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January Favourites

This year I am determined to do monthly favourites posts, so even though it is a couple days later than planned, here are my January favourites!
Milk_shake shaping foam
This was a bit of a random purchase I made when I was looking for something to give my hair volume. Unfortunately I have quite fine hair and I always find that despite my best efforts, it ends up looking flat. Luckily I came across this shaping foam by Milk_shake which gives it volume and 'shape.' It comes in a light foam formula which is really easy to work into damp hair and is not at all sticky. I use this pretty much every time I wash and dry my hair so it gives it a bit of life!

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice perfume and body lotion
I absolutely adore the scent of Vivienne Westwood's Naughty Alice perfume, so when my mum and dad treated me to the gift set for Christmas I was over the moon! It is described as a 'sexy musky yet comforting' scent which has notes of Ylang Ylang, Black Rose and Camal Violet. I wear this perfume nearly everyday and have nearly used up all of the body lotion, which may I add is the best body lotion I've ever used. Not only does it smell absolutely divine (just like the perfume) but it also leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth. I cannot recommend this perfume set enough!

Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner
This eyeliner comes in what I call 'felt tip form' allowing you to achieve the cat eye look with ease. What I love about this eyeliner is the fact it is long lasting. I even went out in the rain and wind the other day and it didn't budge! Cat eye flicks are my go-to eye look, so this S&G eyeliner is certainly a makeup bag must-have for me.

Blanx Extra White toothpaste
Fellow coffee drinkers out there will know just how bad the stuff can be for your teeth. Despite the fact I brush my teeth two to three times a day, I still found that the coffee I was drinking had started to stain my teeth. This Blanx Extra white toothpaste is literally amazing! After using it for two weeks I found the stains had completely vanished and whilst my teeth aren't super duper white (nor are they yellow) it has certainly improved their overall appearance.

Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush
I bought this cream blush in the shade 'Soft Pink' after reading about it on Lily Pebbles' blog. It is such a lovely cream blush which is easy to blend and adds the perfect flush of colour to the cheeks. It is quite long lasting and despite the naff packaging, it is certainly one of the prettiest blushers I own!
What beauty, skin and haircare products were you loving in January? Do we share any of the same favourites? xo


  1. Replies
    1. It's a great eyeliner, especially if you are looking for alternative to the usual liquid eyeliners! xo

  2. Vivienne Westwood's Naughty Alice is my all time favourite perfume, it's just gorgeous isn't it! I was lucky enough to receive a new bottle for Christmas too, my last one was on it's last drops! Cheeky Alice is nowhere near as lovely xxx

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? It's definitely one of my all time favourites! I've not tried Cheeky Alice but can understand why it would find it hard to live up to Naughty Alice, seeing as it's so amazing! xo

  3. The Max Factor Miracle Touch cream blush is a pretty shade & I love the S&G supercat liner. Its so black.

    1. I love the miracle touch cream blush, it sort of gives you the 'just come in from the cold' flushed cheeks look! xo

  4. The hair foam sounds really interesting, I would love to try it!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kath xo

    1. It's a great product! I don't usually bother much with hair products, but this one's lovely :) xo

  5. Replies
    1. It's so lovely! Definitely my favourite cream blush! xo