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La Roche-Posay 3-Step Anti-Blemish System Review

A few weeks ago you may have seen my first look post for the 3-Step Anti-Blemish System by La Roche-Posay. Well I’ve been using it for a little while now so I thought it was about time I shared a full review with you – especially since some of you may be thinking of getting it as one of your Christmas presents! 

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System* features three different products: a gel cleanser, clarifying toner and corrective cream, which together ‘work in synergy to dramatically improve the look and feel of the skin.’ The skincare brand has specifically designed this set to tackle key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin including:

  • Blemishes
  • Enlarged pores
  • Excess sebum
  • Uneven & rough skin texture
  • Red & brown marks

Now I wouldn’t say I have oily skin, but my chin is prone to blemishes and scarring. So did this set help to tackle my problem area? Let’s find out…

Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser

The Effaclar Purifying Gel Cleanser is designed to target excess sebum and impurities. You simply squeeze a little onto your fingers, add a splash of water to work it into a lather and massage it onto your face and neck using gentle circular motions. The product is really easy to use and a little definitely goes a long way! I like that after rinsing it off, my skin always feels really clean and fresh. I wouldn't say it's the most exciting cleanser in the world but it certainly does everything you would expect a cleanser to do.

Effaclar Clarifying Toner

The next step is to use the Effaclar Clarifying Toner which is designed to target large pores and oily skin. This product isn't actually available to purchase on it's own in the UK, which is a bit of a pain but with any luck they'll introduce it soon!

One of the things I like most about this toner is the fact that it contains salicylic acid and lactic acid, both of which are great for gently exfoliating the skin. I have also found that it really helps to reduce the pores around my nose, even more so than the pore-reducing primer I was usually previously.

As I mentioned before, I don't have the oiliest of skin but I do find that this toner really helps to reduce shine, especially on my T zone area.

Effaclar Duo+ Anti Blemish Cream

The final step is to apply the Effaclar Duo+ Anti Blemish Cream, which is designed to target blemishes, pores and marks. I have been using this anti blemish cream for quite a while now and even after trying the other products in the set, it's still my favourite!

La Roche-Posay recommend that you apply a thin layer of the cream all over your face morning and evening, however I tend to just apply it to the areas that I think need it, namely my chin and it does everything I need it to. For me it is definitely the star product of the set! It's great for soothing the skin, calming irritation and clearing up nasty spots and blemishes. I also find that it really helps to prevent scarring. It's one of those products that I really believe in and is therefore a key part of my skincare routine.

All in all I think the La Roche-Posay 3-Step Anti-Blemish System is a great set for those looking for a simple skincare routine that will help to tackle oiliness and blemishes. After using it morning and night for almost a month I have found that it has already helped to improve the appearance of my skin and I don't think it's a coincidence that my 'problem area' has remained blemish-free (apart from the odd pesky hormone spot).

Please keep in mind that I am not a skincare expert and I can only speak from my own experiences, so if you want to find out more about this skincare set, I highly recommend giving the La Roche-Posay team a tweet! You can also head on over to their website to learn more about the 3-Step Anti-Blemish system and what specific ingredients are designed to target.

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish system is available from Boots for £32.50. It's also currently part of their 3-for-2 offer.

Is the Three Step Anti-Blemish System from La Roche-Posay something you'd like to try? 
Are you a fan of the Effaclar Duo+ cream? 
Let me know in the comments below!

*This item was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I love la Roche posay, this 3 step programme sounds great xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

    1. I've really enjoyed using it! Trying out a few other skincare products at the moment but the Effaclar Duo+ is something I always go back to and I've also still been using the cleansing gel most mornings! xo

  2. Replies
    1. I definitely think it's worth trying, especially since you like the Effaclar duo cream! xo

  3. At the moment I'm using this system myself and whilst I adore Effaclar Duo + I think the system as a whole is drying my skin out, especially around my nose area. I've cut it right back to using everything just once per day now.

    I've also only ever used Duo on my chin and forehead so I'm pretty sure its not that. I think it's a combination of the cleanser and toner together.

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Yeah it could just be too much for your skin lovely! I've not had any issues with it but I've got some other skincare products to try now so I've just been using the cleansing gel in the morning and Effaclar Duo+ on the days I need it. xo

  4. Acne is just one big bitch! You clear it up then you have to find stuff for the scarring! I've always been tempted by La Roche Posay but it's just too expensive atm! I've been swearing by apple cider vinegar and african black soap as well as cutting down on caffeine which has all really helped.