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Sudocrem Skin Care Cream review - Not just for nappy rash!

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream - £1.99*

Although Sudocrem has long been used to treat nappy rash, it is actually a multipurpose cream that can be used to tackle other conditions like acne and dry skin too. In fact a number of celebrities swear by Sudocrem and use it as part of their skincare routines including Cheryl Cole, Kimberly Walsh and Jessica Lowndes.

Same great cream, different packaging
We always have a tub of the Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream in the bathroom cabinet, so it's not a product I've recently discovered however until a month or so ago, I had no idea that it came in these handy 30ml squeezy tubes too. I have to say I much prefer the tube as it is much more hygienic (no finger dipping) and far less messy to use. It’s also the perfect size for popping in your handbag or hand luggage if you are travelling.

Whilst Sudocrem have renamed this a Skin Care Cream, it is basically the same thick white antiseptic cream in different packaging. I have no problem with this though, as I always thought the original Antiseptic Healing Cream was great for reducing redness and calming minor skin rashes anyway.

Calming flare ups and reducing redness
I use Sudocrem from time to time to reduce the redness and soreness of spot flare ups on my face but more commonly I use it to get rid of the small skin rashes on the backs of my legs that I get quite regularly. I find that after it has sunk into the skin (which can take a little while) it leaves it feeling much softer, smoother and far more presentable for no tights days!

Tips for using Sudocrem
What I will say is that when it comes to using Sudocrem a little goes a long way. Try to apply just a thin layer to the skin - any more and you’ll be trying to rub it in for hours! It is also a pain to wash off your hands if you squeeze out too much, so do be careful.

Sudocrem for acne
As an acne treatment, I can’t really say whether the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is a great product or not as *touch wood* my skin has been pretty good recently. However as a multipurpose cream for soothing the skin on other body parts and treating dry patches, I definitely give Sudocrem the thumbs up.

The Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is a very budget friendly at just £1.99 (Boots) and is sold in most UK pharmacies and beauty stores.

Have you tried Sudocrem before? What do you use it for?


*PR sample sent in exchange for honest review.


  1. So funny I should stumble upon this post, I've been using Sudocrem loads lately to calm my spots and it definitely helps!



  2. good old sudocrem, it's the best! xx

    1. It's certainly a bathroom cupboard must-have! xo

  3. Sudocreme is a miracle worker! Great review!
    Just started following your blog and loving it so far :)
    Lydia x

  4. I've seen so many bloggers use Sudocrem for different things and it's just never occurred to me! Definitely going to have to try it

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  5. I always use sudocrem for spots - it's absolutely amazing! I will never ever stray from it. I tried loads of spot treatment type products in the past which didn't really work that well for me. Sudocrem works every single time, love the stuff! xx

    1. It's so good that you've found a product that really works for you - especially with Sudocrem being much more affordable than some of the other skink are brands! xo

  6. this is one of them products every one should have in their stash

    i currently have a real techniques, ysl and barry giveaway on my blog if you want to enter :



  7. This is my ultimate saviour too, in fact, I am just writing my post on it too. All hail Sudocream eh!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Sudocrem doesn't work for my spots :( but I think that's because they're hormonal so nothing does, but it does work wonders on dry skin! xx
    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  9. Yes Sudocrem is my go to for skin problems! Lifesaver on spots!