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Best shows to binge-watch on Netflix

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Thinking of having a Sunday Netflix session? Here are some of my favourite shows to binge-watch...

The Vampire Diaries | Vampires, werewolves, eye candy (for both the ladies and gents) & great storylines (well in the first few seasons anyway - five's a bit iffy). On a side note, when you've finished season 4, make sure you watch The Originals (also on Netflix) because it's AMAZING and dare I say...even better than TVD.

Gossip Girl | An anonymous blogger, amazing fashion & Chuck Bass. What more could you want?Again, the first couple of seasons are the best. It's easy to watch and great for Sunday Netflix binges.

Suits | Law-based storylines, handsome men and a super witty woman (Oh Donna you are awesome). This is one that'll hook you in after just one episode and your boyfriend will love it too!

The Office | Easily one of the best shows ever. It's simply hilarious & will make for the perfect Netflix binge-fest. I dare you not to fall in love with Jim.

American Horror Story | Fancy watching something a little more creepy? AHS it is. I'm not usually into moderately scary shows but AHS really hooked me in. It's described as an anthology series as each season features different characters, storylines and settings, however they tend to use the same actors. Most people say it went downhill by season 3 but Coven was actually my favourite so far.

Others to add to your list: Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, White Collar, House & Sherlock.

What's your favourite show to binge-watch on Netflix?