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Doggy Gift Guide | Christmas 2014

Robin Rope Toy // Dog bed // Bow tie // Dog bone toy // Black leather collar // Doggy treats jar
One of my favourite things about Christmas day is getting to watch my two dogs open their presents. Jazz gets so excited that he then proceeds to try and help everyone open their presents too! I know some people think it's a bit silly to buy dogs Christmas presents but they bring so much happiness and joy to our lives that I personally think they deserved to be spoiled.

Next has a gorgeous range of dog toys, bedding and accessories this year and I absolutely love both the Robin rope toy and doggy treats jar! I also think bow tie collars are so adorable and funny but I've got a feeling my two would much prefer a studded collar because I'm sure in the dog world that would be seen as way cooler no?

Whilst hunting for ideas for my doggy gift guide, I came across this dog advent calendar from the Dogs Trust webstore. It's such a cute idea and I like that all of the money goes back into the charity, which cares for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs across the UK.

An alternative idea is to sign your dog up to a monthly subscription box. Yes they're a little on the pricey side (£15 - £20 per month) but I've got to say, some of them look way more exciting than many of the beauty subscription boxes on the market! Not only that but the likes of Pawsomebox and Pooch Pack donate a proportion of their profits to dog rescue centres and charities, so they get extra bonus points from me!

What will you be treating your doggy to this Christmas?
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My Top 3 Nail Polishes for Autumn

Models Own Fizzy Cola Bottles - £4.99 // Topshop Heart of Gold - £5.00 // Essie Eternal Optimist - £7.99
If you read my top 3 autumn lipsticks post, you will have seen that I’m into the classic berry lip this season, but when it comes to nails it’s all about gold and chocolatey shades, with two of my favourites being Topshop’s Heart of Gold and the Fizzy Cola Bottles scented nail polish by Models Own. Heart of Gold has a more metallic finish, whereas the Fizzy Cola Bottles polish is glittery, but both are equally as lovely and look great no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

Like in the lipsticks post, my third autumn nail polish is completely different from the other two and is the perfect offering for those favouring more neutral, toned-down nails this season. Eternal Optimist by Essie is a dusky pink shade that I’ve raved about on numerous occasions and is my go-to polish. It’s one of those pinks that everyone can wear, as it’s a fairly muted shade.

Unfortunately I’m not so great when it comes to nail art, so applying Eternal Optimist on my nails (with a coat of Seche Vite on top) and doing a Heart of Gold accent nail is about as creative as I get, but I think it adds a nice touch and I’ve received numerous compliments every time I’ve done it!

So there we have my top three nail polishes for autumn! 
What are your three favourites?

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Christmas Tree World Giveaway!

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm so excited to decorate my tree! I'm planning on going for a red and white colour scheme this year so I've been collecting plenty of images on my Christmas Pinterest board to use as inspiration. I love Scandinavian Christmas prints but I also like the idea of making it quite rustic and cosy, so I'm probably going to end up combining the two.

I'm looking forward to shopping for new decorations at the weekend, so I'll definitely do a little post once I've got everything I need. I've also got some gift guide posts coming up and I'd like to try and do a little festive-themed 'DIY' style post soon, so we'll have to see what happens!

Speaking of Christmas trees and decorations, the lovely people at Christmas Tree World have been kind enough to offer a £50.00 online voucher to one of my readers! All you need to do to enter the giveaway is follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. It's a UK only giveaway and it will last for one week.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rafflecopter seem to be having a little trouble with their new widgets, so if you can't see it above, click this link here.

Head on over to the Christmas Tree World website and you'll see that there's so many lovely things to buy for your home including festive lights, blossom trees, fibre optic trees and of course, traditional Christmas trees. The winner is going to have so much fun spending their voucher!

#BloggersSecretSanta14 | Nottingham Blogger Meetup

Last weekend I attended the #BloggersSecretSanta14 meet up at the Ned Ludd in Nottingham, hosted by the lovely Hannah and Emma. I was feeling very nervous when I got there, but the ladies I sat with were so, so lovely and I scanned the room and saw a few familiar faces including Leah, Ellie and of course Suzie from Xenca who I met at the #NottsMeetSep14 meet up.

