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5 Things I want to add to my A/W wardrobe

Fluffy jumper - New Look // Tartan scarf - River Island // Chelsea boots - New Look // A-line skirt - New Look // Oversized jacket - New Look
Last weekend I spent a while re-arranging my wardrobe, getting rid of some of the clothes I never wear any more and putting away all of the summer stuff for next year. The great thing about doing a little clear out is that it makes room for new things and the items above are what I have my eye on.

I'd say they are all your classic autumn / winter staples, but I really feel that's what I'm lacking at the moment. The oversized jacket is the least necessary purchase as I don't go out enough to warrant buying any more 'outerwear'  but it is in the sale, so I'm not ruling it out completely! I think the fluffy jumper will be my first purchase. It's so chic and perfect for dressing up casual jeggings and ankle boots outfits, without looking like you've put any effort in - my favourite sort of look!

What's on your A/W wish list?
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