looking forward to meeting some other lovely bloggers and ASOS fanatics at their future events!

What do you think of the items on my wishlist? Are you an ASOS Insider too? Tweet me! @meganjane03

Winter lip care must-haves

I don't know about you, but at this time of year my lips seem to instantly become dry and chapped the moment I step into the cold. No one likes chapped lips. They are not attractive and they certainly do not look good when you are trying to apply your favourite lipstick over the top! Here I've shared two of my favourite lip care products that are must-haves at this time of year.
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Before I apply my makeup, I always use this lip scrub to polish my lips and remove the dead skin cells (ew). Whilst I do think this is expensive at £5.50, my pot has lasted quite a while and I'm not even half way down it. A little definitely goes a long way! You could easily make your own homemade version, if you wanted to save your pennies though. Lush say you can lick it off, but as I'm not overly fond of the sweetness, I tend to just gently wipe it off. The lip scrub definitely does the trick though, so I highly recommend picking one up or making one at home, if you want to improve the look and feel of your lips.
Nivea SOS Relief
Whilst I have plenty of lip balms, I had never really found anything that provided instant relief, until I came across the Nivea SOS Relief balm. This is just magical. Give it a gentle squeeze and smooth it onto the lips using the easy applicator and it will work wonders. My lips felt instantly hydrated and moisturised. I also found that the texture improved dramatically during the course of the day. 
Unlike with other lip care products I have used, you can actually feel this working on the lips. It has a cooling, tingling sensation, but nothing as extreme as the S&G Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss, don't you worry! It's minty scent and flavour is pleasant and not at all offensive. It is just an all round fabulous product and is certainly a must-have for all chapped lip sufferers out there!
You can pick up the Nivea SOS Relief balm for £3.36 at Boots, but it is currently on offer at Superdrug, priced at just £2.19. Cheap and cheerful!

What are your winter lip care must-haves? xo

The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt (my mum!)

'When emotionally fragile Fleur Curwen decides she wants excitement in
her boring life she signs up for a Murder Mystery Weekend in the wilds
of the English Lake District. She enters a paranormal world where
danger and death are common occurrences.

Demon slayer Lukas Draco is a loner. He lives by two simple rules: No
emotional entanglements and duty must remain his first priority. His
beliefs are challenged when he's inexplicably drawn to Fleur, a human
woman with an unusual psychic aura. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite
threatening both his search for the dragon's egg he buried a thousand
years ago and Fleur's life. Under the cover of a murder mystery weekend
an apocalyptic hunt begins.'
Although I am not a book blogger, I simply had to share this book with you all. This wonderful book, 'The Dragon Legacy,' is written by a very talented lady, who also happens to be my mum! The Dragon Legacy is her debut book and has already had many fabulous reviews. I am so proud of her and believe she deserves all the success in the world as she puts so much love, effort and time into her writing. Being a published writer has always been my mum's dream and I don't know about you, but I think getting published is a huge achievement!

If you enjoy getting to know layered characters and exploring a world where everything isn't quite what it seems, then The Dragon Legacy will be a book you simply can't put down!

Here's a little bit about my mum...

Author Bio - As a child I had a complete stable of make believe horses and my imagination remains as vivid. Now it creates characters and scenarios which provide the inspiration for my stories.

I am so excited to finally have career as a writer. My love affair with the written word started as a teenager. I secretly dreamed of writing the romantic novels I loved to read. Life had other plans for me. Marriage at twenty-one whilst still at university launched me into a career in health service management. I often thought about writing in my spare time but my career and two wonderful children kept me occupied 24/7.  Illness forced an abrupt end to my career. Always the optimist I seized the opportunity to write full time in 2012.

The Dragon Legacy is my first published novel and I am excited to be sharing it with a wider audience.

When I'm not writing I enjoy reading, book reviewing, social media and walking in the countryside. Passionate about animal welfare.

Update: Book 2 of The Dragon Legacy series - The Revenge Masquerade is now available to buy on Amazon UK and Amazon.com!

My favourite lip products

Mac See Sheer // Topshop Straight Ace // Benefit Dare Me // Clarins Natural Lip Perfector Rose Shimmer

Mac - See Sheer - £15.00
I purchased Mac See Sheer after watching Essie Button's top five Mac lipsticks video. See Sheer is a beautiful muted coral shade and also a lustre. I think this shade is so pretty and perfect for everyday wear. It applies really smoothly and the colour is really easy to build up if you want to go for a slightly bolder look. My only negative is that it doesn't last particularly long, however I don't mind reapplying it because I love the vanilla scent and the sound it makes then you put the lid back on. Click!

