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The best Christmas jumpers of 2014

Polar Bear Jumper - Next // Gingerbread Jumper - Next // Fairisle Snowflake Jumper - Boohoo.com // Bell Motif Jumper - Topshop // Neon Fairisle Jumper - F&F // Pink Reindeer Christmas Jumper - New Look
Christmas jumpers are something you either love or hate and here in the Hunt family household, we have a lot of love for them! This year I bought myself a cute Christmas pudding jumper from a Next clearance store (see it here) but since that's not available online I thought I'd put together some of my other favourites. If you've still not treated yourself to a festive jumper for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, maybe one of these will take your fancy!

I think the Gingerbread and Bell motif jumpers are adorable but I also really like fairisle prints. The red one is more of a traditional fairisle jumper whereas the grey and pink neon one is a little more quirky and modern. I think the pale pink jumper with the reindeer face will look lovely with a blouse underneath and a peter pan colour peeping over the top. My mum has bought herself the Polar Bear jumper and the most amazing thing about it is that it has pom poms...who doesn't love pom poms?!

Will you be sporting a Christmas jumper over the festive period?