The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt (my mum!)

'When emotionally fragile Fleur Curwen decides she wants excitement in
her boring life she signs up for a Murder Mystery Weekend in the wilds
of the English Lake District. She enters a paranormal world where
danger and death are common occurrences.

Demon slayer Lukas Draco is a loner. He lives by two simple rules: No
emotional entanglements and duty must remain his first priority. His
beliefs are challenged when he's inexplicably drawn to Fleur, a human
woman with an unusual psychic aura. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite
threatening both his search for the dragon's egg he buried a thousand
years ago and Fleur's life. Under the cover of a murder mystery weekend
an apocalyptic hunt begins.'
Although I am not a book blogger, I simply had to share this book with you all. This wonderful book, 'The Dragon Legacy,' is written by a very talented lady, who also happens to be my mum! The Dragon Legacy is her debut book and has already had many fabulous reviews. I am so proud of her and believe she deserves all the success in the world as she puts so much love, effort and time into her writing. Being a published writer has always been my mum's dream and I don't know about you, but I think getting published is a huge achievement!

If you enjoy getting to know layered characters and exploring a world where everything isn't quite what it seems, then The Dragon Legacy will be a book you simply can't put down!

Here's a little bit about my mum...

Author Bio - As a child I had a complete stable of make believe horses and my imagination remains as vivid. Now it creates characters and scenarios which provide the inspiration for my stories.

I am so excited to finally have career as a writer. My love affair with the written word started as a teenager. I secretly dreamed of writing the romantic novels I loved to read. Life had other plans for me. Marriage at twenty-one whilst still at university launched me into a career in health service management. I often thought about writing in my spare time but my career and two wonderful children kept me occupied 24/7.  Illness forced an abrupt end to my career. Always the optimist I seized the opportunity to write full time in 2012.

The Dragon Legacy is my first published novel and I am excited to be sharing it with a wider audience.

When I'm not writing I enjoy reading, book reviewing, social media and walking in the countryside. Passionate about animal welfare.

Update: Book 2 of The Dragon Legacy series - The Revenge Masquerade is now available to buy on Amazon UK and!
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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog Megan :-) So glad you're proud of me xx

  2. Aw many congratulations to your Mummy! :)

  3. This is such a great story - can't wait for the next story Jane! Its going to be fantastic.

  4. congrats to your mum

  5. Oh wow, congrats to your Mum! Will have to have a read!