Topshop - Straight Ace - £8.00
Straight Ace is a shade that I would usually feel out of my comfort zone wearing! However when I saw the beautiful Emma Willis on Celebrity Big Brother wearing a similar vibrant purple shade, I decided I'd give it a go! Turns out Emma was actually wearing Mac Heroine, which isn't available on the UK site.

The Topshop lipstick is really creamy, making it so wearable. It is also really easy to intensify the colour and certainly adds the wow factor to any makeup look. Some people may be disappointed that the colour isn't quite as vivid as it looks in the bullet, but I guess that depends on how pigmented your lips are. After loving this lipstick so much, I will definitely be experimenting with colours out of my comfort zone more often and will be investing in more Topshop lippies!

Benefit Hydra-smooth Lip Color - Dare Me - £15.00
My mum treated me to this beautiful Benefit lipstick for Christmas and it has quickly become one of my favourites. Let me start with the packaging. Whilst I have read other reviews where people have expressed their hate for it and called it tacky, I personally adore it and think it is super cute! It certainly stands out on my dressing table. The bullet is slanted, which is supposed to make applying it easier, but I didn't really find this to be the case - still it's not that difficult to apply and you can always use a lip brush to neaten it up a little. 

The Hydra-smooth lipstick feels lovely on the lips and has a moisturising formula made up of shea, mango butter and vitamin E. I'm so glad my mum picked the shade 'Dare Me' for me as I don't have any other lipsticks that shade. It adds a lovely pop of colour to my lips and is perfect for brightening up my simple winged eyeliner makeup look!

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector - Rose Shimmer - £17.00
After seeing the Clarins Natural Lip Perfectors featured on so many beauty blogs, I was keen to try one out for myself. I chose 01 Rose Shimmer purely because I liked the name! The lip perfector is described as a 'softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent.' I love wearing it on days when I just want to go for a natural look and want my lips to look shiny and plump, but without any colour. 

What I love about this product is that it is not sticky in the slightest and is so easy to apply. You simply squeeze the tube and the product emerges from the sponge. Oh and the scent is to die for, it's like strawberries and cream. It almost smells good enough to eat! (Not advised.) The price is £17.00 which is quite expensive, but I use this product so often and love it so much, so to me, it is easily justified.

What do you think of my lip product picks? Do we share any of the same favourites? xo 

My life and blog goals for 2014

Nottinghamshire, UK
2014 life goals...

1. Eat more healthily
I have started off the year by cutting the crappy foods out of my diet. As a vegetarian you would probably assume that I eat healthily, the problem is that my partner and I get pretty lazy and end up eating far too much junk food. So I have cut out some of the 'bad food' and I am now eating a more healthy, balanced diet. I need to definitely get into the habit of exercising more as well. Being a freelance writer and working from home, means I am sat on my bum for the majority of the day, so I could definitely do with being more active!

2. Save money
Saving not spending is one of my most important goals this year. I have never really bothered saving money before, but my partner and I would really like to get our own house soon, so I need to start saving the pennies! The thought of buying a house is scary, but so exciting at the same time.
3. See more of the world
You're probably thinking how is she going to see more of the world when she is supposed to be saving money? Well I do not mean travelling across the other side of the world. I literally mean going on more little day trips to local places or places in the UK that I have not been to before. Basically I want to spend more weekends outdoors and not at my desk!

2014 blog goals...

1. Be more organised
Being a freelance writer, I spend most of my week writing articles and blog posts for other people. This sometimes means that my own blog suffers a little. This year I want to organise my time better to ensure that I still post frequently and provide you, my lovely readers, with interesting and unique content.

2. Get more involved in the blogging community
I have already met some fantastic people through blogging who have gone on to become 'real life' friends. This year I hope to get more involved in the blogging community and meet more bloggers in person. It is great connecting with people that have the same interests and 'do what you do.' :)

3. Improve my photography
I am always so envious of other people's amazing photography so this year I really want to work on taking better photographs for my blog. I know I have a lot to learn and that it will take me ages, but if I can learn a little bit more about photography each week, I will eventually see improvements! Speaking of photography, if you want to get 40 free prints, head over to the Photobox website* and register for an account.

What are your goals for 2014? Do we share any of the same goals?

*This is an affiliate link. I will get paid a small amount for every sign up. Just thought I'd give you the heads up :)


Beauticology Strawberry Sundae shower crème review

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Strawberry Sundae shower crème*

Out of all of the products in the #Eastmidsmeetup goodie bag, it was this beautiful looking shower crème from Baylis & Harding's Beauticology range that stood out to me immediately, so after testing it out I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you today.

The packaging
There is no denying that the packaging is absolutely beautiful. I am a sucker for anything that features candy colours and cute cupcake / ice cream designs. Having said that I could not help but compare it to the shower gel range from Philosophy, which  Baylis & Harding have clearly modelled this range on. The presentation box is lovely if you are buying it as a gift, though a little unnecessary if you are just picking it up for yourself.