After everyone had arrived and we’d had time for a quick chat, we were given the first talk of the day from Ian ‘the UK friendly guy!’ He introduced us to two products I’d not come across before: The Ultimate Fix nail spray and the Hello breath spray. I was particularly interested in the nail spray as it is designed to dry each layer of nail varnish you apply so it doesn’t chip as easily. The breath spray was so cutely packaged and the flavour ‘Pink Grapefruit Mint’ certainly sounds interesting so I’ll give it a whirl! Be sure to look out for reviews of these products on Seek My Scribbles in the near future.
Hello breath spray & The Ultimate Fix // Lekha giving the MERUMAYA presentation // The lovely Sarah getting a Lush hand massage from Charlie!
Next up was the MERUMAYA presentation, given to us by the lovely Lekha. Again, I hadn’t really heard of MERUMAYA before so it was great to be introduced to a new British brand.

After Lekha had talked through all of the products and let us have a little try (I quickly fell in love with the serum) it was time to do the raffle. I was so excited when my number was pulled out but I managed to contain myself, instead letting out a little ‘whoop!’ I’ve won 5 full sized MERUMAYA products (including the serum eee) and I can’t wait to try them out!
Suzie (who I didn’t get a photo of as I was eating at this point – bad blogger) gave the next talk about Xenca. I really love that she gave a completely different presentation to the one at #NottsMeetSep14, focusing mainly on health and nutrition. We were also lucky enough to get a sample of the Xenca Five a day+ to try. I’ve managed it 4 days in a row so far – starting as I mean to go on! I’ll definitely be doing a separate post on this so I can explain what it is and what it does, but if you are eager to know, go and chat to Suzie on Twitter!
Last but certainly not least, three members of the Lush Nottingham team, Holly, Ivy and Charlie, gave a really interesting talk about the history of the company, their ethics and some of their amazing Christmas products. We also got to make our own bath bomb, which as a BIG Lush fan I thought was so exciting! I chose to make the Cinders bath bomb and I can’t wait to use it.
After all that excitement we were then given our Secret Santa gifts. I opened mine to find the most beautiful writing set I have even seen, a long with some jellybeans, reindeer dust and a beautiful leaf necklace. I love everything so, so much! We were also given a goodie bag, which as you can see in the top photo is packed full of exciting products. I’ll definitely be writing about these more in future blog posts, because I think this one’s long enough don’t you?

Before I go I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Hannah and Emma for organising such a wonderful day and for the effort they put into getting all the products for the goodie bags.

Usually people have months to organise these things and they did it in six weeks, which is pretty impressive! I also just want to quickly thank all of the brands that were kind enough to gift us all of the goodies along with Suzie, Ian, Lekha and Lush Nottingham for taking time to talk to us all and share their products with us.  Oh and last but not least the Ned Ludd for having us – the food was delicious, so if you’re in Nottingham some time you should definitely go!

I know some people feel really nervous about going to meet ups (I always do too) but if there’s a meet up happening near you, just brave it! It will be so worth it as you get to meet so many lovely bloggers (who you will have lots in common with) and also get to know more about brands you are interested in.


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Anti-Blemish System | First Look

For a while now I have been using La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo+ anti-blemish cream to improve the look of my skin, so I was so very excited when this landed on my doorstep! The Effaclar Anti-Blemish System*, which is the brand's biggest launch of the year, provides everything you need for a three-step skincare regime (cleanse, tone, hydrate) with steps familiar to all women.

I plan on doing an in depth review of this skincare set by La Roche-Posay once I've given it a fair trial, but I thought I'd give you a 'first look' as I know these products will be of interest to many of you!

