Lush Easter Bunny bubble bar review

As a huge fan of Lush's bubble bars, I simply couldn't resist picking up 'Bunny' from their new Easter collection. Bunny is a gorgeous bunny shaped bubble bar made from vanilla absolute, blue cornflower petals, fair trade shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil. He (I've decided it's a he) smells very similar to the creamy candy bubble bar from the core collection and is super duper adorable, don't you think?

Although I would have been happy if bunny was just a plain old white bunny, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually pink inside and with the addition of the blue cornflower petals, made for a very colourful and pretty bath! Bunny is extremely easy to crumble (though I did feel a little guilty taking away half his body) and produces mountains of gorgeous fluffy bubbles.

As well as providing me with a rather luxurious bath, Bunny also made my bathroom smell heavenly! If you love sweet candy scents and fancy injecting a little 'Easter' into your bath time, I highly recommend treating yourself to a bunny bubble bar. Seeing as he's Easter themed, I don't imagine he'll be sticking around for long (though I may be wrong) so I'd go pick one up quickly before he hops off for the year!

The Bunny bubble bar costs £3.25. 
Lush is a cruelty-free brand.

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