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My favourite lip products

Mac See Sheer // Topshop Straight Ace // Benefit Dare Me // Clarins Natural Lip Perfector Rose Shimmer

Mac - See Sheer - £15.00
I purchased Mac See Sheer after watching Essie Button's top five Mac lipsticks video. See Sheer is a beautiful muted coral shade and also a lustre. I think this shade is so pretty and perfect for everyday wear. It applies really smoothly and the colour is really easy to build up if you want to go for a slightly bolder look. My only negative is that it doesn't last particularly long, however I don't mind reapplying it because I love the vanilla scent and the sound it makes then you put the lid back on. Click!

Topshop - Straight Ace - £8.00
Straight Ace is a shade that I would usually feel out of my comfort zone wearing! However when I saw the beautiful Emma Willis on Celebrity Big Brother wearing a similar vibrant purple shade, I decided I'd give it a go! Turns out Emma was actually wearing Mac Heroine, which isn't available on the UK site.

The Topshop lipstick is really creamy, making it so wearable. It is also really easy to intensify the colour and certainly adds the wow factor to any makeup look. Some people may be disappointed that the colour isn't quite as vivid as it looks in the bullet, but I guess that depends on how pigmented your lips are. After loving this lipstick so much, I will definitely be experimenting with colours out of my comfort zone more often and will be investing in more Topshop lippies!

Benefit Hydra-smooth Lip Color - Dare Me - £15.00
My mum treated me to this beautiful Benefit lipstick for Christmas and it has quickly become one of my favourites. Let me start with the packaging. Whilst I have read other reviews where people have expressed their hate for it and called it tacky, I personally adore it and think it is super cute! It certainly stands out on my dressing table. The bullet is slanted, which is supposed to make applying it easier, but I didn't really find this to be the case - still it's not that difficult to apply and you can always use a lip brush to neaten it up a little. 

The Hydra-smooth lipstick feels lovely on the lips and has a moisturising formula made up of shea, mango butter and vitamin E. I'm so glad my mum picked the shade 'Dare Me' for me as I don't have any other lipsticks that shade. It adds a lovely pop of colour to my lips and is perfect for brightening up my simple winged eyeliner makeup look!

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector - Rose Shimmer - £17.00
After seeing the Clarins Natural Lip Perfectors featured on so many beauty blogs, I was keen to try one out for myself. I chose 01 Rose Shimmer purely because I liked the name! The lip perfector is described as a 'softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent.' I love wearing it on days when I just want to go for a natural look and want my lips to look shiny and plump, but without any colour. 

What I love about this product is that it is not sticky in the slightest and is so easy to apply. You simply squeeze the tube and the product emerges from the sponge. Oh and the scent is to die for, it's like strawberries and cream. It almost smells good enough to eat! (Not advised.) The price is £17.00 which is quite expensive, but I use this product so often and love it so much, so to me, it is easily justified.

What do you think of my lip product picks? Do we share any of the same favourites? xo 


  1. The Benefit one looks lovely on you, and the packaging is adorable! Plus I love a moisturising lipstick, so many of the best reds are really drying.x

    1. Thanks Amber! I didn't think I would be the only one that loved the packaging! :) xo

  2. Straight Ace looks gorgeous! It really suits you :) x


  3. Oooooh my eyes lit up at the sight of that purple lipstick!! :o
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

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  5. I love Straight Ace! I really need to try a Topshop lipstick, I've seen so many lovely colours!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. It was my first one and I am so impressed! It's so creamy & lovely! xo

  6. i think you look best in purple. it is just made for brunettes :)

    blog she.is.the.one

    1. Thank you! Definitely think I'll be wearing purple lipsticks more often :) xo

  7. Straight Ace it’s my favourite! it looks amazing <3