The set includes an Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser, an Effaclar Clarifying Toner and the good old Effaclar Duo+ anti-blemish cream. The products are designed to be used twice a day (morning and evening) with the aim of creating significantly clearer-looking skin within four weeks. I have been using the products for just five days and I've already noticed that my 'problem area' (around my chin) looks so much clearer, so I feel like it's already taking things in the right direction!

I'm going to give it a couple more weeks until I share a full review, so I can talk about the results properly, but if you have already tried this set, be sure to let me know what you think. 

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Anti-Blemish System is available from Boots for £32.50.
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*PR item sent in exchange for an honest review.

New Lush Buys | Christmas Collection

Drummers Drumming - £5.25 // Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50
If there's one thing for sure, Lush certainly know how to get everyone excited about Christmas! Every year I look forward to seeing their Christmas collection of products and this year was no different. Although they have bought back some of my favourites from last year including Candy Mountain and Magic Wand, I decided to go for some of the bubble bars and bath ballistics I hadn't tried before instead.

After enjoying the reusable Magic Wand bubble bar so much last year, I was immediately drawn to Drummers Drumming, another reusable bubble bar on a stick. This one is supposed to have a 'strawberries and cream' scent so I'm looking forward to testing out. Last year I got so many baths out of my Magic Wand bubble bar, so I'm hoping this is just as good.
Butterbear - £1.95 // The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25
The other bubble bar I picked up was The Christmas Hedgehog, purely because it looked so, so cute. Unfortunately mine had a bit of a squashed face and although I've still not worked out what hedgehogs have to do with Christmas, I love it all the same! This one is made of organic shea and cocoa butters so it should be really kind and soothing on the skin.

Although bubble bars are my favourite Lush products, I decided to pick up a few bath bombs to try and was immediately drawn to the Luxury Lush Pud because of it's beautiful bright colours. I bet this one is going to make my bath water look so magical! I also chose the Butterbear for my mum because it looked so cute and I knew she'd love it.
So White - £3.50
Last but not least I chose 'So White' after hearing Zoella talk about it in one of her videos. This is the only one I've used so far and I loved it so, so much! It has a gorgeous sweet apple scent and although it isn't the most exciting bath bomb in terms of colour, it contains so many lovely ingredients that leave the skin feeling silky smooth. I'll definitely getting another one of these before Christmas is over.

If you haven't already be sure to check out Lush's Christmas range. As well as their beautiful individual products, they also do amazing gift sets (I have my eye on the Once Upon A Time gift set) and festive printed knot wraps (a great alternative to wrapping paper).

Yesterday at the #BloggersSecretSanta14 blogger event I attended, we got to make our own Christmas themed Cinders bath bomb with the Lush Nottingham team. It was so much fun, so I'll definitely be sharing a post about it later this week!

Which products are you loving from the Lush Christmas range?


Sundays are for me.

According to new findings from relationship site eHarmony.co.uk more than half of all Brits (61%) aren’t getting enough down time each week, resulting in them feeling overly tired, stressed and even depressed. ‘Me Time,’ classed as time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to doing something for others, is a rarity for the majority of people, with one in six saying they have no ‘Me Time’ at all and one in ten having less than five hours a week.

I would say I’ve got ‘Me Time’ down to a T and the way I ensure I get time to relax and unwind is by making Sundays just for me. Working at home, I often find it difficult to switch off, which is why I think it is so important to have a work-free day on Sunday, instead spending the day doing whatever I want to do.

Whilst some Sundays I will go out for breakfast with my partner before returning home to chill, others I will spend relaxing at home, catching up on my favourite blogs and maybe even having a little pamper session. I think Sundays are the perfect day for pampering yourself as you have time to relax in a nice hot bubble bath, put on a face mask, paint your nails and do everything that you don’t have time to do in the week!

Seeing as I've mastered the art of ‘Me Time’ the lovely people at eHarmony have asked me to set my readers a Sunday Challenge as part of their Love Sundays campaign. As Seek My Scribbles is a beauty & lifestyle blog I thought I’d set you a pampering challenge. Enjoy!

