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Teeth Whitening | DIY product reviews

Nottinghamshire, UK
I don't have the whitest teeth, nor do I have the yellowest, but as a coffee drinker, staining is something that has started to become a concern for me. It was probably around summer time last year that I noticed I had staining on my two front teeth at the top and decided I needed to do something about it. Of course giving up coffee would help, but that was never going to happen and as fantastic as it would be to have my teeth whitened at the dentist, I wasn't prepared to fork out hundreds of pounds. Instead I decided to see what DIY teeth whitening products were available online. Some I have found to be brilliant, some not so great. Check out my reviews below...

1. Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

The Go Smile Teeth Whitening System comes with these little capsules that contain the teeth whitening solution. You simply flip the capsule over, squeeze it between your fingers and spread it onto your teeth using the applicator sponge. It is so, so easy and takes just a few seconds. There is no need to rinse your mouth, the solution will simply dissolve throughout the day. You get a seven day supply (using one in the morning and one in the evening) and then six extra capsules for top ups. 

What I like about Go Smile is that it didn't make my gums feel sensitive (like Crest strips do) and the solution didn't taste all that bad. It definitely had a long lasting whitening effect, though it didn't do too much for my staining.

I am not going to lie, this is expensive at around the sixty pound mark, depending on what website you buy it from. I actually managed to pick it up for around forty pounds from a website which I can't seem to find now (if I come across it again I will pop a link up). 

2. Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep overnight serum

I recently purchased this product after seeing great reviews on a number of beauty blogs. It is a serum which you pop on at night time after you have cleaned your teeth. All you need to do is rub it into your teeth with your finger and voila! The serum is designed not only to whiten your teeth but to nourish the gums too. I haven't been using it for very long but I have definitely noticed that my teeth are looking whiter. The serum tastes fine and there is no sensitivity what-so-ever - a very promising product and at a sale price of £2.33 in Boots, you can't go wrong! 

3. The Hot Straw

If you find that drinking coffee and tea stains your teeth, then you may want to consider using a Hot Straw. Basically this is a straw that has been specifically designed for using in hot drinks. It was originally designed for Parkinson's patients, as it helps them to drink hot drinks safely, but now they are marketing them at everyone as they can help to reduce teeth staining by ensuring the liquid bypasses the teeth! 

It's not advised that you drink coffee and tea using any old straw. Plastic straws actually melt in hot drinks and can release harmful chemicals into your liquid - chemicals that you don't want to be putting into your body! A pack of 4 Hot Straws costs £7.75 and you can pick them up in pink, blue or red. They are dishwasher friendly so you can use them over and over again and they are the perfect size for popping in your handbag when you go out! You can buy them online here.

4. Blanx Intensive Whitening toothpaste

The Blanx Intensive Whitening treatment is a toothpaste that I talked about in my January favourites post. Basically you just use it like a normal toothpaste for two weeks, morning and night. Whilst I wouldn't say it is brilliant for whitening the teeth, it is responsible for removing all of the staining on my teeth, so I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone with staining caused by coffee / red wine etc! It costs around the ten pound mark and can be purchased from Feel Unique.

5. Listerine Stay White Mouthwash

I can't say that I bought this for it's 'whitening' properties, I just like using a mouthwash as it makes my teeth and gums feel super clean. Does it taste nice? No. Is it bearable? Yes! Whilst I've not noticed that it has significantly whitened my teeth, using it certainly can't hurt! :)

Sorry for the long post but I hope it has helped some of you! A couple of you asked me to post reviews about the Go Smile kit and the Blanx toothpaste so I thought I would pop them all in one post. Just to let you know I do not use all of these products at once! I just wanted to try a few different ones out to see what worked best for me. I am guessing some things will work better for some people than others, but I hope you can use this for research purposes if you are looking to whiten your teeth at home.

Have you tried any of these products? What teeth whitening products work for you?


Image credits: Biovea UK // Boots // Hot Straw // Feel Unique // Ocado

The Body Shop wish list and discount

Nottinghamshire, UK

As a huge fan of The Body Shop (their products and values) I am always keen to try out their new releases and it is the Blueberry range that has recently caught my eye. Although the collection features a body butter, lip butter, body scrub and body lotion, I decided to pick up the shower gel to see what it's like. From the description which mentions 'Community Fair Trade honey' and 'bouncy blueberry fruit extract' I can just tell it is going to be divine!

