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Five to follow this Friday #1

I thought I'd start a new little feature here on Seek My Scribbles called 'Five to follow this Friday.' The idea is simple - I'm going to share five bloggers, Youtubers, brands, authors, Twitter accounts (whatever I like really) with you, explain why they're awesome and then it's up to you to go and follow them!

1. Jane Hunt
For me there's no one better to kick off with than my wonderful mum, Jane. Not only is she the author of The Dragon Legacy (pssst. her second book The Revenge Masquerade will be out in December) but she's also a rather awesome book blogger. Head over to her blog, First Steps and see for yourself. I'm sure she'll help you find some fabulous new reads!

2. Hannah Maggs
I can't even remember how I found Hannah's YouTube channel but I'm so glad I did. Hannah, Stef (her husband) and Grayson (aka Gracie their gorgeous little son) are such a lovely little family and I love watching their weekly vlogs. I think the thing that really stands out to me about their channel is how beautifully all of the vlogs are shot. They're not your average 'hold the camera in front of your face' vloggers. The editing is exquisite and they always have the perfect soundtracks to go along with them.

3. China Blue Shoes
Are you a fan of Dr. Martens? Then you'll love the China Blue Shoes website! As well as stocking some of the top shoe brands including Dr. Martens, Vans and Converse, they also share weekly posts on their fashion blog written by your's truly. I'd love it if you went over and gave them a follow! In the New Year we'll also be putting together some more street style posts, so if you fancy being featured feel free to drop me an email.

4. A Little Opulent
A Little Opulent is a wonderful online lifestyle magazine run by best friends Rebecca and Jen (who both run lovely blogs individually too). They have a fabulous team of writers, artists and photographers behind them and cover a wide range of topics from art & design to beauty, DIY, style and much, much more. I always enjoy catching up on their articles on my lunch break and particularly like the posts aimed at freelancers like myself.

5. Very British Problems
This Twitter account is hilarious, particularly if you also happen to be an awkward Brit! They basically tweet about typical British sayings and the situations we find ourselves in. I love the tweets so much that James (my Mr) bought me the book for Valentine's Day!

I hope you enjoyed this post and would like to see Five to follow this Friday as a regular feature (maybe fortnightly).

 Let me know if you decide to follow anyone I've featured in this post!
PS, There's still plenty of time to enter my Ted Baker Giveaway.


  1. Great post Megan I will definitely check out that Twitter account. Thanks for including me #fab #daughter

    1. You're always welcome Mum! Think you'll enjoy the Very British Problems tweets! xo

  2. I love that twitter account I find it hilarious!

  3. Love 'VBP' - always gives me a good chuckle!
    LOVE the fact your mum reads your blog and comments more! :D