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January Favourites

So the first month of 2015 is nearly over and I hope it’s been good to you so far! I’ve been pretty busy with work this month but I’ve still had time to play around with some new makeup and beauty products. Unsurprisingly my January favourites are all Christmas presents I received! Let’s get started…

My Wardrobe Staples

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Jeggings - I think jeggings are possibly one of the best fashion inventions ever and I can't believe it took me so long to get some. I know I shouldn't be excited about anything with an elasticated waist at the age of twenty four but they're just so comfortable! If you buy the right pair, it's hard to tell they're not real jeans. I like to get mine from Next!

6 tips for switching off at night

Does anyone else find that their brain is particularly active right before they go to sleep? I often find myself playing out scenes in my head, thinking about all the things I need to do the next day and even pondering the ‘what ifs’ of my life. I think it can be really difficult to switch off at night, especially if you work from home or write most of your blog posts in the evenings, so I thought I’d share some of the things I do to try and wind down.

My least favourite beauty chores

As a beauty blogger, it'll come as no surprise that I love skincare and makeup. I'll happily spend ages in the bathroom pampering myself and I'll schedule extra time before I go out just so I can enjoy doing my makeup. But there are some beauty tasks that I find a chore and it's those I'm sharing with you today...

The value of doing what you love

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Sometimes I feel guilty about loving my job. Is that weird? Until I started working for myself, I always felt like work was something you had to do, rather than something you want to do. Doing what I love for a living has completely changed my life and although it’s great to be earning money, I feel like it offers so much more than just that.

Are you doing what you love? If not, what’s stopping you?

Pawsomebox - The subscription box for dogs!

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Pawsomebox* - £15.90
I like to think of Pawsomebox as the Birchbox of the dog world. It’s basically a monthly subscription box that is packed full of toys, accessories and treats that have been handpicked for your dog’s size, breed, age and preferences. A surprise delivery from Pawsomebox on Saturday had my two boys, Jazz and Oby incredibly excited (so much so that Jazz tried to run off with the box as I was unpacking it!)

What's on my beauty wishlist?

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Tom Ford lipstick in Beau // Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Pink // Maybelline Color Drama lip pencil in Nude Perfection // Essie nail polish in Bahama Mama // Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer // Real Techniques Flat Contour brush // Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Flush

Now I've ticked Charlotte Tilbury off my lipstick wishlist, my next luxury purchase has got to be from the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection. After reading Latasha's post, I instantly fell in love with the shades Beau (featured above) and Flynn.

However the Tom Ford lipstick is not the only blogger-enabled purchase I want to make. The Instant Eraser Eye concealer, Tarte Amazonian Clay blush and Real Techniques Flat Contour brush have all received rave reviews lately.

The two other Maybelline offerings, the Color Drama lip pencil and the Color Tattoo eyeshadow are both products that I'm familiar with. I already own the lip pencil in the shade Keep it Classy but I'm keen to try Nude Perfection, as I'm really into nude lips right now. I also think the Color Tattoo in the shade Eternal Pink looks so, so pretty. I love these cream eyeshadows as they are so easy to apply and last all day long.

Finally, we have Essie Bahama Mama. Not only does it have a super cool name but it's also the most gorgeous plummy shade.

What's on your beauty wishlist right now?

Best shows to binge-watch on Netflix

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
Thinking of having a Sunday Netflix session? Here are some of my favourite shows to binge-watch...

The Vampire Diaries | Vampires, werewolves, eye candy (for both the ladies and gents) & great storylines (well in the first few seasons anyway - five's a bit iffy). On a side note, when you've finished season 4, make sure you watch The Originals (also on Netflix) because it's AMAZING and dare I say...even better than TVD.

Gossip Girl | An anonymous blogger, amazing fashion & Chuck Bass. What more could you want?Again, the first couple of seasons are the best. It's easy to watch and great for Sunday Netflix binges.

Suits | Law-based storylines, handsome men and a super witty woman (Oh Donna you are awesome). This is one that'll hook you in after just one episode and your boyfriend will love it too!

The Office | Easily one of the best shows ever. It's simply hilarious & will make for the perfect Netflix binge-fest. I dare you not to fall in love with Jim.

American Horror Story | Fancy watching something a little more creepy? AHS it is. I'm not usually into moderately scary shows but AHS really hooked me in. It's described as an anthology series as each season features different characters, storylines and settings, however they tend to use the same actors. Most people say it went downhill by season 3 but Coven was actually my favourite so far.