Seeing as The Body Shop are currently offering £25.00 off when you spend £50.00 using the code CATWALK (this ends at midnight so get your orders in quick) I thought I would also pick up a few other little bits and bobs, some of which I have featured above! I can't wait to try out the vanilla home fragrance, seeing as vanilla is my favourite scent and the radiant highlighter will be perfect for brightening up my complexion in time for spring.

 If you happen to read this post after the discount has expired, don't worry, The Body Shop frequently offer fantastic discounts - just make sure you sign up for their email updates & follow them on Twitter to get a heads up!

Have you bought anything from The Body Shop recently? What products are you loving? 

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask review

Nottinghamshire, UK
Despite the fact I am twenty three years of age, I still suffer from teenage skin nasties, particularly on my t-zone. The rest of my skin is normal / dry, but that's combination skin for you! On a recent shopping trip, I popped into Lush to pick up a few of my favourite bath bombs and came across their fresh face mask range, which I'd never tried anything from before. Straight away I was drawn to the Cupcake mask because it sounded divine and after scanning the label I found out it was made for oily and teenage skin - perfect!

The ingredients
One of the key ingredients featured in the Cupcake face mask is Rhassoul Mud. This is a natural mineral product which has excellent cleansing and grease removing properties.  It works with the cocoa powder to penetrate the skin, drawing out all of the impurities and giving it a deep cleanse. The mask also contains fresh mint which tones the skin and cocoa butter which leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. Like all of Lush's fresh face masks, Cupcake does not contain preservatives, which means you need to keep it in the fridge and use it within three weeks.

Applying the mask
I found the consistency of Cupcake fairly thick, making it a little difficult to spread around the face when you first take it out of the fridge, but once you get going it's all good! I left the mask on for ten minutes as recommended, in which time it began to harden. What I liked about the face mask was that after a couple of minutes, you could really feel it cooling the skin, which felt lovely and refreshing!
Once the ten minutes is up you simply have to rinse the product off your face with warm water. Although it washed off easy enough, it did get a little messy (make sure you rinse your sink afterwards).

After washing off the face mask, I immediately noticed how clean and soft my skin felt. The Rhassoul Mud had certainly worked a treat! Since using the mask I have also noticed that my oily t-zone has not been quite as oily. It must be down to the mask as it has been the only change I have made to my skincare routine as of lately. I would highly recommend the Cupcake mask if you suffer from excess oil or minor breakouts, as I think it will really help to calm and balance your skin.

After having such a good experience with this face mask, I will definitely be trying out some of Lush's other fresh face masks to. What I like about them is that they use vegan-friendly, natural ingredients, so you can have the peace of mind that the stuff you are putting on your skin is doing nothing but good things! There are currently nine different Lush fresh face masks for you to try, each costing £5.95 each. Lush also have a recycling programme in store, where if you bring back five of their empty pots or tubes, they will give you a fresh mask for free! It's definitely worth remembering to save up those pots.

One last thing- If you are worried that you won't be able to use up the entire pot within three weeks, why not split it with your mum / sister / roommate or best friend? That way you can both benefit from beautiful fresh skin and you can half the price whilst you are at it!
Have you tried Cupcake? What did you think? Would you recommend any other of Lush's face masks?
*Lush is a cruelty-free brand.*

Megan Jane

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara review

Nottinghamshire, UK

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find applying mascara to my bottom lashes a real pain. Most mascara wands are just a little bit too big to apply the right amount of product to the bottom lashes, often causing them to clump together or print onto the skin. When I saw the Maybelline Big Eyes Volum’Express mascara advertised on TV, I noticed it had a bottom lashes wand and that was me sold! I popped to Boots, picked it up and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Side 1 - Top lashes
As you can see from the images above, the Maybelline Big Eyes mascara has two sides to it, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom. The wand for the top lashes is slightly bigger (but still relatively small and thin compared to other mascara wands) and has a curved design which is supposed to ‘push the lashes up and wide.’ Unfortunately this just doesn’t do what I wanted it to. Yes it lengthens the lashes significantly, but it doesn’t really add any volume or thickness, leaving them looking a little on the spidery side. Having said that, the mascara does dry quickly and there is no sign of flaking, even after wearing it all day, so there are some positives!

