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The Body Shop & RSPCA: Testing on Bloggers

There’s many things I love about the beauty industry, namely the beautiful and innovative products that come out of it, which I get to discuss here on this blog, however there’s one thing that I just can’t stand and that’s animal testing.

Is there really a need to test cosmetics on animals? The simple answer is no. However the sad truth is that around twenty seven thousand animals are still used for cosmetics testing by brands across the world. Yes that’s twenty seven thousand+ animals that suffer in the name of beauty. Rather sickening isn’t it?

Thankfully there are a number of companies that are well and truly against testing cosmetics on animals. One such company is The Body Shop who have recently teamed up with the RSPCA to create a campaign called ‘Testing on Bloggers, which I'm so excited to be a part of!

But before I go onto show you the lovely products I was sent to test, I urge you to join the RSPCA in calling for the top ten global cosmetic companies to ‘Makeover the World.’ It is their aim to get these companies to commit to not using animals to develop new products or ingredients, not market further products in countries where animal testing is required and to contribute towards the development of humane alternative methods. I've signed the petition & it would be fantastic if you did too!

Face & Body Brush - 16.00* // Shimmer Waves Bronze - £16.00*
Out of all of The Body Shop makeup products I got to test, the Face & Body Brush and the Shimmer Waves bronzer / blush are my favourites. The cruelty-free brush is literally the softest makeup brush I've ever had the pleasure of using and the Shimmer Waves bronzer is something I've had my eye on for a while. I've been using the brush to gently sweep the Shimmer Waves bronzer / blush over my cheeks to add a lovely healthy glow to my complexion. I also really love how versatile Shimmer Waves is. You can use the shades individually (even as eyeshadows) or sweep them together for a unique blend.

Head in the Sky Eyeshadow - £7.00* // Eyeshadow Blender Brush - £10.00* // Define & Lengthen Mascara - £10.00* // Oh Honey Eyeshadow - £7.00* // Liquid Eyeliner - £9.00*
The Body Shop also kindly sent me a number of eye makeup products to use. First up we have Head in the Sky which is a lovely lilac-blue matte eyeshadow from their Colour Crush range. This isn't normally a colour I'd pick up but I think it's so pretty, especially with my new red hair! My favourite out of the two eyeshadows though is Oh Honey. This is a lovely pearlescent gold colour which is so easy to work with. I've been applying both of these eyeshadows with my new blending brush, which like the face brush is cruelty-free and beautifully soft!

I've also really enjoyed using the liquid eyeliner and mascara. I'd say the liquid eyeliner is quite wet, so you will need to make sure you leave it a second to dry but aside from that it's really easy to create a good old flick! The Define and Lengthen mascara really lives up to it's name, in that it does exactly that. Whilst I do like the volume my other mascara gives, I think this is great for coating those hard-to-reach lashes in the corner of the eye, as well as the bottom lashes.
Colour Crush Shine Lipstick shade 18 Sunset Romance - £10.00*
Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in the shade Sunset Romance. This is a gorgeous corally-pink shade, which I think will be perfect for the summer time. This lipstick is so easy to wear because it just adds a light wash of colour to the lips. It's really easy to apply and I love that it gives my lips a 'juicy' finish. It's not the longest lasting lipstick in the world (you need a matte lipstick for that) but it's so easy to apply that it doesn't really matter one bit.
A quick makeup look using the products features in this post!
And that's everything! Thanks for sticking with me. I know it was a pretty long post but I really wanted to talk about how I feel about animal testing rather than just concentrating on the products. I hope you enjoyed the read! Please let me know if you sign the campaign and which products you like the sound of! 
*All of these products were given to me to review as part of the Testing on Bloggers campaign.


  1. I love this and think this is a fab campaign - I totally agree with you about animal testing, it is such a shame that some countries mandate it as well as that seems to be the huge blocking force at the moment which keeps companies doing it! The body shop products look lovely - I haven't tried any of their make up before but I really should! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I find it so bizarre that in 2014, when we have all of this amazing technology at our fingertips, that someone hasn't come up with a cosmetic testing alternative that doesn't involve having to put poor animals through hell and back. It's so ridiculous!

      On a brighter note, the Body Shop makeup is amazing! Maybe start out with one of the lipsticks and the shimmer wave (because it doubles up as blusher / highlighter and eyeshadow) to see if you like it! xo

  2. I have been supporting cruelty free beauty for over thirty years its good to see young women committed to this cause.