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Little life snippets | Instagram

Nottinghamshire, UK
Jazz being his usual adorable self // My first Topshop lipstick (Straight Ace) // #AccessAllASOS goodies // Oby smiles every single day now // Models Own sale picks // Lush Twilight bath bomb // I bought a Macbook pro (eek!) // My outfit for Strictly Come Dancing Live // The funniest book ever // Wearing Tanya Burr's Aurora lip gloss // My new favourite ice cream // Thomas enjoying one of his many naps
I haven't done an Instagram post in a while, so I thought it'd be nice to share a few of my little life snippets today! Over the last couple of weeks I've done quite a few exciting things such as going on a little night away / shopping trip, watching Strictly Come Dancing Live with my mum (it was amazing) and having a lovely early Valentine's meal with James. My problem is that I always forget to take photographs whilst I am out and about! I think I'm more of a 'living the moment' rather than capturing it on camera sort of girl, but I guess that's not a bad thing! :)
If you want to keep up with my little life snippets, give me a follow on Instagram (megan_jane03). What can I offer you? Well erm...how about beauty buys, the occasional OOTDs and FOTDs and plenty of pet pictures. Will that do?

Megan Jane


  1. such a cute little post. Love the purple lipstick xx

    1. Thank you lovely! It's the only purple lipstick I own & whilst it puts me a little out of my comfort zone, I have to say - I love it! xo

  2. This post has managed to make me crave new lipsticks, ben and jerrys and a visit home to see mine and my boyfriends family pets in one go! Lovely post xx

    Rose | www.juxtarose.com

  3. I love your Models Own sale picks! I am still waiting on my little haul. I have followed you on instagram @emmaatos, looking forward to lots of pet pictures in the future! haha. Emma xx

  4. Thanks Emma, I have followed you back on instagram! Hope you get your Models Own order soon! xo