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Sunday Scribbles #6

I haven't done a Sunday Scribbles for a while, so I thought it was about time I sat down and did a  'catch-up' style post! Like the majority of people, I've been pretty busy with Christmas coming up, which is why I've not been posting as often. I'm hoping to get back into posting every other day in the New Year as I did try posting every day but it's just too hard!

I'm really looking forward to Christmas - I've just got two days of work left and then I can look forward to spending some quality time with my family! James and I are heading out on Christmas Eve to do some last-minute shopping. It's going to be awfully busy, but it's kind of a tradition of ours! Speaking of Christmas traditions, I've got a little post going up on the China Blue Shoes blog tomorrow about how I spend Christmas Day and what I love about it, so be sure to look out for that.

In other news, I've dyed my hair! My mum and I decided to have a go at using the Rouge Henna from Lush and it's amazing. We're both so happy with how it turned out and the process of doing it was actually really straightforward. I'm not sure how well you can tell in the photograph but my hair now has lovely red / copper tones running through it. I'm really happy with it and also love how my mum's hair has turned out. She has much lighter hair than I do and her's has gone a fiery copper colour, it's gorgeous! If you'd like me to do a little review / tutorial post, let me know as it's definitely something I can do for you.

The Dragon Legacy and The Revenge Masquerade by Jane Hunt (my mum!)

And the last piece of news to share is that my mum's new book, The Revenge Masquerade, was released this week. I'm immensely proud of her! If you are looking for a new book to read, you can buy it for your Kindle from Amazon UK or Amazon US. You can also buy book one, The Dragon Legacy here.

I'll definitely be posting again before Christmas, so for now, Happy Sunday!


  1. I've wanted to try the henna from Lush for ages! It's looks lovely and your hair looks so beautiful and healthy!

    1. Thank you Lily! I've not had my hair cut for ages (naughty) but it feels so good now I've coloured with with the Henna! I definitely recommend trying it. The application is really straightforward, it's just the washing it out that's a little messy but so, so worth it! xo

  2. Love the hair and big congrats to your mum re the book!! So exciting!


    B xx

    1. Thanks Becky! Have a lovely Christmas! xo

  3. That hair colour looks so good on you, you look amazing! Love that sparkly bauble too :) x
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