Others to add to your list: Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, White Collar, House & Sherlock.

What's your favourite show to binge-watch on Netflix?

5 tips for freelancing / working from home

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Take plenty of breaks | You'd take breaks if you worked in an office, so don't skip on them just because you work from home!

Taking breaks away from the computer is so important. I'm guilty of making my lunch and then sitting back down with my laptop and watching YouTube whilst I eat. The problem with this is that my eyes don't get a break from the screen and it often leads to nasty headaches.

Drink lots of water | Coffee is great. I mean really great. But water is so much better for you!

Only having to make coffee for one rather than a whole office full of people makes it a far less demanding task and often results in you drinking WAY more than you need to. Coffee is my favourite drink, it's divine, but if I drink too much I end up hot, shaky and unable to concentrate. If you're working from home, try and substitute some of your hot drinks for water, it's so much better for the brain and come to think of it, the skin too!

Create a workspace | Try not to work in places you associate with relaxation.

Creating a workspace outside of your bedroom is something I highly recommend. Sure it's wonderful to work from bed (especially on cold, gloomy days) but you want to keep your bedroom as a place for relaxing and unwinding, not working. Having a home office or workspace within your home is also beneficial for others. If they've just come home and you're still working, they won't disturb you and you won't make them feel like they have to tip toe around you.

Keep on top of your books | Schedule time every week to do your books. Don't leave them for months untouched.

One of the downsides of working for yourself is having to do your own tax returns and this means keeping on top of your books. I'm the first to admit that I'm rubbish with numbers, so even recording my incomings and outgoings stresses me out. Thankfully I have my lovely mum to lend me a helping hand!

Don't sell yourself short | You are brave, inspiring and hardworking. Be proud of what you have achieved so far.

My last piece of advice is definitely something I constantly have to remind myself and that's not to sell yourself short. I'm not talking about undercharging for your services (though you shouldn't do that either) but taking pride in what you do. Working for yourself isn't easy, despite what others may think. You have to be brave to take the risk and you have to put in a lot of work to get where you want to be. Next time someone asks you what you do for a living, tell them with confidence and pride.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it's a little different but I really wanted to share this advice as a reminder to myself and other freelancers / home workers out there. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that has long been on my radar, thanks to the many beauty blogs I read. Known for it's luxury rose gold packaging and beautiful products to match, when it came to writing my Christmas list, I knew a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick had to go at the very top. After much deliberation and a quick assessment of my lipstick collection, I decided to go for 'Bitch Perfect.'

Bitch Perfect is a warm nude pink shade, unlike any other I own. It's been dubbed the 'perfect nude' and it really is. I often find that nude shades wash out my pale complexion but Bitch Perfect is warm and very flattering.

The formula is creamy, without being slippery and is therefore very easy to apply. It feels really lovely on the lips and offers a sophisticated, satin finish. As a non-matte lipstick, you wouldn't expect a whole day's wear out of Bitch Perfect but it does last a good couple of hours. I've even managed to keep it on after eating and drinking, which is the mark of a good lipstick!

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Kissing Lipstick - £23.00

What can I say? The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bitch Perfect definitely didn't disappoint. In fact, I love it so much that I'm keen to broaden my collection. I love the look of the Lip Cheat lip liner in Pink Venus and the Sweet Stiletto lip lacquer, which combined with Bitch Perfect create a fuller glossy lip, perfect for an evening look. I've also had my eye on the eyeshadow palettes for a while now, namely The Vintage Vamp so maybe 2015 will be the year I make it mine!

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury products?
What's on your CT wishlist?

Back to basics: Stripes

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

Fashion trends come and go but if there's one pattern that never goes out of style it's stripes. The Breton stripe top has long been a wardrobe staple (apparently we've got Coco Chanel to thank for that) and I'm one of it's biggest fans. Paired with blue jeggings and a dainty necklace or tucked into a highwaisted denim or pleather skirt, striped tops are the basis of my go-to casual outfits.

If you feel like your wardrobe is lacking in the stripes department, I suggest you take a little trip to your local Primark. They've got stripy tops in all sorts of colour combinations and the best thing is they're only £4.00 each! I picked up these three striped tops in red and white, blue and white and black and white. Two of them have a scooped neck, but the blue and white stripe has a slashed neckline, which I found to be rather flattering on.

