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Jazz and Oby Pet Post | Pure Pet Food Review |

Super cute packaging & resealable - always a bonus!
Jazz (left) and Oby (right) enjoying their Chicken Dinner from Pure Pet Food (£8.99 trial pack)

Last Saturday we celebrated Jazz's 10th birthday and the lovely people at Pure Pet Food sent over a pack of their Chicken Dinner food* for him and Oby to try out. Pure Pet Food is a dehydrated dog food made from 100% human quality ingredients. Dehydration allows the ingredients to be preserved naturally, whilst retaining all of the nutrients and goodness inside. It is designed as an alternative to raw or homemade cooking, but can also give dogs used to eating dry biscuits, a little variety in their meals. 

Basically to prepare the food, you just add warm water, stir well and leave it to re-hydrate for 10 - 15 minutes. Making the food was quite fun as I had both dogs (and Thomas the cat) queuing up, eager to see what was going in their bowls. I have to admit the feeding guide was a little confusing but Pure Pet Food are currently in the process of updating it. 
As you can see, both dogs appeared to be enjoying the food (getting it on their noses is always a good sign) and I think it made a nice change from their usual biscuits. Oby (our rescue dog) is a big eater and even tried to nab a little of Jazz's after he'd finished, so it definitely went down well with him!

Visit the Pure Pet Food website for more information about their healthy, human grade dog food.



  1. My dog gets a similar food, he seems to like it! He gets food all over himself, don't know how he does it!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Hahaha! I think they just love it so much that they dive in head first! xo