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Doggy Gift Guide | Christmas 2014

Robin Rope Toy // Dog bed // Bow tie // Dog bone toy // Black leather collar // Doggy treats jar
One of my favourite things about Christmas day is getting to watch my two dogs open their presents. Jazz gets so excited that he then proceeds to try and help everyone open their presents too! I know some people think it's a bit silly to buy dogs Christmas presents but they bring so much happiness and joy to our lives that I personally think they deserved to be spoiled.

Next has a gorgeous range of dog toys, bedding and accessories this year and I absolutely love both the Robin rope toy and doggy treats jar! I also think bow tie collars are so adorable and funny but I've got a feeling my two would much prefer a studded collar because I'm sure in the dog world that would be seen as way cooler no?

Whilst hunting for ideas for my doggy gift guide, I came across this dog advent calendar from the Dogs Trust webstore. It's such a cute idea and I like that all of the money goes back into the charity, which cares for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs across the UK.

An alternative idea is to sign your dog up to a monthly subscription box. Yes they're a little on the pricey side (£15 - £20 per month) but I've got to say, some of them look way more exciting than many of the beauty subscription boxes on the market! Not only that but the likes of Pawsomebox and Pooch Pack donate a proportion of their profits to dog rescue centres and charities, so they get extra bonus points from me!

What will you be treating your doggy to this Christmas?
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  1. I used to buy my dog presents at Christmas too, she always looked for them and got really excited.


    1. Aww! I love how excited they get by presents! xo

  2. We're the same always treat them at Christmas, we lay them out on the floor for them to get all excited over. I love the robin!!

    1. Aww that's so cute! My cat likes to get involved too but he's more interested in the wrapping paper than presents haha xo