Oh and I know all of the fashion 'gurus' tell you that horizontal stripes make you look wider but I think it all depends on the size of the stripe. I find tops with thinner stripes tend to be the most flattering for my body shape. It's just about finding what works for you.

Are you a fan of the striped top? What are your other favourite fashion basics?

Urban Decay Black Magic Eyeliner Set review

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK

I've got a confession to make...before getting this lovely set of eyeliners for Christmas, I'd never tried anything from Urban Decay. Shocking I know! I've really been missing out.
Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Double Ended Pencil Set - £27.00

The Black Magic set from Urban Decay features four glide on eyeliner pencils, each of which are double ended. Four of them are coloured and the other four are different variations of the good old black eyeliner. On the coloured side you get Smoke - a grey matte, Tornado - a pearlescent purple, Demolition - a brown matte and LSD - a navy shimmer with bright micro-sparkle.

What I love about the shades is that they're all really wearable. The darker colours are great for creating a smoky-eye look and LSD is perfect for adding a pop of colour under the lower lash line.

Now I know you're probably wondering whether you can tell the difference between the black eyeliner shades in the set but as you can see from the swatches above, there is a noticeable difference. Black Velvet is a smoky black matte, Black Market a charcoal black satin, Zero a black cream and Perversion - the blackest black matte. Do I need four black eyeliners? No I don't, but that doesn't mean they won't get used! Perversion is definitely my favourite though. It's the blackest eyeliner I've ever come across!

As well as a beautiful shade range, this set from Urban Decay also offers eyeliners of exceptional quality. They have a gorgeous creamy formula, which makes them a pleasure to apply, they're easy to blend out (if that's what you want to do) and they also have fantastic lasting power. I can apply my makeup at the beginning of the day and the eyeliner will still be going strong hours and hours later.

For £27.00, I think the Urban Decay Black Magic eyeliner set is excellent value for money, as you are essentially getting eight eyeliners! The formula is spot on, the shade range is beautiful and you're guaranteed to never be without a trusty black eyeliner. What more could you want?

Home Office Inspiration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
If I had to give just one piece of advice to anyone considering working from home, it'd be to create a space purely for working in. The problem with trying to work in your bedroom or living room is that those places are for relaxing and you'll either find that you can no longer unwind in them or you'll struggle to concentrate.

Even though I'm currently living with my parents, I am very lucky that they have allowed me to turn one of the spare bedrooms into my home office. At the moment it's a little shabby chic haven with my  duck egg blue bureau, birdcage desk lamp and peony fairy lights and whilst I love it, I am already planning my next home office for when I move out, which all being well should be sometime this year.

At the moment I'm really into clean and minimal, monochrome desk spaces. I've been madly pinning home office inspiration images onto my Dream Home Pinterest board and I've already spotted the perfect desk from Ikea. The thing I think I'll find most difficult is finding a comfortable office chair. The one I use right now isn't all that comfortable and although these Eames-style chairs look amazing, I can't imagine they'd be that comfortable either? The search goes on!

Of course, no desk space would be complete without stationery and I've spotted so many things on Etsy I like, including the notepad above and these What Would Blair Waldorf Do pencils. I also really want to create some sort of pin board above my desk, where I can feature some of my favourite inspirational quotes, as well as cute polaroids I've taken on my Instax mini. Oh how I do love home planning!

Do you have a home office?
What would your dream office look like?

Skin Rehydration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
Overnight Recharge Night Cream - MERUMAYA* // Vitamin E Moisture Mask - The Body Shop
This past week or so I've been suffering from what only can be described as the mother of all colds. Since I started working from home I've been lucky not to catch many colds, a welcomed change from my days at school and university, but this one somehow managed to get the better of me.

Anyway I'm not here to moan about the unpleasantness of the common cold but rather share a few products I've been using to rehydrate my skin. Being run down and blowing my nose what feels like every five minutes (ew) has left my skin looking and feeling dry, dull and lifeless. Luckily I have plenty of lovely skincare products in my stash to repair it but it's been the MERUMAYA Overnight Recharge Night Cream and Vitamin E Moisture Mask by The Body Shop that have been my saviours.

