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Bath time with Lush

Nottinghamshire, UK
If you were to ask me to name my favourite place to pick up bath time goodies, I would say Lush without hesitation. Not only does the company make fabulous bath products, some of which I'm going to share with you today, but they also have wonderful ethics, which make them stand out from other brands for all of the right reasons!

Lush Bath Bombs
I have always been a fan of bath bombs, they are just so much more exciting than bubble bath! If you have been in a Lush store you will have seen how beautifully they are displayed, the pastel colours and scent draw you in and before you know it, you've put three or four in your wicker basket! 

Although there are so many lovely bath bombs to choose from, one of my favourites has to be Twilight. I love the lavender scent and the fact it turns the bath water a deep midnight purple colour. It's also a good choice if you are hoping to relax and wind down, as lavender is great for soothing both the mind and the body. Twilight also contains essential oils which leave the skin feeling soft and nourished.
Lush Bubble Bars
As much as I love Lush's bath bombs, recently I have found myself picking up more and more of their beautifully scented bubble bars. These are basically solid bubble bath which come in slices, like the one featured above. You simply crumble them under running water and they create gorgeous fluffy bubbles. Lush actually created bubble bars to avoid using preservatives and excess packaging, which I think you'll agree is pretty awesome!

In the run up to Christmas I fell in love with Lush's magic wand and candy mountain bubble bars, but unfortunately they were only around for the festive period. With this in mind, I decided to pick up one of the creamy candy bubble bars, which has a lovely sweet scent. I wanted to try and make it last so I just crumbled part of it into my bath, but it still produced plenty of bubbles! This particular bubble bar contains almond and cocoa butter, both of which do wonders for the skin.

Lush Bath Melts
Whilst I have picked up many a bath bomb and bubble bar from Lush, it was only recently that I treated myself to one of their luxury bath melts. Honestly these things are like little slices of heaven! You can either place them in your bath whilst the water is running, or run your bath, get in and then pop it in (my preferred method). The bath melts are designed to gently dissolve whilst producing beautiful scents and moisturising goodness.

I chose the Melting Marshmallow melt, purely because I loved the colour and the scent. If you like Snow Fairy, then you'll love the scent. This particular bath melt is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It contains chamomile powder which calms and relaxes the skin and marigold powder which is great for reducing redness and irritation. Whilst I still think bubble bars are my favourite (who can resist foamy bubbles) it is lovely to use a luxury bath melt every now and again to give the skin a little extra nourishing!

Valentine's Day treat
Now seeing as it's Valentine's Day it's likely that you will be doing one of three things. 1. Going out on a date. 2. Chilling with friends and drinking plenty of wine. 3. Spending it by yourself. If for one reason or another you are spending Valentine's Day by yourself, why not treat yourself to a pampering evening? Pop by Lush on your way home from work and pick up something special. I hear they have an amazing selection of Valentine's bath goodies

Are you a Lush fan too? What are you favourite bath products?
Lush is a cruelty-free brand. They use vegetarian ingredients and make their fresh products by hand.

Megan Jane


  1. I've never bought anything from Lush but these look lovely! The Melting Marshmallow Melt sounds incredible! My mouth is watering at the thought of it, and it's a bath bomb, so odd!

    1. Haha! It is so so lovely! Honestly some of the products in there do look good enough to eat! xo

  2. These look lovely and I am sure they must smell divine

    1. They do indeed! My bathroom cabinet smells amazing when I open it because of these Lush goodies! xo

  3. I do love Lush but I can't stand going in the shop as it makes me feel a bit sick lol so I have to hope people will buy me some stuff from there instead but these ones look great and I want them!!! http://justjulie81.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Haha! I guess it can be a little overpowering when all of the different scents hit you at once. Maybe try ordering online if you know what products you like? :) xo

    2. The only problem with me ordering online is that I spend a fortune! lol I think I may just have to order maybe one or two max x

    3. Ah I know what you mean - I'm the same! It's so easy to get carried away! xo

  4. I remember getting lush products one xmas when I was about 11 (seems a distant memory now), I got a huge hamper full of goodies but never appreciated them like people do now. I always forget to go in there for my bath products and it bugs me because I lust after what people show in blog posts!!

    Thanks for the great post also that melting marshmallow melt sounds amazing!!!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

    1. I know what you mean lovely! I remember when I was a teenager I never used to go in Lush but now I absolutely LOVE it. Glad you liked the post. I'll definitely be picking up more of the melting marshmallow bath melts! xo