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Beauticology Strawberry Sundae shower crème review

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Strawberry Sundae shower crème*

Out of all of the products in the #Eastmidsmeetup goodie bag, it was this beautiful looking shower crème from Baylis & Harding's Beauticology range that stood out to me immediately, so after testing it out I thought I'd share my thoughts on it with you today.

The packaging
There is no denying that the packaging is absolutely beautiful. I am a sucker for anything that features candy colours and cute cupcake / ice cream designs. Having said that I could not help but compare it to the shower gel range from Philosophy, which  Baylis & Harding have clearly modelled this range on. The presentation box is lovely if you are buying it as a gift, though a little unnecessary if you are just picking it up for yourself.

The scent
Oh my! The scent is out of this world! It is delicious, without being overpowering and perfect for those that love sweet strawberry scents. 

The product
You cannot really tell from the images above, but the shower crème has a pearlescent finish. The shimmery pink colour makes this the prettiest shower crème I've ever seen. However the positive things about this product unfortunately stopped there for me. 

When it came to using the product in the shower I found that it didn't lather up very well. Instead it seemed to just vanish into the skin. The fact that it just disappeared led me to using more of the product than I would expect to. I would have also preferred the bottle to have a flip lid, so you could squeeze the amount out onto your hand. The crème is fairly thin and with a wide circular top, it kind of just runs out onto the hand uncontrollably. 

All in all, I have to say I am slightly disappointed with this product, perhaps more so because I had such high expectations. The packaging is beautiful and the look of the product is stunning, but due to the fact it doesn't do what I'd expect a shower crème to do, I cannot see myself replacing it when I've finished it. I do like the fact that it hasn't been tested on animals though, so it does get a few points there!

Seeing as though I have not tried a Philosophy shower gel, I cannot really compare the two, aside from the packaging, though other reviews I have read have said that Philosophy is definitely the better quality product. I am so tempted to treat myself to a Philosophy shower gel to see if there is a big difference, since Beauticology is clearly modelled on this well-loved range of bath and body products.

Have you tried any products from Beauticology? 
What do you think of them?

*PR Sample