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Harlequin Cosmetics lip balm and soap review

Harlequin Cosmetics Origin Lip Balm - £2.99*
Everyone needs a good lip balm, especially in the colder months and for me it's currently all about the Origin Lip Balm by Harlequin Cosmetics.

This lip balm is made from all natural and organic ingredients including organic apricot kernel oil, organic Fairtrade shea butter, organic yellow beeswax and organic cocoa butter. The buttery formula feels oh-so-lovely on the lips and leaves them soft and smooth for a good few hours. It also has a slight chocolatey taste, which I personally love!

A little goes a long way, so you won't need to use much to keep your lips hydrated and prevent them from getting chapped. Like all of Harlequin Cosmetics' products, the Origin Lip Balm is handmade and free from Sulphates and Parabens. They do not test on animals, which gives them an extra billion bonus points in my opinion.

If you are looking for a really moisturising lip balm to use throughout autumn and winter (and for the rest of the year for that matter) I highly recommend popping over to the Harlequin Cosmetics website and treating yourself to the Origin Lip Balm for the purse-friendly price of £2.99.

From browsing their website, you'll see that they also sell a selection of handmade soaps. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of one of their soaps, a long with the lip balm in my #NottsMeetSep14 goody bag. The soap is just as lovely as the lip balm and will make a great stocking filler gift, if you're already thinking about Christmas presents for your friends and family.

I'm so glad to have been introduced to this wonderful family run business and will definitely be trying more of their handmade cosmetics and skincare in the future.

Have you tried anything from Harlequin Cosmetics?

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*Item gifted in event goody bag


  1. That bar of soap looks so weird and funky!
    I haven't tried Harlequin yet, but after reading this post, if I do come across them, I might give them a try!
    Thank you for a great read xxx

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    1. Thanks lovely, glad you enjoyed the post! I definitely recommend trying out their products. They're all so affordable & Harlequin Cosmetics are bringing out their own Christmas products soon. xo

  2. I love finding new skincare brands to try. I can't believe how inexpensive both products are too. I really like the design on the soap, definitely want to place an order.


    1. Aww so pleased I've helped you to find a new skincare brand! Let me know what you think of the products if you decide to place an order. :) xo