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Little Life Snippets #4

My not so new fringe (it's already turned into a side fringe) // Oby & his favourite green bone // Gel nails // The dreamboat that is Kit Harington // Shopping in Guildford // BFFs // Oldie but goodie makeup finds // Thomas snoozing // Homemade veggie chilli // Jazz turned 10 // New look OOTD // Yummy Graze treats
I thought I'd do a little life snippets post since I hadn't done one for a while! Last month zoomed by in the blink of an eye, but I did manage to pop down to Guildford for a weekend with two of my best friends, which was lovely. I also did a little shopping whilst I was there and ended up picking up another body butter from The Body Shop (I'm obsessed), two dresses and a lovely blue lace top. I'm sure they'll all crop up in outfit posts soon!

We also celebrated Jazz's 10th birthday on the 21st June. I can't believe he's ten! We treated him and Oby to a new toy each and Pure pet food also sent them some dog food to try, which was very kind of them.

At the end of last month I booked my first holiday abroad in 10 years - so crazy! I'm going to Rhodes with three of my best friends and it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to wear the tropical print maxi skirt featured in the New Look OOTD above. I'm trying my hardest to eat healthily for the next couple of months (veggie chilli anyone?) and exercise every day. The holiday is definitely motivating me!

I hope everyone had a fun month and have lots of exciting plans for July. I'm heading to a Tia Maria event in Nottingham tomorrow afternoon with one of my best friends Kate, so expect a blog post on it on Sunday. For now I'm going to continue watching Once Upon A Time (I've just watched the pilot and I think I'm going to like it) and make myself a big cup of tea. Bliss!


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