Side 2 - Bottom lashes
Whilst I’m not overly keen on the mascara as a whole, I do actually like the bottom lash wand. Maybelline claims that this wand will 'magnify tiny lashes' and I have to agree - it does! It is the perfect size for applying mascara to the bottom lashes and manages to coat even the tiniest lashes which are often missed. 

Since I did actually buy this mascara for the bottom lash wand, I don’t feel like I wasted my money, but I can’t say that I would pick it up again. If you want to simply lengthen your lashes then this mascara is great, but if you want the whole shebang, I would try something else! The Maybelline Big Eyes Volum'Express mascara is priced at £8.99 and is currently part of the Boots 3-for-2 deal.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it?


Megan Jane

Home sweet home

Nottinghamshire, UK

As content as I am living in my parent's beautiful home, I know there will come a time (in the not-too-far-away future) where I will have my own house. Whilst this scares me (as we're planning on buying rather than renting next time) I am excited to decorate somewhere and make it my own. My parents have always given me the freedom to decorate my bedroom however I like. They even let me have a black ceiling in my younger years (sorry mum and dad) and currently I'm living in a little shabby chic haven. Seeing as I will be moving out with my other half, I think a lot of decorating dreams are going to have to be compromised on. Whilst I love shabby chic and rustic decor, James is more into sleek, modern and stylish interiors.  I'm sure somehow we will find a way to fuse the two styles!

Although we are still going to be waiting a while to buy our first house (saving up the pennies) I have already started frantically pinning inspirational images onto my 'Dream Home' pinterest board. Whilst some of them are definitely out of the question - a slide instead of stairs anyone? I am getting plenty of ideas for colour schemes and decor for my office (which definitely will be shabby chic central). Take a look at my Dream Home pinterest board below and feel free to leave your pinterest links in the comments so I can follow you all. I'd love to  know what your dream home would look like too! xo

Follow Megan Hunt's board Dream Home on Pinterest.

Megan Jane

Little life snippets | Instagram

Nottinghamshire, UK
Jazz being his usual adorable self // My first Topshop lipstick (Straight Ace) // #AccessAllASOS goodies // Oby smiles every single day now // Models Own sale picks // Lush Twilight bath bomb // I bought a Macbook pro (eek!) // My outfit for Strictly Come Dancing Live // The funniest book ever // Wearing Tanya Burr's Aurora lip gloss // My new favourite ice cream // Thomas enjoying one of his many naps
I haven't done an Instagram post in a while, so I thought it'd be nice to share a few of my little life snippets today! Over the last couple of weeks I've done quite a few exciting things such as going on a little night away / shopping trip, watching Strictly Come Dancing Live with my mum (it was amazing) and having a lovely early Valentine's meal with James. My problem is that I always forget to take photographs whilst I am out and about! I think I'm more of a 'living the moment' rather than capturing it on camera sort of girl, but I guess that's not a bad thing! :)
If you want to keep up with my little life snippets, give me a follow on Instagram (megan_jane03). What can I offer you? Well erm...how about beauty buys, the occasional OOTDs and FOTDs and plenty of pet pictures. Will that do?

Megan Jane

Bath time with Lush

Nottinghamshire, UK
If you were to ask me to name my favourite place to pick up bath time goodies, I would say Lush without hesitation. Not only does the company make fabulous bath products, some of which I'm going to share with you today, but they also have wonderful ethics, which make them stand out from other brands for all of the right reasons!

Lush Bath Bombs
I have always been a fan of bath bombs, they are just so much more exciting than bubble bath! If you have been in a Lush store you will have seen how beautifully they are displayed, the pastel colours and scent draw you in and before you know it, you've put three or four in your wicker basket! 

Although there are so many lovely bath bombs to choose from, one of my favourites has to be Twilight. I love the lavender scent and the fact it turns the bath water a deep midnight purple colour. It's also a good choice if you are hoping to relax and wind down, as lavender is great for soothing both the mind and the body. Twilight also contains essential oils which leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.
Lush Bubble Bars
As much as I love Lush's bath bombs, recently I have found myself picking up more and more of their beautifully scented bubble bars. These are basically solid bubble bath which come in slices, like the one featured above. You simply crumble them under running water and they create gorgeous fluffy bubbles. Lush actually created bubble bars to avoid using preservatives and excess packaging, which I think you'll agree is pretty awesome!

