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Blog updates & improvements to make in 2015

The New Year is a time for change, new beginnings and promises to make the next twelve months even better than the last and whilst I do need to cut out the junk food, exercise more and save my pennies, when I think about what I am hoping to achieve this year, my thoughts keep coming back to this little space.

I want to make Seek My Scribbles the best it can possibly be and in order to do that I need to be a little more organised and find a more productive way of working. I've started to make a list of some of the little updates and improvements I want to make this year and thought I'd share it incase other bloggers were looking for ideas too...

  • Tidy up and update old blog posts
  • Create a content schedule and stick to it
  • Update my 'about me,' 'work with me' and 'contact me' pages
  • Switch to using Disqus (to improve our interactions)
  • Unify my social media accounts & post more consistently

I'm sure I'll add to this list as the year goes on but I always think it's best to start off small! 

Are you planning on making any updates and improvements to your blog in 2015?