Sunday Challenge: Pop on your favourite facemask, light a scented candle and take a relaxing hot bubble bath. 

Why? The facemask will work wonders on your skin and the candle and bubble bath will leave you feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to face work on Monday.

Tip: Use a lavender scented bath product to calm the mind and relieve any aches or pains you’re experiencing. One of my favourites is the Twilight bath bomb from Lush.

 Let me know how you get on with the challenge by sending a tweet (@meganjane03) using the hashtag #LoveSundays  

Do you think you get enough ‘Me Time?’ 
PS, eHarmony has kindly offered Seek My Scribbles readers 3 months membership at a discounted price of £14.85 a month, simply use the code 'MYSCRIBBLES' when signing up!

Five to follow this Friday #1

I thought I'd start a new little feature here on Seek My Scribbles called 'Five to follow this Friday.' The idea is simple - I'm going to share five bloggers, Youtubers, brands, authors, Twitter accounts (whatever I like really) with you, explain why they're awesome and then it's up to you to go and follow them!

1. Jane Hunt
For me there's no one better to kick off with than my wonderful mum, Jane. Not only is she the author of The Dragon Legacy (pssst. her second book The Revenge Masquerade will be out in December) but she's also a rather awesome book blogger. Head over to her blog, First Steps and see for yourself. I'm sure she'll help you find some fabulous new reads!

2. Hannah Maggs
I can't even remember how I found Hannah's YouTube channel but I'm so glad I did. Hannah, Stef (her husband) and Grayson (aka Gracie their gorgeous little son) are such a lovely little family and I love watching their weekly vlogs. I think the thing that really stands out to me about their channel is how beautifully all of the vlogs are shot. They're not your average 'hold the camera in front of your face' vloggers. The editing is exquisite and they always have the perfect soundtracks to go along with them.

3. China Blue Shoes
Are you a fan of Dr. Martens? Then you'll love the China Blue Shoes website! As well as stocking some of the top shoe brands including Dr. Martens, Vans and Converse, they also share weekly posts on their fashion blog written by your's truly. I'd love it if you went over and gave them a follow! In the New Year we'll also be putting together some more street style posts, so if you fancy being featured feel free to drop me an email.

4. A Little Opulent
A Little Opulent is a wonderful online lifestyle magazine run by best friends Rebecca and Jen (who both run lovely blogs individually too). They have a fabulous team of writers, artists and photographers behind them and cover a wide range of topics from art & design to beauty, DIY, style and much, much more. I always enjoy catching up on their articles on my lunch break and particularly like the posts aimed at freelancers like myself.

5. Very British Problems
This Twitter account is hilarious, particularly if you also happen to be an awkward Brit! They basically tweet about typical British sayings and the situations we find ourselves in. I love the tweets so much that James (my Mr) bought me the book for Valentine's Day!

I hope you enjoyed this post and would like to see Five to follow this Friday as a regular feature (maybe fortnightly).

 Let me know if you decide to follow anyone I've featured in this post!
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Go faux | A/W Trend

Faux Fur Jacket - Topshop // Faux Fur Stole - Topshop // Black Faux Fur Hem Dress - New Look // Stone Faux Fur Gillet - New Look // Faux Fur Tote Bag - New Look

When I was younger my mum would always pick me up from junior school wearing a gorgeous grey faux fur coat and I always admired it but never thought I’d be able to pull one odd myself. Fast-forward a few years (and by a few I mean a hell of a lot of years) and faux fur jackets are some of my favourite things in my wardrobe. In fact I’d say my new pink faux fur jacket (pictured below) is the best thing in there. Not only is it the most beautiful shade of pink, but it is so, so soft and so, so snuggly.

Next Pink Faux Fur Jacket - £48.00

Anyway my little ramble about my love for faux fur jackets has eventually bought me round to the point of this blog post – that faux fur is one of the biggest trends this season. Even if you’re not sure faux fur jackets are for you, there’s always gillets, bags and stoles that you can incorporate into your outfits to give a little nod to the trend.