In the run up to Christmas I fell in love with Lush's magic wand and candy mountain bubble bars, but unfortunately they were only around for the festive period. With this in mind, I decided to pick up one of the creamy candy bubble bars, which has a lovely sweet scent. I wanted to try and make it last so I just crumbled part of it into my bath, but it still produced plenty of bubbles! This particular bubble bar contains almond and cocoa butter, both of which do wonders for the skin.

Lush Bath Melts
Whilst I have picked up many a bath bomb and bubble bar from Lush, it was only recently that I treated myself to one of their luxury bath melts. Honestly these things are like little slices of heaven! You can either place them in your bath whilst the water is running, or run your bath, get in and then pop it in (my preferred method). The bath melts are designed to gently dissolve whilst producing beautiful scents and moisturising goodness.

I chose the Melting Marshmallow melt, purely because I loved the colour and the scent. If you like Snow Fairy, then you'll love the scent. This particular bath melt is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It contains chamomile powder which calms and relaxes the skin and marigold powder which is great for reducing redness and irritation. Whilst I still think bubble bars are my favourite (who can resist foamy bubbles) it is lovely to use a luxury bath melt every now and again to give the skin a little extra nourishing!

Valentine's Day treat
Now seeing as it's Valentine's Day it's likely that you will be doing one of three things. 1. Going out on a date. 2. Chilling with friends and drinking plenty of wine. 3. Spending it by yourself. If for one reason or another you are spending Valentine's Day by yourself, why not treat yourself to a pampering evening? Pop by Lush on your way home from work and pick up something special. I hear they have an amazing selection of Valentine's bath goodies

Are you a Lush fan too? What are you favourite bath products?
Lush is a cruelty-free brand. They use vegetarian ingredients and make their fresh products by hand.

Megan Jane

Tanya Burr lip gloss review

When it comes to lip products, lipstick is usually my product of choice, but when I heard that YouTube sweetheart, Tanya Burr, was bringing out her own lipgloss (and nail polish) range in collaboration with eye CANDY, I simply couldn't resist picking up a couple to try out!

I decided to go for 'Aurora' and 'Champagne Toast.' I chose Aurora for the princess name (and because I'm trying to buy more pink makeup) and Champagne Toast as I thought it looked like the perfect shade for every day wear.

Champagne Toast
 As you can see from the swatches above, both Aurora and Champagne Toast are so, so beautiful. They are really easy to apply, aren't too sticky (no more than any other high street gloss) and have surprisingly good staying power. I say this because I really don't expect lip glosses to stay on after I've eaten my lunch, but these do! I also must add that they smell absolutely divine. The sweet strawberry scent definitely adds the perfect finishing touch.

Both Aurora and Champagne Toast are shimmer glosses, but they are not TOO shimmery, if you know what I mean. They give the lips a lovely glossy finish and I also personally feel that they help make my lips look fuller! There are three other shimmer glosses in Tanya's range (Heart Skipped a Beat, Smile Dream Sparkle and Afternoon Tea) and seven cream glosses (Chic, First Date, Let's Travel the World, Picnic in the Park, Exotic Island, Just Peachy and Vampire Kiss.) Aren't the names lovely? I think a thoughtful name can make all the difference to a product.

Along with her beautiful lip glosses, Tanya has also bought out a range of nail polishes. Despite being tempted by Little Duck (a beautiful mint green shade) I managed to resist as I have just treated myself to some new Models Own polishes! I'm sure the nail polishes will be just as lovely as the lip glosses though and I will definitely be trying them out in the future!

Tanya Burr's lips and nails are currently for sale on the Feel Unique website and will soon be launching in Superdrug. The lip glosses cost £6.99 each and the nail polishes cost £5.99. Despite the fact I normally wear lipstick, I have been really enjoying wearing Aurora and Champagne Toast, so much so that I can definitely see myself wearing a glossy lip throughout the spring and summer!

Have you tried any of Tanya's lip glosses? Which one has caught your eye?
  Megan Jane

Beautiful fragrances by Benefit

If you saw my 'What I got for Christmas' post you will know that I was well and truly spoilt by my family and boyfriend. One of the lovely gifts my parents bought me was this beautiful limited edition fragrance set by Benefit. Whilst you may think reviewing a limited edition product isn't the most helpful post I could have written, I have actually checked to make sure that you can purchase all of these fragrances individually, so we're all good!
Let me first start off by saying how absolutely striking the packaging is! I absolutely love the colourful miniature bottles which each came with their own boxes. They look so beautiful arranged in line on my dressing table.

