Home sweet home

As content as I am living in my parent's beautiful home, I know there will come a time (in the not-too-far-away future) where I will have my own house. Whilst this scares me (as we're planning on buying rather than renting next time) I am excited to decorate somewhere and make it my own. My parents have always given me the freedom to decorate my bedroom however I like. They even let me have a black ceiling in my younger years (sorry mum and dad) and currently I'm living in a little shabby chic haven. Seeing as I will be moving out with my other half, I think a lot of decorating dreams are going to have to be compromised on. Whilst I love shabby chic and rustic decor, James is more into sleek, modern and stylish interiors.  I'm sure somehow we will find a way to fuse the two styles!

Although we are still going to be waiting a while to buy our first house (saving up the pennies) I have already started frantically pinning inspirational images onto my 'Dream Home' pinterest board. Whilst some of them are definitely out of the question - a slide instead of stairs anyone? I am getting plenty of ideas for colour schemes and decor for my office (which definitely will be shabby chic central). Take a look at my Dream Home pinterest board below and feel free to leave your pinterest links in the comments so I can follow you all. I'd love to  know what your dream home would look like too! xo

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Megan Jane
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