I’m absolutely loving the black faux fur hem dress featured above. I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it would look awesome with black tights and a simple pair of ankle boots. I think the key to wearing faux fur well is definitely to keep it simple and subtle. My rule is to only wear one faux fur item at a time.

Oh and my other rule is to keep it faux. As my mum said the other morning, when we were discussing this post, it offers ‘all the style without the cruelty.’

What do you think of the faux fur trend? 

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My kind of pink

I don’t know about you, but I find pink makeup really quite tricky to work with. Although I’m often drawn to pale pink lipsticks (they’re just so pretty to look at) I usually find that when I try them at home they end up washing me out and slightly brighter Barbie pinks just don’t suit me. I’ve found that I can wear peachy pinks (most people can) but I tend to think of them as spring / summer shades, so what’s a girl to do for autumn / winter? Well luckily I’ve found my kind of pink and it’s what I tend to call ‘dusky pink.’

To me a ‘dusky pink’ is a slightly brown toned pink. It’s quite a subtle shade that I think is particularly well suited to paler ladies like myself. I find it so easy to wear as a lipstick or blush, paired with all sorts of eye shadows from neutral browns to shimmery golds. I also think it’d look great with a grey / silver smoky eye, though as I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’m still yet to master that look without the black eye effect.

Below I’ve shared three of my favourite ‘dusky pinks’ -  the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in Rose Tweed (which I recently featured in my autumn lipsticks post), the Bourjois cream blush in Sweet Cherry and finally Essie Eternal Optimist (which I gushed about in this post).

I’d say that these are some of my most ‘reached for’ products, especially at the moment where the peachy pinks in my makeup collection have taken a backseat. I’ve also discovered that the Bourjois cream blush in Sweet Cherry doubles up as a great pink lip shade and offers a powdery ‘sixties’ style finish.

What’s your favourite kind of pink shade to wear?

NKD SKN Medium Tinted Tan Mousse Review

NKD SKN Tinted Tan Mousse Medium - £14.99*
Until last week I had never ever used fake tan. I've always been worried about looking orange and in all honesty I'm really comfortable with being as pale as I am. Having said this, when the lovely people at NKD SKN Vita Liberata got in touch about their range of tanning products, I decided to put my fears aside and give it a go. I explained that I was a fake tan virgin and fairly pale so they kindly sent me their Tinted Tan Mousse in the shade Medium to try out.

Vita Liberata is based in Ireland and focuses on creating products made from natural, organic and Ecocert ingredients. They are known around the world for their luxury tan and skincare products and have a number of celebrity fans including Kelly Brook and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Despite all my worries about fake tanning, I found the mousse super easy to apply! All you have to do is exfoliate your body (no moisturising necessary), pop on a tanning mit, pump out the product and smooth it onto the skin, working from the bottom of your body to the top. The tan dried within seconds (there's no need to worry about it transferring onto your clothes or bedding) and didn't smell biscuity or of anything at all at this point.

Although I was an initially scared about the darkness of the colour, I needn't have worried as it quickly faded to a more natural 'sun kissed' shade. I am so, so pleased with the colour as my skin looked so similar to when it tanned during my holiday in Greece this summer!

The mousse was so light and easy to work with that even a tanning virgin like myself managed to apply it without it going patchy. A few days on and it has faded slightly, but everything looks fairly even so it gets a big thumbs up from me!

The only thing I will say is that although the tanning mousse was scent-less during application, I did find that before I showered the next day there was definitely a slight biscuity scent from the tanning product, however post-shower it had completely disappeared.

All in all I am so pleased that I tried the NKD SKN Medium Tinted Tan Mousse because it was so easy to use and gave me a lovely holiday-like tan. Although I know I'm not going to be tanning on a regular basis (I'm all for embracing your own complexion) it's good to know that I have the option to fake tan without any issues or worries when I want to!

Fancy trying out NKD SKN for yourself? Get 45% off by using the code SEEK45 (expires 19.11.14).