The MERUMAYA Overnight Recharge Night Cream* boasts a number of different anti-ageing benefits but as a twenty four year old I'm not overly interested in those yet. I do however love the fact it leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and well-loved. It hydrates my skin over night and leaves it looking brighter and healthier come morning time. Unlike other night creams I've tried, it's not heavy on the skin and to top it all off, it smells divine!

Another fantastic product that I've been using to rehydrate my skin is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Mask. I do love a good face mask and this one ticks all of the boxes. You simply apply it to clean skin, leave it on for ten minutes and then gently wipe it off. My skin instantly feels hydrated and fully moisturised after using it and again, I love how it smells.

Which skincare products do you recommend for rehydrating the skin and giving it a pick me up?
*Item won in blogging event prize draw

Finding inspiration

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
When do you come up with your best ideas for blog posts? For me, it's usually when I'm relaxing in the bath or (annoyingly) when I'm trying to go to sleep. It's in those moments where I'm trying to switch off that my mind begins to wander and before I know it, I've reached for my iPhone and I'm tapping away in the notes app!

Coming up with ideas for blog posts isn't always the easiest of tasks, especially if you are attempting to post every day or every other day. So where do you go for inspiration? Below I've shared a few ideas that don't involve buying new products just for the sake of blogging!

Your makeup collection - If you're a beauty blogger, your collection of beauty products will always provide a great source of inspiration. From individual product reviews to 'top five' posts and monthly round ups, there's plenty of content that can be created from even the most modest of collections.

Pinterest - For lifestyle posts, I find Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration. Whether you are looking to create a dream home post featuring your favourite design trends or have found a quote that has inspired you to write about a particular topic, this image sharing platform has a lot to offer bloggers. Just be aware of copyrighted images and ensure you give credit where credit is due.

Your old blog posts - In my post all about blog updates & improvements, I talked about going back through old blog and giving them a tidy up. Well after starting to do this, I found myself noting down a list of ideas for future posts. From topics that could be expanded on further to new takes on old ideas, there's plenty of content that can be sourced from simply going through your blog archive.

Scribble it down
If like me, you don't have the best memory in the world, I suggest noting your ideas down as soon as they pop into your head! I use my Pukka Pad for scheduling posts but the notes app in my iPhone is so perfect for capturing ideas when I'm out and about, in the bath or lying in bed.

Where do you find inspiration for blog post ideas?

Sui Dreams by Anna Sui perfume review

Sui Dreams - £24.50

Over the years I’ve tried countless perfumes but the one I keep going back to is Anna Sui’s Sui Dreams. I think I first started wearing it when I was 16 / 17 but even at the age of 24, I still feel it suits me to a T. It’s my scent.

Sure, I can name a dozen perfumes with bottles that would look much prettier on my dressing table but it is the sweet yet warming and unmistakably feminine scent that makes Sui Dreams one of the most beautiful perfumes I’ve ever tried.

With Top Notes of Nectarine, Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange, Heart Notes of Freesia, Peach, Chinese Peony and Rose and Base Notes of Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Musk, Tahitian Vanilla and Anise, Sui Dreams offers the perfect balance of fruity and floral fragrances. On my skin, I find the sweetness of the vanilla really comes through.

Not only does it smell beautiful as soon as you’ve applied it but it also remains on the skin for long periods of time, something that I didn’t experience with my last perfume, Vivienne Westwood’s Naughty Alice.

The only real problem with Sui Dreams is that not many high street stores seem to stock it, so you'll probably have to buy it online, which is a bit risky if you've not tried it before. Perfume is a very personal thing and whilst I well and truly love Sui Dreams, it’s not going to be for everyone. If however, you like sweet, feminine scents then it may just be your cup of tea.

 Have you tried Sui Dreams? What’s your signature scent? 

ASOS Wishlist

Arrow necklace // Navy sweatshirt // Black and white stripy top //
Black shift dress // Blue and white stripy top // Black wrap dress
It's so typical that after deciding not to renew my ASOS Premier membership (having not shopped there for a few months) I've only gone and spotted a wardrobe's worth of dresses and jumpers that I want to buy. Window shopping on ASOS and adding products to my 'saved items' is one of my favourite pastimes, so I thought I'd share a few things that are in there right now.

As you can see I have a thing for black dresses and stripy tops. A lot of the items are from the 'tall' section as although I'm not 5"9 (just an inch off at 5"8) I have very long legs that often result in dresses and skirts looking way too short. I'm sure they're probably available in the 'normal' lengths too though.