The scent
Oh my! The scent is out of this world! It is delicious, without being overpowering and perfect for those that love sweet strawberry scents. 

The product
You cannot really tell from the images above, but the shower crème has a pearlescent finish. The shimmery pink colour makes this the prettiest shower crème I've ever seen. However the positive things about this product unfortunately stopped there for me. 

When it came to using the product in the shower I found that it didn't lather up very well. Instead it seemed to just vanish into the skin. The fact that it just disappeared led me to using more of the product than I would expect to. I would have also preferred the bottle to have a flip lid, so you could squeeze the amount out onto your hand. The crème is fairly thin and with a wide circular top, it kind of just runs out onto the hand uncontrollably. 

All in all, I have to say I am slightly disappointed with this product, perhaps more so because I had such high expectations. The packaging is beautiful and the look of the product is stunning, but due to the fact it doesn't do what I'd expect a shower crème to do, I cannot see myself replacing it when I've finished it. I do like the fact that it hasn't been tested on animals though, so it does get a few points there!

Seeing as though I have not tried a Philosophy shower gel, I cannot really compare the two, aside from the packaging, though other reviews I have read have said that Philosophy is definitely the better quality product. I am so tempted to treat myself to a Philosophy shower gel to see if there is a big difference, since Beauticology is clearly modelled on this well-loved range of bath and body products.

Have you tried any products from Beauticology? 
What do you think of them?

*PR Sample

Urban Outfitters Wishlist

Urban Outfitters Wishlist

Over the past couple of months Urban Outfitters has quickly become one of my favourite places to shop. The clothes are on-trend without being too mainstream and have a quirky feel that I personally feel suits my personal style! For this reason I thought I would put together a little 'wishlist' featuring some of my current favourite items from the website.

I think out of the six pieces featured above the black floral dress has to be my favourite. It looks so pretty, yet comfortable at the same time. I think I'm going to have to pick this one up come pay day!

After attending the Urban Outfitters store launch in Nottingham a couple of months ago, I realised I not only had an obsession with floral prints but peter pan collars too. The three dresses I picked up were all peter pan collar (one of which can be found here)! I do really need to get round to doing some more outfit posts soon, as my blog has been lacking fashion content recently. 

The fact I haven't been doing outfit posts is partially down to the fact the weather is so dull and that I am not completely happy with the way I'm looking post-Christmas and all that. This brings me on to another point - my New Year's resolutions! I know we are already seven days into 2014, but I have been carefully considering my resolutions and will be posting them on here in a couple of days time. I feel like if I post them on my blog I have to keep to them! xo

Just in case you have missed it, Urban Outfitters currently have a big sale on where you can get up to 70% off their clothes. There's so many things I want - ahhh!

Capturing memories

One of my resolutions this year is to take more photos and by that I don't mean blog related photos, though I do need to get back into the swing of outfit posts! What I really want to do is capture more photographs of special occasions with my family and friends. Though I know it is important to enjoy the events without looking through the lens of the camera, I just want to make sure I have photos to look back on in a few years time.

I thought I would start the year off by creating a new photo album full of images from last year. I decided to have them printed at Photobox after seeing that new sign ups got 40 free prints and an entry into the competition to win a Canon IXUS camera. The process of uploading the images to be printed couldn't have been simpler. You had the option to either upload them straight from your computer or from your social media pages.

Once you had chosen your images, Photobox gave you an idea of the quality to expect. Some of the images I uploaded from my Facebook were not the highest quality but they still turned out absolutely fine! As I said before, the images were completely free, you just had to cover the £2.99 postage which I think is very reasonable.

The photos came so quickly and I was really impressed with both the quality of the prints and the fantastic service. If you have some Christmas and New Year photos that you want to print out to put into photo albums, I highly recommend using Photobox. You can sign up for an account here!*


*Affiliate links are used in this post.

Christmas Festivities Part 3: Opening my presents

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all celebrated in style! I know now is the time where I should be posting my resolutions for the year, but as I'm still a little behind, I'm sharing a few of the Christmas gifts I received with you instead. I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas festivities posts - this is the last one, promise! xo

It's fair to say my family go a little crazy when it comes to buying Christmas presents for each other. With there only being five of us (me, my mum, my dad, my brother and James) it's not like we have to buy trillions of other presents for aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents etc, so instead we spend the money on each other. I feel so lucky to have received such beautiful gifts and I'm so very grateful! I am particularly in love with my most special Christmas present from James, which I snapped an Instagram picture of here!

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas as much as I did! Although I'm sad that it's over, I am ready to get back into work mode and I'm excited for where 2014 will take me! :)