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Boohoo Ideal Festival Blogger Challenge

A couple of weeks ago Boohoo.com asked me to participate in their Ideal Festival Blogger Challege. Whilst festivals aren't really my thing (I'm just not a tent and portaloo sort of girl) I was more than happy to share what would make my perfect festival. Check out my answers and festival outfit inspiration below.

I would share a tent with...
My best friends of course! Who else?

My headliners would be…
Ed Sheeran, Arctic Monkeys & Taylor Swift (A random bunch there!)

….. would be free for all attending.
Mojitos! That’s probably a bad idea.

The item that I could not go without would be…
Dry shampoo - I can’t stand having greasy hair!

Wellies or Wedges?
I’d like to say wedges, but we all know if it’s a British festival it’s going to be wellies (not willies as I have accidentally typed and deleted about three times now) all the way. Though looking at the question below, I could have my ideal festival on a beach so actually let’s go with wedges (or sandals to be more practical).

Beach or Field?
Oh a beach, how nice would that be?

The theme would be…
Hawaii! Grass skirts, tropical prints and floral garlands. Perfect!

Celeb spot of the weekend would be…
Kit Harington. Dream. Come. True.

This is what I would wear...
Lace Skater Dress // Coin Necklace // Friendship Bracelets // Comb-in Hair Colour // Floral Crown
What do you think? Would you come to my festival?



  1. Love this tag, haven't seen anyone do it yet! An Arctic Monkeys headliner is always a good call xx


    1. It's one Boohoo set up :) Feel free to get involved! xo