My latest find was the little gold arrow necklace. I think it'd look so pretty with all of the dresses and jumpers featured above and I'm oh-so-tempted to add it to my collection!

What's on your ASOS wishlist?

Barry M Caspian Nail Polish

In Monday's post I mentioned that I'd be featuring a beautiful metallic polish at some point this week and it is no other than 'Caspian' from Barry M's Aquarium collection. What I love about Caspian is that it seems to change colour depending on the lighting. In some lights it's a rich gold colour and in others it looks more rose gold. It's just so beautiful.
Barry M Caspian - £3.99

Application is fairly straightforward, though as it's a metallic polish, you'll need three coats to achieve a streak-free finish. I use the Ultimate Fix nail spray to dry each layer of the nail polish and prevent chipping.

If you are looking to give a nod to the metallics trend this season, a nail polish like Caspian will do just that. Remember subtlety is the key to sophistication so whilst wearing a metallic nail polish or metallic handbag will look gorgeous, head to toe metallics is a big no no!

If gold isn't your colour, Barry M have plenty of other pretty shades in their Aquarium collection for you to choose from (I have my eye on the pink metallic, Mediterranean) and what's even better is that they only cost £3.99.

Thanks so much to Laura my Secret Santa for buying me Caspian for Christmas - I love it!

Merumaya Cleansing Balm review

It's rare for me to get excited about a cleanser but I have made an exception for the MERUMAYA Cleansing Balm. Why? It's simply wonderful.

I love that it is able to remove a full face of makeup without any trouble whatsoever. You simply squeeze a little onto your finger tips, massage it into your skin and it will start to melt your makeup away. You then add a little water to create a milky consistency and then remove it (along with your makeup) by either splashing your face with water or by using a muslin cloth (my preferred method).

Not only does the MERUMAYA Cleansing Balm* take off my makeup effortlessly but it also leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It comes in a squeezy tube, which I much prefer to pots and is also much more purse-friendly than the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (which it's often compared to) priced at £14.50.

The cleansing balm is one of the brand's best-selling products and is well-loved by the beauty blogging community, with rave reviews from the likes of Caroline Hirons and Essie Button. I'm aware that I'm late to the party with this one but better late than never!

Though I tend to use this cleansing balm in the evening, it is suitable for twice-daily use and can be used by all skin types. If you are a fan of cleansing balms or fancy trying one for the first time, I'd definitely recommend giving the MERUMAYA cleansing balm a go.

You can find out more about the benefits of this cleaning balm, it's ingredients and what inspired Maleka (the mastermind behind the brand) to create it by heading on over to the MERUMAYA website.

Like the sound of MERUMAYA? Look out for upcoming reviews featuring other skincare products from their range. You can also follow Seek My Scribbles on Bloglovin to keep up to date with all of my posts.

*Prize won at blogger meetup

A metallic must-have

F&F Gold metallic bag - £6.00

Metallics are one of the biggest trends right now and if you are looking for an easy way to incorporate them into your outfits, my tip is to focus on your accessories. I recently picked up this gorgeous gold metallic bag from F&F at Tesco for just £6.00. It's a great size, has a cross-body strap (which can be adjusted) and there's a little zip compartment inside along with a pouch for your phone. It's still available on the website and for £6.00 you really can't go wrong!

I've been using this bag in the day time (it looks great paired with an oversized jumper, jeggings and boots) but I also plan on using it on nights out too - perhaps to jazz up a classic LBD! It's very versatile and I think it looks much more expensive than it actually is.

I've also been loving metallic nails and later in the week I'll be showing you a beautiful nail polish, which happens to be the perfect metallic shade and a real steal at just £3.99!

What do you think of the metallic trend?

Sunday Scribbles #7

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect lipstick (A Christmas present) // Jazz enjoying the snow // Dad's garden office looking like Santa's grotto in the snow // Jazz & Oby having races // Dr Who & Cruella de Ville, Snaps taken on my new Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera // My new favourite board game // Cute cocktail mixers from Next // New Year hugs with Thomas
The last couple of weeks have gone by so quickly, with it being Christmas and New Year but I have really enjoyed taking a little time off work. I work for myself so I couldn't afford to take two whole weeks off but I did take off a few days here and there to spend with my family and it's done me the world of good. I now feel ready to make 2015 a great year both personally and professionally.

