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My Top 3 Nail Polishes for Autumn

Models Own Fizzy Cola Bottles - £4.99 // Topshop Heart of Gold - £5.00 // Essie Eternal Optimist - £7.99
If you read my top 3 autumn lipsticks post, you will have seen that I’m into the classic berry lip this season, but when it comes to nails it’s all about gold and chocolatey shades, with two of my favourites being Topshop’s Heart of Gold and the Fizzy Cola Bottles scented nail polish by Models Own. Heart of Gold has a more metallic finish, whereas the Fizzy Cola Bottles polish is glittery, but both are equally as lovely and look great no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

Like in the lipsticks post, my third autumn nail polish is completely different from the other two and is the perfect offering for those favouring more neutral, toned-down nails this season. Eternal Optimist by Essie is a dusky pink shade that I’ve raved about on numerous occasions and is my go-to polish. It’s one of those pinks that everyone can wear, as it’s a fairly muted shade.

Unfortunately I’m not so great when it comes to nail art, so applying Eternal Optimist on my nails (with a coat of Seche Vite on top) and doing a Heart of Gold accent nail is about as creative as I get, but I think it adds a nice touch and I’ve received numerous compliments every time I’ve done it!

So there we have my top three nail polishes for autumn! 
What are your three favourites?

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  1. I never normally paint my nails as they are constantly breaking :(
    But I have started to get those nail treatments for them so fingers crossed they will be growing lovely soon.
    These colours are so nice I especially love the Models Own one! I might have to look out for that one in the shops.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

    1. I'm sure they will be lovely! The Models Own polish is gorgeous & I love the fact it actually smells of fizzy cola bottles! xo

  2. The Models Own one is just so pretty - may have to invest in my own bottle! Topshop's gold one is by far my favourite though, just so festive! <3 xx


    1. The Topshop nail polish is so pretty isn't it? I couldn't find it on the website but they have another gold polish that looks lovely too! xo

  3. I genuinely LOVE every shade you've picked :) I might try and get the Essie and Models Own ones in the 2 for 3 at Superdrug! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Let me know if you pick them up! :) xo