Makeup Revolution Review | One For Playing Games Baked Blush

As a lover of baked makeup products, I couldn't resist picking up One For Playing Games, a lilac toned baked blusher by Makeup Revolution. Whilst the packaging isn't anything to write home about, the blusher itself looks absolutely beautiful - it reminds me of a planet!

 One For Playing Games is surprisingly pigmented, when you consider that it cost just £2.50 and I feel that it compliments my pale skin really well. Whilst you could use this on the apples of your cheeks, I tend to use it as more of a highlight for my non-existent cheek bones. The staying power is not the best in the world, but for £2.50, you can't really complain! The product itself is very soft and light, making application super easy. As with all blushers, I recommend starting off with just a little on your brush and slowly building up the colour until you're happy.

All in all this is another great product from Makeup Revolution and at such a cheap price point it is ideal if you are on a budget or are just getting into makeup. I'll definitely be picking up another one of these next time I place an order. I've already got my eye on 'All I think about is you.'

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution baked blushers?

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