On my days off I've spent time with my family playing board games, eating too much delicious food and enjoying the snow we've had here in Nottinghamshire. James and I also went to our best friends' fancy dress party, which was so much fun! I dressed up as Cruella de Ville (complete with a black and white wig) and James dressed up as Dr. Who (the Matt Smith version). Everyone looked so great in their costumes - especially my friend Katie who came dressed as Ted! You may be able to catch a little glimpse of her in the polaroid picture above, which was taken on my new Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera (a present from my mum and dad!)

Over the last week or so I've re-gained my blogging mojo and have really been enjoying putting together some new content for this little space. I'm still trying to decide between blogging every day and every other day, so we'll just have to see what happens when I go back to working full time next week. This year I'm hoping to create a good mix of beautyfashion and lifestyle posts so there is something to offer all my readers. I would also love to do a few posts on freelancing since I've been doing it for a few years now but for some reason I feel really nervous about it - I'm by no means an expert! Again, we'll just have to see what happens.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday. I'm going to spend the day writing blog posts and watching Sherlock (I've just got into it and it's awesome!)


Jason And The Argan Oil Lush shampoo bar review

Jason And The Argan Oil shampoo bar - £5.75

This may look like your average Lush bubble bar or you may even have mistaken it for a macaroon, but it’s actually one of Lush’s latest shampoo bar releases – Jason and The Argan Oil (such a good name)!

After getting a sneak peek of the new shampoo bars at the #BloggersSecretSanta14 meet up in Nottingham, I just knew I had to get one when my mum and I did our big Lush Christmas order. Being a huge fan of the rose jam scent (odd since I don’t usually like rose scents) and knowing that argan oil does wonders for the hair, I decided to go for this one.

At first I was a little sceptical, as I really didn’t expect it to do all that much for my hair but to say I was wrong is an understatement. Jason and The Argan Oil is probably my favourite shampoo to date. Not only does it smell divine but it also lathers up really well and leaves my hair looking bright and glossy. I really feel like it has improved the condition of my fine hair and made it a lot stronger – though I recently dyed my hair using Lush Henna, so this is likely to have had a positive impact on it too. A full list of the shampoo bar's ingredients (and their properties) is available here.

Lush say you should be able to get around 80 washes out of one shampoo bar (costing £5.75) which I think you’ll agree is pretty great! I’ve been using mine for a few weeks and there’s still so much of it left.

If you were wondering how they work, basically you wet your hair as normal and then gently stroke the bar over your scalp and down your hair a few times. Once you’ve done that, massage it into the scalp and rinse, just like you would with a liquid shampoo. You then need to leave the shampoo bar to air dry – we keep ours on a pretty little plate.

From having such a great experience with the Jason and The Argan Oil shampoo bar, I’m eager to try more from Lush’s collection. Copperhead is next on my list!

Have you tried any of the Lush shampoo bars? 

Blog updates & improvements to make in 2015

The New Year is a time for change, new beginnings and promises to make the next twelve months even better than the last and whilst I do need to cut out the junk food, exercise more and save my pennies, when I think about what I am hoping to achieve this year, my thoughts keep coming back to this little space.

I want to make Seek My Scribbles the best it can possibly be and in order to do that I need to be a little more organised and find a more productive way of working. I've started to make a list of some of the little updates and improvements I want to make this year and thought I'd share it incase other bloggers were looking for ideas too...

  • Tidy up and update old blog posts
  • Create a content schedule and stick to it
  • Update my 'about me,' 'work with me' and 'contact me' pages
  • Switch to using Disqus (to improve our interactions)
  • Unify my social media accounts & post more consistently

I'm sure I'll add to this list as the year goes on but I always think it's best to start off small! 

Are you planning on making any updates and improvements to your blog in 2015?

Quotes for the New Year

Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
Happy New Year! What better way to start off 2015 than with a few inspirational quotes? I've had them on my Postcard Love Pinterest board for a while now and thought it was the perfect time to share them. I've decided not to bother with New Year's resolutions this year as I never end up sticking to them. As long as 2015 is a happy year then that'll do me just fine! I'm really looking forward to getting started on my blog content for this month but for now I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day with my family.

A big thank you to all those who read my blog in 2014 (or even before that)! I hope you have the most wonderful year yet. 

Lots of love
 Megan Jane xo