My place or yours Gina
I'm going to begin with my current favourite - My place or yours Gina. This perfume is described as woody and oriental. It has top notes of pink pepper (one of my absolute favourites), bergamot and tangerine, middle notes of peony, wild raspberry and white lily and bottom notes of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla bean. I think this is a lovely scent to wear when you are going out for the evening. It is perfect for young women but may be a little too heavy for younger girls.
Laugh with me Lee Lee
Laugh with me Lee Lee is a much lighter, feminine scent. It is described as woody and floral, with top notes of cassis, melon and citrus, middle notes of black violet, lily and jasmine and bottom notes of blonde wood, amber and santal. This perfume has a lovely light, fresh scent which is perfect for every day wear and suitable for women of all ages.
Ring my Bella
If you love sweet, fruity and floral scents then you are bound to fall in love with Ring my Bella. After initially thinking this was too sweet, even for my liking, I have totally changed my mind and actually really like it now. Ring my Bella has top notes of pink rose petals, soft lily and summer daisy, middle notes of Egyptian jasmine and creamy peony and bottom notes of white patchouli, vanilla tincture and white musk.
Under my spell Noelle
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Under my spell Noelle was one of Benefit's winter releases. The name would suggest so anyway! This scent is described as an exotic and glamorous woody floral. It has top notes of cardamom, black pepper and lingonberry, middle notes of wild orchid, jasmine petals, vanilla flower, fresh rose and soft violet and bottom notes of patchouli, accord oud, black amber, vanilla beans, benzoin resin and raspberry. I find that as this one settles on my skin, the vanilla scent is very prominent, which is good for me as it is one of my all time favourites!
Valentine's Day gift ideas
One of the reasons I wanted to share this post with you now is incase you were looking for last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas. I think perfume always makes a lovely gift and will make it easy for your partner if he isn't so good in the gift shopping department! If you are a guy that has stumbled across my blog (Hello! - I don't think we see many of you here) then one of these perfumes is sure to go down well with your other half. Even if the scent isn't necessarily one she would normally go for, the packaging alone will make her fall in love with the perfume!
Whilst I don't think you can get the limited edition set any more (I may be wrong) you can buy all of these perfumes individually from Boots and the Benefit website. They cost £29.50 for 30ml. Oh and a little tip for you - a little really goes a long way with these perfumes so they should last quite a while! 
Megan Jane

January Favourites

This year I am determined to do monthly favourites posts, so even though it is a couple days later than planned, here are my January favourites!
Milk_shake shaping foam
This was a bit of a random purchase I made when I was looking for something to give my hair volume. Unfortunately I have quite fine hair and I always find that despite my best efforts, it ends up looking flat. Luckily I came across this shaping foam by Milk_shake which gives it volume and 'shape.' It comes in a light foam formula which is really easy to work into damp hair and is not at all sticky. I use this pretty much every time I wash and dry my hair so it gives it a bit of life!

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice perfume and body lotion
I absolutely adore the scent of Vivienne Westwood's Naughty Alice perfume, so when my mum and dad treated me to the gift set for Christmas I was over the moon! It is described as a 'sexy musky yet comforting' scent which has notes of Ylang Ylang, Black Rose and Camal Violet. I wear this perfume nearly everyday and have nearly used up all of the body lotion, which may I add is the best body lotion I've ever used. Not only does it smell absolutely divine (just like the perfume) but it also leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth. I cannot recommend this perfume set enough!

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner
This eyeliner comes in what I call 'felt tip form' allowing you to achieve the cat eye look with ease. What I love about this eyeliner is the fact it is long lasting. I even went out in the rain and wind the other day and it didn't budge! Cat eye flicks are my go-to eye look, so this S&G eyeliner is certainly a makeup bag must-have for me.

Blanx Extra White toothpaste
Fellow coffee drinkers out there will know just how bad the stuff can be for your teeth. Despite the fact I brush my teeth two to three times a day, I still found that the coffee I was drinking had started to stain my teeth. This Blanx Extra white toothpaste is literally amazing! After using it for two weeks I found the stains had completely vanished and whilst my teeth aren't super duper white (nor are they yellow) it has certainly improved their overall appearance.

Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush
I bought this cream blush in the shade 'Soft Pink' after reading about it on Lily Pebbles' blog. It is such a lovely cream blush which is easy to blend and adds the perfect flush of colour to the cheeks. It is quite long lasting and despite the naff packaging, it is certainly one of the prettiest blushers I own!
What beauty, skin and haircare products were you loving in January? Do we share any of the same favourites? xo

Pour Moi? Valentine's lingerie collection

Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is the one event that everyone is talking about at this time of year. I have been in a relationship for just over five years and whilst we usually have a nice meal on the day (home cooked) we don't tend to go all out on the 14th. Having said that, I think Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new lingerie as brands tend to bring out fabulous collections at this time of year. 

I particularly love the Valentine's lingerie collection from Pour Moi? From sheer camisoles to lace bodies and matching sets, there really is something for everyone. I can personally vouch for the amazing quality of Pour Moi?'s lingerie. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to get to review the Amour set in cherry red and then my mum treated me to a few more sets for Christmas.

I don't know what it is about wearing matching lingerie, but it makes you feel 100 x better, even if you are the only person that sees it! Whether you are looking to treat yourself or you are a guy that has come across my blog in need of Valentine's help, I will happily point you in the direction of Pour Moi? I think men buying lingerie for their girlfriends can be quite risky, as it is so so easy to get it wrong, but if it is something your other half would be comfortable with, then Pour Moi? is definitely a good choice!

Visit the Pour Moi website to get your order in for Valentine's Day and check out the sale to save yourself some pennies! xo
Megan Jane

Models Own Hypergels (with swatches)

White Light, Pink Veneer, Lilac Sheen
If you didn't know already, Models Own have a massive 50% off sale which has been going on for the last few days. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few of the new HyperGel nail polishes (amongst others). The HyperGel nail polishes are super shiny and highly pigmented. According to the website they are enriched with lotus flower oil, to give them a gel-like finish, similar to the gel manicures you can have at professional salons.
There are currently ten beautiful shades to choose from, but I decided just to pick up three for the time being; White Light, Pink Veneer and Lilac Sheen. As you can see from the swatches above, they are such pretty shades that I think will be perfect for Spring. The polishes are fairly easy to apply and only really need two coats for an opaque gel finish. I am really impressed with the quality of them and will definitely be picking up a few more shades from the HyperGel range. I have my eye on Cerise Shine, a beautiful magenta colour and Naked Glow, a nude shade which again will be perfect for spring.
The Models Own 50% off sale ends at midnight tonight so I highly recommend that you make your purchases soon, as the polishes usually cost £5.00 each. The code is 'HALFPRICE'. You need to spend at least £25.00 to qualify to use the code and then pay postage on top. I ordered on the first day of the sale and received my package the next day - amazing service!
Have you picked up any of the new HyperGels? Which shade is your favourite? xo
Megan Jane

Perfectly pink!

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nails Acid Watermelon // Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher // Butter London Nail Lacquer Trout Pout // Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour // Topshop Lip Crayon Wave Goodbye // Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Bellissima // Topshop Lipstick Macaroon

From the nude and pastel to the bold and florescent, there is a shade of pink to suit all complexions. After seeing a feature on the ASOS website about pink cosmetics, I decided to compile my own collection. I have always been quite a girly girl and adored the colour pink, even through my teenage emo/scene/whatever-you-wanna-call-it Myspace phase. However after tidying my dressing table (aka the top of my chest of drawers) the other day, I discovered that I seem to be lacking pink lip products, blushes and nail polishes. Corals - check! True reds - check! Berry shades - check! But pinks, well I think it's about time I added a few more pink shades to my collection.

After browsing various websites including ASOS, Stila, Topshop, Superdrug and Look Fantastic, I came across an abundance of perfectly pink beauty items. From looking at the selection I have chosen to feature above, it would seem I am drawn to candy pink shades, though I did include a neon nail polish shade too. I think neon pink  will remain on my nails only, as wearing a neon pink lipstick like Mac's Candy Yum Yum would put me completely out of my comfort zone!

Now it would be very naughty to purchase all of the items above, but maybe one or two would be acceptable? What do you think? Which would you go for? xo

Megan Jane