Do you use tanning products? Have you ever tried NKD SKN?
*PR sample sent in exchange for an honest review.

Colour Crush: Grey & Yellow

Grey table lamp - Made in Design // Yellow striped cushion - Amazon // Grey candle - Tesco // Tea cup - Made in Design // Retro yellow telephone - Furnish.co.uk // Grey suitcase - Graham & Green
Source: 1 // 2

A quick look at my Dream Home Pinterest board will tell you a lot about my preferred taste in decor - shabby chic. However more recently I've been loving contemporary, minimalist decor and have grown quite fond of grey and yellow as a colour combination. I love how it adds a touch of style and sophistication to rooms but still manages to make them look welcoming and homely.

Whilst I'm still dreaming about having my own house to decorate and fill with the fancy home accessories featured in the top image, for the time being I've satisfied my colour craving for grey and yellow by purchasing this Geo Print bedding. It instantly brightened up my room and the Mr (who is far less fond of my shabby chic styling) has even given it his seal of approval, so it's definitely a keeper.

Are you into grey and yellow? What other colour combinations do you love? 

MAC Cosmetics at Fragrance Direct

MAC Cranberry eyeshadow - £12.99* // MAC Syrup lipstick - £13.99*
Fragrance Direct is a fantastic website for getting perfume, makeup and skincare products from top brands at a discounted price and at the end of October they announced the exciting news that they would now be stocking MAC cosmetics! Yes that's right ladies, you can now purchase your favourite MAC lipsticks for just £13.99 instead of £15.50 - every penny makes a difference right?

The lovely team at Fragrance Direct were kind enough to send me the MAC Cranberry eyeshadow and Lustre lipstick in the shade Syrup. Cranberry is a gorgeous metallic red shade that is just so perfect for autumn. It's highly pigmented and is so easy to blend. I really enjoy using it with lighter copper shades and deep rusty browns.

I think MAC Syrup is a lovely 'every day lipstick.' It's a mauve-pink shade that is so easy to wear and being a Lustre lipstick, has a slight glossy finish to it, which I personally love. I think it looks very sophisticated on the lips as it's quite a subtle yet pretty colour.

I really love MAC lustres as they go on quite sheer, but you can build them up to get the finish you want. They're not at all drying and feel really lovely on the lips. Oh and if you've never tried MAC before, go and smell the lipsticks. Trust me - they have the most amazing vanilla scent!

MAC Cranberry & Syrup swatches

If you haven't already, be sure to head on over to the Fragrance Direct website and check out the new MAC range. There's all sorts of lovely products including lipsticks in all finishes, eyeshadows, the Studio Fix Foundation and much, much more. I'll definitely be heading to Fragrance Direct for future MAC purchases as it's worth saving a few pounds here and there when you can. Standard UK delivery costs £1.99 but you can currently get free delivery if you spend over £40.00 using the code FREEDEL40.

What are your favourite products from Mac?

*PR samples sent in exchange for a honest review.

5 items on my beauty wish list

1. TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Everyone seems to be talking about this highlighter by TheBalm and how wonderful it is, so I want to find out what all the fuss is about for myself! This honey hued luminiser is said to add a 'sexy sheen' to the cheeks and I don't know about you but I could definitely do with that, especially in the winter when everything is just a little more dull.

2. L'Oreal Paris Perfection Brow Artist Plumper
One of my favourite YouTubers, Amelia Liana has mentioned this in a couple of her videos and it sounds like such a great product for those (like me) who don't like doing their brows and just want something easy to do the job for them. It's very reasonably priced at just £5.99 and comes in dark brunette, blonde and transparent. I'll of course be going for dark brunette.

3. The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener
I know this is a bit of a random item to have on a beauty wish list, but I'm in desperate need of a large pencil sharpener! I've got so many things I need to sharpenen (including my beloved Rimmel eyeshadow crayon) but can't because I don't have a sharpener big enough. This one from The Body Shop looks like it should do the trick.

