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Barry M Caspian Nail Polish

In Monday's post I mentioned that I'd be featuring a beautiful metallic polish at some point this week and it is no other than 'Caspian' from Barry M's Aquarium collection. What I love about Caspian is that it seems to change colour depending on the lighting. In some lights it's a rich gold colour and in others it looks more rose gold. It's just so beautiful.
Barry M Caspian - £3.99

Application is fairly straightforward, though as it's a metallic polish, you'll need three coats to achieve a streak-free finish. I use the Ultimate Fix nail spray to dry each layer of the nail polish and prevent chipping.

If you are looking to give a nod to the metallics trend this season, a nail polish like Caspian will do just that. Remember subtlety is the key to sophistication so whilst wearing a metallic nail polish or metallic handbag will look gorgeous, head to toe metallics is a big no no!

If gold isn't your colour, Barry M have plenty of other pretty shades in their Aquarium collection for you to choose from (I have my eye on the pink metallic, Mediterranean) and what's even better is that they only cost £3.99.

Thanks so much to Laura my Secret Santa for buying me Caspian for Christmas - I love it!