4. Tanya Burr Individual Lashes
In all honesty I wasn't very excited about Tanya Burr's false lashes collection as I don't tend to wear them anymore. But after seeing Estée (Essie Button) wearing some of the individual lashes in her October favourites video, I was instantly sold! She placed them in the outer corners of her eyes and they really opened them up and looked so pretty, so now I want to have a go and see if they can do the same thing for me.

5. Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow
For me autumn is all about metallic bronze and copper shades on the eyes and I absolutely love the look of this bronze high pigment excess shimmer eyeshadow from Max Factor. They apparently have a gel-like formula so I'm expecting them to feel quite lightweight on the eyes and have great lasting power.

If you've tried any of these products be sure to let me know what you think of them and feel free to share what's on your beauty wish list below!

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Personalised blog necklace by House of Wonderland

Personalised blog necklace* - House of Wonderland

Back in September I went to a fabulous blogger meetup (#NottsMeetSep 14) which you can read all about here. The two lovely hosts, Gemma and Leah had curated amazing goody bags for us all and one of my favourite items was this cute and quirky necklace by House of Wonderland. I absolutely love the fact it has been personalised with my blog name and that they had even designed it to match my blog colour scheme (at the time).

I've always loved initial and name jewellery, but I think a blog necklace is such a unique and special idea. Wearing a personalised blog necklace  would certainly make a talking point with others and may even help to get you a few more readers!

I also really like the fact that it has been handmade. As someone who used to make handmade jewellery, I know just how much time, effort and love goes into every piece that is carefully made.

You can buy your own custom blog / name necklace from House of Wonderland for just £10.00. It would also make a lovely secret santa gift for another blogger!

 Whilst you're on the House of Wonderland website, be sure to have a browse of their other items too. I think the stationery and Happy Jars would make the perfect stocking filler presents for Christmas.

*Item received in blog event goody bag

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Sunday Scribbles #5

Don't worry I'm not experimenting with a new look - I did this to my face for Halloween on Friday! James and I didn't have a 'mad one' this year, instead choosing to spend the evening eating pizza, drinking wine and catching up with two of our best friends. I couldn't resist getting a little 'spooky' though so I decided to whip out the temporary eye tattoos and put on some Halloween-themed nails. At least I thought they were Halloween themed when I bought them - turns out they were actually just nails that Jessy from Little Mix had designed with Elegant Touch. Still they served their purpose!

In today's Sunday Scribbles post I wanted to share three blog posts that I've really enjoyed reading this week...

Some truths about being a full time blogger - Lily Melrose

In this post Lily talks about some of the pros and cons of being a full time blogger and working for herself. I think it's a great read for anyone considering quitting their day jobs to start their own business or simply those interested in getting an insight into what it's like to blog full time. Although I'm not a full time blogger, I do work for myself so I found that I could really relate to some of the things Lily had to say.

We made: Butternut squash tagine - Little Winter

This foody post by Katy came at the perfect time for me as I have been looking for new vegetarian recipes to try out! The butternut squash tagine looks absolutely delicious and from Katy's explanation doesn't sound too complicated, so I'm definitely going to give it a go.

Finding your creative tribe (and why it's okay if it takes time) - JennyPurr

JennyPurr is one of my favourite blogs to read. I find Jen's posts so inspiring and can really relate to her as a fellow freelancer. This post is all about finding and surrounding yourself with people both professionally and personally that inspire you and help to fuel your creativity.

As much as I love working for myself (and I mean really love it) there are times when I wish I had a few freelancing friends who I could meet up with to bounce ideas off and even collaborate with on projects. Don't get me wrong, I never feel lonely, I have the most amazing family and best group of girl friends in my 'personal' life, but from a professional perspective, it would be great to connect with a few more freelancers / bloggers.

I always ramble in these Sunday Scribbles posts and they are a little random but I hope you've enjoyed the read. Do let me know how you spent your Halloween and be sure to check out the posts I've recommended!

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